Abstract The endemic Lilium ledebourii(Baker) Bioss. (Liliaceae) was investigated anatomically. Studies were performed on plants collected from Damash of. Lilium albanicum is a Turk’s cap lily from Albania and the Balkans. . Lilium ledebourii is from Azerbaijan and the Elburz (Alborz) mountains in. Lilium ledebourii is known only from a few scattered localities in Iran and adjacent Azerbaijan, but this is surely one of the loveliest of the genus. Strong spikes.

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Lilium ledebourii flowers from the early of May until the middle of May. The Damasch region is protected by the Department of Environment of Iran. ,edebourii

The flower is called Sousan-e Chehel Cheraagh in Iran and the local area and its appearance lddebourii one of the most striking features in the area at the ledsbourii of blooming. Lilium ledebourii is a persistent herbaceous plant that grows 50— centimeters tall. The yellow bulbs are oval and reach a diameter of 5—7 centimeters; they are highly segmented, and the scales are lance-shaped.


The stem is strong and straight. The leaves stand upright, and have fine hairs on the edge; their shape is linear to lance-shaped.

Lilium ledebourii | Wonderful flowers | Rare plants

They are 10—14 centimeters long, and 1—2 centimeters wide. The monoecious plant blooms in June and July with a panicle of one to fifteen fragrant flowers. The flowers are actinomorphic and attached on up to centimeter-long petioles.

The bracts are lanceolate, and blue at the top. The six tepals are strongly reflexed and form a tiara of 4—6 cm in diameter.

The basic color of the flower is white, turning green towards the base and purple towards the tepal- tips. The filaments are green, and the pollen bright red. The seed capsule, which has the shape of an inverted egg, is approximately hexagonal, 3—4.

The seeds ripen until September, and their germination is delayed-epigeous: Lilium ledebourii occurs at altitudes around 2, meter. It needs a dry, sunny position in well-drained soil, it is very susceptible to moisture.


In June Dr. Asef an Iranian Mycologist and researcher found Lilium ledebourii from Vaz forest in Noor Mazandaran province at altitudes around meter.

Lilium ledebourii – RarePlants

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