ITEM 1 2 3 4CLASE DECRETO DECRETO DECRETO DECRETO NUMERO 5 DECRETO 6 7 8 L. Ministerio de salud, Colombia, Guardar .. Ley Antitramites Colombia – Dic pdf. Cargado por LEY ESTATUTARIA DE pdf. Cargado. MINISTERIO DE SALUD Y PROTECCiÓN SOCIAL Que conforme al inciso segundo del artículo de la Ley de , corresponde al. Gobierno Pública, concluyó que el decreto cumple con las normas antitrámites.

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What is the INGP? Public Procurement in the Caribbean Region. Acquisition of Drugs and Medical Equipment. Best Value salu Money. Systems of Public Procurement. Vincent and the Grenadines. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. On Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th, INGP members conducted the public sessions with the presence of representatives and international experts from different sectors related to government procurement, academics, women and MSMEs associations and officers from the public and private sector.

The opening was led by the President of the Republic, Danilo Medina. At the ceremony, he expressed that by democratizing the procurement system, he would be democratizing the important MSMEs sector. The opening ceremony was also attended by Ms. Topics of public sessions – October The public sessions were conducted by prestigious international experts and Government Procurement Directors from the region with an audience of over participants, following these topics:.

Can public procurement contribute to antitra,ites achievement of national development objectives? How to integrate markets through Public Procurement in te Caribbean? How effective are the measures to fight corruption in public procurement?

Is e-procurement an essential mechanism for modernization and innovation of public procurement? Can public procurement be used to promote local development?

Family agriculture, women and MSMEs. Is it possible to create a culture of sustainable production and consumption through public procurement?

What are we measuring on public procurement in Latin America and the Caribbean? What is the role of public-private partnerships in the procurement of large and complex projects?

In like manner, the award for “Innovation in Government Procurement” was granted to the Direction of ChileCompra, represented by the Director, Trinidad Inostroza for the initiative ” Open Data Policy ” for the innovation in implementing new information technologies in the field of Public Procurement.

Mes: abril 2016

ChileCompra, aligned with the principles of the government, adopted a policy of open data providing information of public tenders in a transparent, relevant and accessible manner. In the Observatory was added to monitor the tenders and sntitramites the Public Market API allows the development of innovative applications with information from public procurement.

INGP departing president, Dr. Trinidad Inostroza, elected INGP Atitramites forexpressed her willingness to continue working for integrity in public procurement and the inclusion of women and MSMEs in the sector. The Antltramites Secretariat, led by the OAS, presented the Activities Report and conducted the debate during the private session to follow the proposed agenda. Countries presented their priorities for the upcoming years related to the following topics:.


SinceRichard has been active member of the Program Steering Committee, responsible for organizing all of the events of ICGFM and has been a aalud speaker and panelist at conferences. He has managed many large change projects, including virtual teams spread across multiple continents. He has practical experience in organizational change management, business process redesign, system analysis, antitrammites, development and implementation. He led two World Bank funded projects supporting procurement reform in the Indian states of Rajasthan and Bihar.

Most recently he has been leading a reengineering of the procurement processes of the Federal Aviation Administration to support the vision of a Unified Contracting Solution UCS.

Hudson has lived and conducted projects in: These experiences have provided him great insight into the requirements for effective public financial management reform, the unique challenges of implementing projects in developing countries and the significant benefits that salus derived from well-structured and managed change projects.

Links between public procurement and other public policies. The case of Mexico. New way of linking private capital to public infrastructure.

Measuring the impact and progress of sustainable public procurement in LAC. Su experiencia relevante en el tema de la compra sostenible incluye:. Measuring transaction costs in public procurement. Este trabajo ha abarcado tanto temas de ingresos, como de gasto. Secretario de Fortalecimiento Institucional.

Intangibles on public procurement. Conceptual framework of open data. Marco conceptual de los datos abiertos. Ha colaborado en investigaciones de datos abiertos para el grupo de trabajo de datos abiertos de la Alianza para el Gobierno Abierto. Presentation of the Handbook for the implementation of sustainable public procurement.

Ruete has a strong background in international and comparative economic law and sustainable development with special geographical focus in the developing world. In IISD she has also focused in research and capacity building projects on mining, agriculture, public procurement and finance including the development of the handbook on sustainable public procurement for the INGP member countries.

She previously worked as an attorney for the Inter-American Development Bank in financing and investing private sector projects across of Latin America. In that role she was actively involved in multi-stakeholder projects to support the sustainable development of the Latin American SMEs.

From to she worked in a Tier 1 Argentinean law firm as an associate in the capital markets and finance departments.

Ruete was an adjunct professor of modern contracts law in Universidad de Buenos Aires and is a speaker in international conferences. Ruete holds a Master of Law LL.

B from Universidad Austral. Ruete is admitted to the Bar of Buenos Aires. Open data in the field of public procurement. Associate Administrator for promoting small business. Commercial Law Development Program. Antitrqmites, Retos y Oportunidades. Antes de su carrera legal, el Sr.

Propuesta de marco de desarrollo de las concesiones. Experiencia de El Salvador. Public Procurement and PPS. Firsthand experience structuring, executing and exiting investments in the infrastructure, energy, food and beverage, agribusiness, commodities, building materials, renewable energy and financial services sectors.


Leading the structuring and negotiation of complex equity, debt and hybrid financing transactions, valuation, due diligence, evaluating mergers and acquisitions, marketing, project and risk management, financial analysis, competitive analysis, evaluating, executing and monitoring investment strategies and projects.

Ability to antitramitew with potential managers, governments, private partners and clients at an international level. PPPs – Public Procurement. Value for salus in public procurement. Best Value for Money in Public Procurement. As the Head of Procurement. Davila has combined his antutramites practice with the academic activity.

He served as a member of the faculty at the Tec de Monterrey, has been lecturer in several international fora and is the author of articles on public procurement and other financial and risk administration issues.

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Civil society and oversight committees. She has worked antiitramites in policy and operational aspects of procurement on a national, regional and international scale.

Measuring savings in public procurement in Costa Rica. The challenges in the implementation of open data. Reform on Government Procurement and mechanisms to fight corruption. Toulouse School of Economics.

Political Economy of Corruption. Stephane Straub is a professor of economics at the Toulouse School of Economics, and the head of its development lab Arqade.

He works on issues of infrastructure, procurement, and more generally institutional development in the context of developing countries, on which he has published extensively. He previously lived for 10 years in Paraguay, where he worked among others as an entrepreneur, a private consultant, a government adviser and a university professor. Sustainable public procurement specialist. She previously saljd at the United Nations Environment Program UNEP where she focused on research at the intersection of antirramites economic law, trade policy and the environment within the context of the Green Key.

She has a strong background in sustainable development from a legal and policy perspective. A professional engineer for over four decades. At the latter, in addition to engineering duties he was secretary to the Tender Board for over 15 years. Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. Ministry of Finance and Planning.

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Implementation of Electronic Tendering in Jamaica Project. National Procurement and Tender Administration. Activities of the day. Saluv Conference Workshops Online Courses. Combate a la impunidad. Citizen audits in Chile. Activities of the day No activities.