What First Time Applicants Need to Know

Looking for a way to get some cash for your small business? A loan isn’t your only option: Many government organizations offer grants to local businesses that meet certain eligibility requirements and qualifications.

Tips for Self Funding a Startup

Funding is one of the biggest challenges most entrepreneurs face. Whether they take out loans, crowdfund or accept investments, startup founders often find that they need some kind of outside financing to make their business dreams a reality.

The Most of Your New Business Loan

Congratulations! You’ve received the good news that many cash-strapped business owners long to hear: You were approved for a business loan.

Kirk Chewning Provides Extensive Management Consulting Services

Properly managing a business is not always easy. There are many risks involved and having the right strategy is crucial for success. Knowing what to expect from the services offered by Kirk Chewning will help company owners to make the right decisions to meet their needs. With this information, individuals will learn more about management consulting so they can make a wise decision on whether or not they want to hire Kirk to help them better manage their company.