This chapter discusses terotechnology and maintenance in industry. Terotechnology is a combination of management, financial, engineering, building , and other. A short presentation on Tero-Technology and Tribology. Better maintenance and higher reliability of plant and equipment. Lower costs Tero technology and Tribology – Maintenance Management.

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This more comprehensive role of TPM as ferotechnology integration of inter-related activities has been described as ‘ terotechnology ‘. These will be related to a defined level of performance and the expected life cycle.

Senior management needs to be trained in the necessary corporate decision-making skills. For example, a company may decide to improve maintenance and reduce downtime on existing plant; although the trade-off between initial capital costs and subsequent costs cannot betaken into account, the company’s decision will have a very real effect on the cost of ownership. This latter could include both spares and specialist advisory services.


This standard is largely based on BS Part 1: A-2 The use of terotechnology can have the following beneficial results: Retrieved from ” https: This latter may be determined by the maintfnance market for the product rather than the practicable life of the asset itself. However, a sense of person appreciation may be even more important.

It acts as a user in respect to its acquisitions of assets with which it produces its own output products. It is equally important that it gives due consideration to its products and how these will best satisfy the terotechnological needs and aspirations of its customers. It is important to distinguish between specification for function and IS Part 1: This does not preclude the free use, in the course of implementing the standard, of necessary details, such as symbols and sizes, type or grade designations.

Small organizations face problems as much as those faced by the larger; more complex organizations. This standard describes how the principles and use of terotechnology can assist the decision making processes, the benefits which can be obtained from its adoption and the overall resources required for efficient implementation.


The customer or client, who orders a product specifically designed to satisfy his particular requirements manaegment usually have a close liaison with designer and producer. However, this objective should not prevail to the extent that specialist tetotechnology become too dilute, resulting in a staff knowing a little about everything but nothing in depth.

This page was last edited on 6 Juneat To this should be added such data which, when fed back to the manufacturers or suppliers, enables them to improve their performance in serving the terotechnological needs of future users. Further refinement should be made of estimates of resources needed for operation and maintenance during the asset life cycle particularly in the light of any variations within the scenario ranges agreed, from time to time, by senior management.

The concepts of ‘cost of ownership’ involves the appreciation of trade-offs between acquisition costs and running costs. This arises from the inevitable interaction of decisions between departments. The acquisition of staff can be treated to some extent like the acquisition of other assets.

The skill lies in applying these techniques to terotechnological problems and interpreting the results. This problem is less serious today than in earlier times it should gradually disappear for two reasons: Tick those items on the check list for which yes is appropriate or mark those to which, perhaps for organizational reasons, only a negative answer can be given; in this way one should be able to highlight areas where improvements could be made.

In order to deal with uncertainties, assumptions about the future have to be made. In such cases it should be made clear that each department should consider all the options open to it and take into account the effect these will have on other departments.

Maintenance management and terotechnology – Tom M. Husband – Google Books

Everybody needs to be made aware that information is available in the various departments. There will still be a need for the individual specialized activities; all that will be changed will be the basis of the primary objectives of the individual departments. Senior and middle mangers in particular need to develop to appropriate levels their knowledge of: This aspect goes beyond the design of the product and extends to both contractual conditions guarantees, etc and support for the service phase.


In order to deal with the problem these reasons should be 1 identified. Full text of ” IS As an example, the checklist aimed at managers in user organizations is included as Annex B. A supplier, on the other hand, applies the principles in the design, manufacture and support for his product. The career development strategy of the organization should be to overlay management training and multi- disciplinary awareness on in-depth specialist knowledge.

Some of the common problems are identified and some solutions to them suggested in He will therefore have a direct interest in the cost of ownership of the asset he will be acquiring and consequently in the life cycle costing implications of the different solutions which may satisfy his requirements.

TEROTECHNOLOGY – Definition and synonyms of terotechnology in the English dictionary

The essential elements of the assessment to be included are as follows: If the degree of success is appraised at the end of the advertising period the full benefits of terotechnology may be underestimated. The following are two examples which may help to illustrate this principle: The following list, which is not exhaustive, may help managers to identify those parts of terotechnology with which they are already familiar: It is concerned with the reliability and maintainability of physical assets and also takes into account the processes of installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, modification and replacement.

This aspect should be borne in mind in setting up the promotional programme; in subsequent promotions results can be quoted.

The problem has to be solved by identifying and eliminating the root cause, such as the following: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Load a random word.