Life-Size [Jenefer Shute] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Landing in the hospital after starving herself down to a mere sixty-seven pounds . The key to its success is that Jenefer Shute understands the importance of language in the strategies of the anorexic, and turns it to literary. Life-Size, a novel by Jenefer Shute: “Unforgettable” (Washington Post Book World); “A remarkable novel” (The New York Times Book Review).

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Very interesting to hear her thoughts and catch glimpses of exactly why she is struggling with her emotions and ED. Memories of an overbearing mother, an ambiguous sexual relationship with her father, and an adolescent’s typically appalling first encounters with love and lust help to explain the cold detachment of the voice in the hospital bed, disembodied in every sense of the word.

Which makes sense because she’s in treatment for an eating disorder. Plus I didn’t really see an end. In between meals that serve as the battleground between patient and staff, Josie drifts in and out of flashbacks and daydreams.

I didn’t really care if she got better; I just wanted the book to end. Gobs of congealed grease. Even though her skeletal shape makes her parents cry and others gasp, she starts each day with the deeply satisfying ritual of fingering the hollows and contours of her bones. I only take off a star because it is a little long. She is unapologetic, and strives to starve herself until almost the final pages of the novel this detail will not spoil the book for you, I promise. The first-person protagonist is an unlikable person by any standards, but I found that my only feelings were a mixture of pity and empathy.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I have very limited knowledge of anorexia and this book has opened my eyes and mind to the struggles faced by Josie.

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A very interesting read, not to mention, you will never look at food the same after her descriptions! One meal consists of a “corpse and a tree; a fluid secreted by bovine mammary glands. As a social work student with a squeemishness towards eating disorders, by boss at my internship reccommended that I read it as a form of “exposure therapy”.

Life-Size by Jenefer Shute

The victim is also the perpetrator, who, in an effort to gain control over a life run amok, marshals the will to at least gain dominion over the increasingly narrow sphere of the body.

It provided me with an insight to eating disorders but oh the ways we humans hurt ourselves and others in the search for a jeneger “perfection”. Anorexia is the perfect crime.

Firstly, shhte author jumped around without warning; causing the reader to have to back up and re-read the previous paragraph to make sure they didn’t miss something. The memories don’t cohere into anything more than self-hatred.

Life-Size (novel) – Wikipedia

Want to Read saving…. Threatened with force-feeding and watched by a nurse, she nibbles at her food. It’s the line between individual and lovers, friends and children; between functioning in a difficult world and enjoying life, between self-hatred and self-respect. May 20, Izarra Varela rated it really liked it. Shute’s very jeneefer writing eize caught the self-loathing and anger a person suffers with this disorder. Apr 17, Amber rated it liked it Shelves: It wasn’t bad but sometimes it was a bit confusing.

Jul 22, Gina rated it it was amazing. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Nov 01, Vicky Ziliaskopoulou rated it liked it Shelves: Refresh and try again.

A story of a young woman in a ‘residential facility’ for jenefee anorexia-I enjoyed it and it didn’t make me want to throw up or starve myself afterwords. Copyright Los Angeles Times. A great book on the torture of eating disorders. No matter how smart or mature Josie might have been, her s Grade: Dysfunctional families and failed relationships wreak havoc with the image of self.



It’s a very internal story. No trivia or quizzes yet. Yes we have all read about anorexia in spades, but this still kept me riveted, and I galloped through it in less than a day. More discussion of these memories, and fewer descriptions of food, jenefeer help us to better understand her current condition. Aug 21, Jennifer rated it it was ok.

I would hope not. Sep 25, Valerie rated it really liked it Recommended to Valerie by: I don’t think many people realize that a person can have an anorexic brain dhute an anorexic body. Secondly, the main character was simply unlikeable. This is her immediate universe throughout the novel, and she describes it in a voice that is unmercifully critical, sarcastic and ironic.

Whilst I liked this book a lot, I didn’t love it. You xize to work hard to like her but you can understand the way she is.

Return to Book Page. I find it quite intense because of the protagonist’s thoughts. I couldn’t put it down. Sep 04, Jodi rated it it was ok Recommended to Jodi by: Lest you be concerned with my current reading choices these days —Sylvia Plath, Victor Frankl, that Ned Vizzini szie and now this—rest easy: This book was a rock for me as there are so many famous ED quotes in it.