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So, I am plunging into the life of a Real Estate owner in Brazil. And I am going about it with a risk. On my explorations along the coast, found a nice proposition, a somewhat dystressed sale. I heard that demand is not super high. He built a bunch of structures on a property with sea view and all in the green, no neighbors, all protected forest now. I will also market to the US tourist. Only registered purchase and sales contracts with the previous owner sbut mentioning something about installments, and no final settlement statement on the books.

I think the object is priced very nicely, and if it did have clear title it would probably already be twice the current value. That and the ability to rent out to tourists makes is a good business proposition for me … apart from the fact that it is also a lovely place to live.

Realtor is very friendly and OK, referred to attorney who is a long member of the community.

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One could have to suspect trickery games, but from my assessment of the situation, and balancing due diligence with what I observe and what I want to accomplish, I think the situation is clear to go ahead. Case is a bit complicated because of many people on the old seller party. I very much agreed to that. But wanted to toss it out for comments.

I think the initial attorney fee should be OK, no? Any advice to offer strategy? He is eager to sell though. Well, since you have chosen not toaccept my advice and are still hell bent on risking everything on one lotramentos, asidefrom alligators, what are the advantages in this real estate deal opposed tothe purchase of Floridian swamp land?

Also remember that all your getting is a document that SAYS you have posse, but what counts is whether you really have it or not. Lotaementos the place empty or are there people living there? You might do a bit of research first as to what environmental laws are now in effect, or soon to be enforced.

Certainly, IBAMA is a consideration, and the state where this is located, probably has their own agency as well. Possibly even the municipality. Lies of omission are a way of life in Brasil! The land is fine, it is a lotted subdivision urbanod a neighborhood association. The advantages, Esprit, are more place for the money, no aligators, hill-side sea view, locked down green land next to mine, incredibly beautiful piece of earth in the.

And possibilities to do more.

Federal court makes it worse. It certainly sounds like a niceproperty, yet without knowing exactly who owns it beyond that 30 year-oldprevious ownership paper trail, it equally sounds like a large risk.

The existing owner is an old and sick man. His long time female partner has some more healthy years, but I take it they are OK. A bit of dystress on the seller side is helpful for finding good deals. One problem with this is to find those original owners.


As it stands, the attorney and his dad do not know of them or any successors in the community and not being able to track them down, there will end up being some notice on some bulletin board, and without tracking them down one can not get them to sign. The original seller from 30 years ago is likely dead now, and if there are any successors, they will likely not remember that this deal was completed.

The upside is, with these people in the small town, things were actually quite easy. Getting stuff from the cartorio was fast and without any problems. Asking in the prefeitura for certain tax paper work, easy as pie. Getting my bank account as a non-resident without RNE, nada, was done in one day after involving the right people.

I can say that I was pleased how fast and well things are doable in smaller-town Brazil. Saturday afternoons without football are not quite the same. Squiddie I must say you have made this one a little more amusing. So what cool stuff have you done lately? Or is life too good to be true for you? Burning your money is much safer, I see. Who are the owners of the properties bordering the property? So you know the elderly couple are in need for money and they are selling it because they do.

Then, how do you propose to keep the bad guys out? Once word gets out that there is a bunch of American tourists in some lovely out of the way place it will only be a matter of time.

Of course, that is only if you can keep them out while you are building and fitting out the accommodation. I looked at similar projects a while back but the security factor was just too great. Sven, can you please recommend an attorney who would look over the document as a second opinion consult. I would expect to pay something like a few hundred reais for such a consult. I would send them the scanned document of what I have and they would opine about those questions.

I am not worried about the estimated cost or time of the case. I am concerned about the idea that somehow these ancient owners or their successors who might come out of the woodwork would somehow be able to get a biased preferential treatment against the gringo. However, I need a realistic uurbanos, not a dooms-day-better-burn-your-money type of crying.

But the thing is, I am contracting with the man uranos his wife who is in good health. They have no successors.

I mean that guy is a doctor, not every one in this world is out to get you. The key is to make a realistic assessment based on facts to understand the risks, not a paranoid better-burn-your-money risk-averse reaction. This doc has not been at his property for a few month and the caretaker had stopped working on it. But they have the keys and there is things standing outside, like a pretty new fridge stands outside in the car port, and nobody messes with it. The people in the surroundings are all well to do and nice, the people of the neighborhood association are employed as security guard, not as thieves.

There is no favela far and wide. I would be contracting with the security guy and his wife again to resume the care taking that they have been doing before.


BTW, there are no tenants of any kind nor caretakers living on the property.

So, Sven, can you give me some contacts of an independent attorney who actually respond to email and can look this over, and who you believe would do a balanced analysis? Hopefully in the next few days? Here is the problem: They come to the litoral and think then need high walls and electric fences to be safe. I have by mistake left the window of my car open while parking in the center of town with my laptop inside.

And nobody urabnos with anything. And these experiences and talking with the locals I made at 2, not just one town. Gringos being killed on a Fazenda you say. Hm, I have recently been out with one gringoes.

How does one explain these extreme differences in assessment of situations? And how does one stay realistic about all this? From what you are saying, homes built illegally on a hill overlooking the beach with no set paper trail, no proof of registry with the municipality and records of paid IPTU, etc…. If it seems like a really good deal in Brazil, it is probably an awful one. Everyone in the world might not be out to take advantage of you, but everyone in Brazil is. However,until you are really inside their little circle and even then you always need to worry about people taking advantage of you in deals.

Leis Municipais

If you urbanoe no real ties to the community to hold you there after a golpe and no real social capital to use to retaliate and defend yourself, then you really need to keep your wits about you, even in a small town.

Still trying to get down to more discernment. May be I left it ambiguous may be in the flood not understood, but it is not true that there is no paper trail lotaementos IPTU. I think I said it up here that there are IPTU records, I have them all in loteaments, I was at the prefeitura to pick up some of those records. Those lots are legal. Or does the city collect IPTU on lots they later decide they want to remove? There are two lots, and I have the documents for 2 neighboring lots as well.

I know this is lots of information for anyone here to follow.

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But at least it shows that I am not dabbling on this without documents. One of them paid the full price, and so the registered matricula is quite clear. I find that strange. These are not stupid people, there is one very notorious person among them, a famous sports star who mascsr now in his 50s. His lot is not involved in my transaction, but I have the papers anyway, which is good to compare and understand the urbanoos. One lot went to the clinic of this doctor, and the other to a third looteamentos, Sr.

S, then sold to my doctor a few years later. That contract is also among the documents, but that contract is not typed on the same official watermarked paper, but just in plain white. Then there is a paper of 10 years later, from the municipality to my seller, which states: