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Parts of Chol-Hwan’s story made me want to look away, but we need to look. Sus abuelos son favorables al rrimen de Kim Pyongyabg Sung. People almost entirely can only be selfish if they wish to survive.

When the author was 9, acuaarios his sister 7, his father, uncles and grandmother a communist true believer and delegate in the people’s congress were arrested and sent to a concentration camp a few weeks after the security services “disappeared” his grandfather for unspecified reasons. Kang lived in a very large, luxurious, multi-room apartment in privileged comfort almost unheard of in communist Northern Korea.

Los acuarios de Pyongyang

I want their grandfathers to be around to tell them stories– and their giggles on the banks of the Daedong never to be interrupted by the arrival of bureaucrats from the Security Force” What made this book special is that it was written by someone whose family: The party has a treacherous, yet seductive song for the diaspora.

It was originally written in French and later translated into English. Months ago, when there was a lot of media buzz about North Korea’s nuclear threats, my interest in this odd country peaked.

The camp 15 book was fascinating because it was like the young man in the concentration camp was from mars, since he had never been outside the walls of the camp in his entire life. Th Most of the reviews of this book are the same so I will note to something different. Sadly this memoir is incomplete. What lps me the Incredibly well-written in the sense that it is straight to the point and tends to understate rather than exaggerate.

The wealthy grandfather sacrificed everything because he loved his wife. Amazing and disturbingly realistic memories about someone who lived in one of the most mysterious acuafios in the 21st century. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. He and his family live in this nightmare prison camp for ten years. What it shocks me the most but it shouldn’t is the reaction from chinese people, a vivid representation of this weird ambivalent fear-love to their government, whi Amazing and disturbingly realistic memories about someone who lived in one of the most mysterious nations in the 21st century.


The USA has done it before. The teams antics that night were seen as corrupt and landed almost the entire team in concentration camps upon their return. Hunger quashes man’s will pyongang help his fellow man. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

She is blithely unaware of the real conditions of North Korea to convince her entire family to relocate back to Korean. The nuances of his experience in the camp are therefore different from those of Kang Chol-hwan.

Because he is fallen out of grace with the party power, the author distances himself from the personality cult of the North Korean leaders. Kang was only nine years old, his sister Mi-ho just seven, their grandmother an old woman, when they arrived. Prisoners in the gulag are constantly kept on the verge of starvation.

Ten Years in the North Korean Gulag, also tells the true story of a young man’s time in a North Korean prison camp, but from a qcuarios vantage point. After finding God and converting to Christianity in South Pynogyang he has made it his life mission to expose the human rights abuses of the North Korean regime.

Los acuarios de Pyongyang by Kang Chol-Hwan (5 star ratings)

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. And in the end, there is the realisation that North Korea’s evil political system was created by humans, so it represents the possibility for evil w For those who think evil doesn’t exist or is a word that shouldn’t be said out loud, this memoir is a useful introduction to reality.

But slowly and methodically his very powerful and rich family had all of their material wealth stripped from them by the communist party of North Korea. Easily the most well written and gripping book on North Korea that I have read so far.

And he is helped in this quest by replacing a god Kim Il-sung with the christian god. Finally I find distasteful the repeat how the clan experience of the North Korean experience was in any way comparable with the Holocaust.

To ask other readers questions about Los acuarios de Pyongyangplease sign up. I implore you to read The Aquariums of Pyongyang, learn, feel, reflect.

Aquariums tells the life story of Kang and his extended family, and in most their time as political prisoners in the Yodok concentration camp, or Kwanliso No. Kang’s family was release from the gulag ten years later, pyohgyang abruptly and mysteriously as the unexplained arrest itself, ten years earlier. The horrific things that Kang Chol-Hwan has written about in this book pyongyag on a daily basis, and I’m sure worse things happen too.


North Koreans believe that political deviance is hereditary, so extended families are routinely rounded up and incarcerated in gulags for the political crime of lls family member. In North Korea, it is or was a rare delicacy. How else can a political system that brings out the worst in people be described? It is one that testifies to many of the unspeakable atrocities in DPRK, atrocities of which are unparalleled in the contemporary world.

Poco despus, el resto de la familia es detenida y enviada a un campo de concentracin sin ms fe. The author lox imprisoned, as a child, together with his entire family–mother, father, uncles, sister and This book is a horror story about unspeakable suffering and human evil and it is hard not to be moved by it.

As a trained Korean cryptolinguist, I was aware of some of the ways in which the evil regime of Kim Jong Il represses its citizens, but this book painted a clear and detailed portrait of a people so crushed beneath the boot heel of their gov’t as to make any lover of liberty despair.

KCH makes no apology, but he just shares his account. They were both “purged” the same as Stalin and Hitler add Hussein? Nothing can be done, gained, or given without compensation. It is an important book to read and will leave you feeling that we cannot abide this horror any longer. A stint in the sweatbox could be crippling, with permanent aftereffects. They were still under close surveillance though and Kang’s father and grandmother died within a few years of their release.

It is only through reading this memoir for yourself that you will understand its importance and impact. Being the relatives of his grandfather, who one day disappeared from work and was sent to a hard labour camp for being an enemy of the state.