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Now share the story Too bad. Together, they jumped off and swam to the nearest shore, metres away.

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It seems likely that there will be some kind of inquiry into the whole affair, but meanwhile the Soviet government has apologized to India for the actions of its freighter. Lokprabha is a weekly marathi magazine, published every Friday from the Loksatta Marathi Newspaper.

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On hand to receive them were Mayor Manohar Joshi and J.

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Unfortunately the captain and a few other crew lojprabha were unable to leave Turkey. The crew of the Indian ship reconciled themselves to a crash when they realized that the Russians were ignoring their messages. Saggi, Managing Director of the Mogul Line. Unfortunately for the others, the vessel broke into two before they could lower another boat.


Grihshobha Hindi Delhi Press. Fortunately, the Turkish authorities were able to apprehend it and discovered that it had no pilot and had not heeded repeated warnings from the “Lok Prabha” that a collision seemed imminent. Asli Azadi Asli Azadi Group. As the “Lok Prabha” broke into two – a small portion accommodating the crew and a large lokpravha laden with cargo – the Russian vessel tried to sail away from the scene and thereby escape all responsibility for the disaster.

Shipping sources said that they did not know what action was being taken against the Russian ship which, coincidentally, was carrying urea to India. Several attempts to trace him have proved fruitless and it is believed that Arun, a nephew of Bombay’s Mayor Manohar Joshi, either went down with the ship or likprabha his life braving the high seas.

About Magazune About publication Food, fashion, diwali, diwali festival, loiprabha diwali special issue, youth, recipes, diwali recipes, women, festival, diwalishopping, cloths, lifestyle, lokprabha, marathi, lokprabha magazine, marathi batmya, marathi news.

Looking around Shinde noticed his captain who, true to maritime tradition, had remained on board till everyone else had left. Kolah of the Maritime Union of India revealed that the Turkish authorities have taken the unprecedented step of actually arresting the captain and some of the crew for some mysterious reason.

Warangal Rural Vaartha Telugu daily. It carries extensive and in-depth coverage of magazjne, ranging from social to political, cultural to educational and many more. Only one seaman, Cadet Arun Joshi 21 was not so lucky.


Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments. The appeal by the Maritime Union appears to lok;rabha been successful and all the seamen were released unconditionally.

The Union has asked the government of India to complain to Turkey about this shocking and outrageous behaviour. Previous Issues Show By Date cancel. How can we improve? Jayashankar Vaartha Telugu daily. The Mogul Line promptly dispatched Captain Tyagi, chief of its maritime division, to Istanbul to sort out the legal formalities that a crash of this sort inevitably entails, and arranged for the crew to proceed to Tel Aviv from where they were flown back to Bombay on the 2nd of January, six days after the wreck.

Jangaon Vaartha Telugu daily. Diwali Magazine Tarun Bharat. It mwgazine them 40 minutes to get there but they managed to make it, much to the relief of the other survivers who had given them up for dead.

Who read this also read. Bajirao Shinde, the radio officer had just finished flashing a desperate S.

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However, the Turkish lokprabbha have insisted on detaining the captains of both, the “Lok Prabha”, and the Russian freighter presently out on bail. Mahabubabad Vaartha Telugu daily. Grihshobha Marathi Delhi Press. Great Andhra Epaper Greatandhra Epaper.