lldb cheat sheet. Execution Commands start lld (prefix with xcrun on os x). >lldb [ ]. >lldb — arg1 load program. >file LLDB Cheat Sheet. A complete gdb to lldb command map. Print out. Print object. (lldb) po responseObject (lldb) po [responseObject [email protected]”state”]. LLDB Debugger commands. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

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Disassemble the current function for the current frame and show the opcode bytes.

Having given an overview of lldb’s command syntax, we proceed to lay out the stages of clmmands standard debug session. Set a breakpoint in file test.

I can use the lookup command to filter queries based upon a module:. The full lldb command names are often long, but any unique short form can be used.

Show mixed source and disassembly for the current function for the current frame. The lldb command parser also supports “raw” commands, where, after command commqnds are stripped off, the rest of the command string is passed uninterpreted to the command. By default, the breakpoint command add command takes lldb command line commands.

Select a different stack frame using a relative offset. For instance, we might do:. This allows you to set a breakpoint, etc without having to explicitly interrupt the program you are debugging:.

GDB and LLDB Command Examples

But it mostly works, and makes the transition easier. There is also an apropos command that will search the help text for all commands for a particular word and dump a summary help string for each matching command. And we have built-in aliases ” u ” and ” d ” which behave like their gdb equivalents. One convenient way to do that would be to make all the breakpoints, then configure the options with: So for instance if you get annoyed typing:.


To set the same file and line breakpoint in LLDB you can enter either of:. Select a different stack frame by index for the current thread. Note that any command can inline a scalar expression result as long as the target is stopped using backticks around any expression:. Setting breakpoints by name is even more specialized in LLDB as you can specify that you want to set a breakpoint at a function by method name.

Finally, there is a mechanism to construct aliases for commonly used commands. By default, lldb does defined aliases to all common gdb process control commands ” s “, ” step “, ” n “, ” next “, ” finish “.

Custom LLDB Commands in Practice

So when you make the breakpoint you would do:. As with gdb, you can start commandz and specify the file you wish to debug on the command line:. This makes it easy to comkands configured names to experiment with your options. In gdb, to set a breakpoint, you might enter gdb break foo. The logical breakpoint has an integer id, and it’s locations have an id within their parent breakpoint the two are joined by a “.


Custom LLDB Commands in Practice |

Show the arguments and local variables for the current frame. Type help format to see the full list of format specifiers. You can tell whether the expression was resolved or not by checking the locations field in “breakpoint list”, and we report the breakpoint as “pending” when you set it so you can tell you’ve made a typo more easily, if that was indeed the reason no locations were commanss. If you always want to run in the –no-stdin mode, you can set this as a generic process property using the lldb ” settings ” command, which is equivalent to gdb’s ” set ” command.

Goals and Status

Breakpoints carry two orthognal sets of information: Your input helps improve our developer documentation. The one thing you have to watch out for is that since raw commands still can have options, if your command string has dashes in it, you’ll have to indicate these are not option markers by putting commanes after the command name, but before your command string.

In addition to breakpoints, you can use help watchpoint to llsb all the commands for watchpoint manipulations.