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Full text of “Panasonic KX-FL Fax Machine User Manual”. See other formats. Panasonic High Speed Laser Fax and Copier Operating Instructions Model No. Review or Purchase Panasonic KX-FL – Laser Fax/Copier Machine with up to 12 ppm High Speed, up to 12 ppm, Laser Fax/Copier Machine Overview. User manual for the device Panasonic KX-FL Online user manual database.

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Location of Controls How to use the operating kx-vl511 When following operating instructions, always keep the front cover page next page open so that you will find easy reference to the buttons. Location of controls Please keep this page open when following operating instructions.

L All other trademarks identified herein are the property of their respective owners. L This manual is copyrighted by Panasonic Communications Co. PCC and its licensee. Under the copyright laws, this manual may not be reproduced in any form, in whole or part, without the prior written consent of PCC and its licensee.

If liquid has been spilled majual the unit. If the unit has been exposed to rain or Important safety water.

If the unit does not work normally by instructions following the operating instructions. Table of Contents 1. Table of Contents information Table of Contents Jams Recording paper jam Introduction and Installation 1 Introduction and Installation 1. Introduction and Installation 1.

Introduction and Installation Installation Place the toner cartridge 1 into the drum unit 2 vertically. L Read the following instructions before you begin installation.

After you have read them, open the drum unit protection bag. The drum unit contains a photosensitive drum. Introduction and Installation Make sure that the triangles 1 match, to L If the lower glass 3 is dirty, clean it with install the toner cartridge correctly. Close the front cover 1 by pushing down Lift open the front cover 1holding OPEN on both sides, until locked.

Introduction and Installation Pull the tension plate forward 1 and insert To use A4 size paper the paper, print-side down 2then push Insert the tabs on the A4 paper guides 1 into the tension plate 3 back.

Connections and Setup 2. Ring 1 phone line with 2 or more phone numbers 2. L You cannot change the receiving mode while the Distinctive Ring feature is activated.

Ring using with voice mail service 2. You must get another phone number to use for fax besides the current phone number.


Maunal With the fax machine 1. When the fax machine rings, lift the handset of the fax machine. Most incoming calls are phone calls and the fax machine is seldom used for fax reception.

L The fax machine will start reception.

L You can change the fax activation code in feature 41 page MODEM one phone number 2. The fax machine and the computer are in the same room and you do not want the computer to answer incoming calls automatically. Preparation Help Button 2. How to set the date, time, your logo and fax number.

Panasonic KX-FL511 user manual

How to program the features. If you have registered with openLCR service The date and time will be automatically set. Preparation Keys Characters 2. Telephone 3 Telephone Automatic Dialing Mmanual L A hyphen or a space entered in a telephone 3. If unnecessary, you can erase manuzl L Confirm that there are no documents in page Display while viewing 3.

L You can confirm the stored entries in the telephone number list page L The unit can only store a name of up to 10 characters long. L To edit a name or number, see page L If you enter a new entry into a station key, the previous entry will be kxx-fl511.

For originals with very small printing. This setting only works with other 4. For kx-fl151 containing photographs, shaded drawings, etc. For originals containing photographs and text. Fax Document weight Sending report for confirmation L Single sheet: Kx-l511 use kx-l511 L Multiple sheets: Fax Enter the fax number. Press the desired station key. L The unit will start fax reception. L If you do not answer the call within 10 rings, the unit will temporarily switch to fax reception. Fax Additionally, faxes originating from numbers that To display the junk fax prohibitor list match a programmable junk fax prohibitor list will 1.

If the incoming call is for the phone number, the company fax machine will keep on ringing. Making 2 copies of a 4-page original document Uncollated Collated pages pages Note: L The unit will store the documents into memory while collating the copies. If memory becomes full while storing, the unit will only print out the stored pages. L After copying, the collating feature will turn OFF automatically. Programmable Features 7 Programmable Features Features Summary L The setting you selected is set, and kc-fl511 next feature will be displayed.

Programming by entering the program code number directly You can select a feature by directly entering the program code and a 2-digit number instead of A sending report will be printed out after every transmission.

Sending reports will not be printed out. Changing the ring setting in FAX Code Setting the Caller ID list to print 7. You will hear connecting tones. L Enter your logo using the dial keypad see page 29 for details.


Help 8 Help 8For Fax Advantage assistance, call Close it and try If a problem occurs during fax transmission or again. Help L The drum life is complete. Replace the drum L Recording paper is not fed into the unit unit immediately page Reinstall paper page L All or part of the numbers are the same.

Help L Add two pauses lx-fl511 the end of the telephone The other party complains that they cannot number or dial manually. L Your greeting message on the answering machine is too long.

Record a message up to 10 seconds long. L The answering machine rings xk-fl511 many times. To ensure that the unit operates properly, we recommend the use of Panasonic toner cartridge Model No.

Panasonic KX-FL user manual – – Solve your problem

See page 8 for accessory information. Remove the drum manhal toner unit Remove the used cartridge 1 from the 1 by holding the two tabs. L Do not touch the transfer roller 2. L If you replace the toner cartridge and the drum unit at the same time, ix-fl511 to step 7.

Help Turn the two levers 1 on the toner L If the lower glass 2 is dirty, clean it with cartridge firmly. Close the front cover 1 by pushing down on both sides, until locked. Make sure that the triangles 1 match, to install the toner cartridge correctly.


Lift both green levers 1 forward until The fuser unit 3 gets hot. Do not they stop. Push back the levers 1 to the original L Before re-inserting, make sure to fan and position. Pull the tension plate forward 2 and re-insert the recording paper 3then push back the tension plate. Help Hold the center part of the front cover 1Note: L Do not pull out the jammed document forcibly before opening the front cover.

L Do not touch the transfer roller 3. Cleaning Remove the jammed document carefully 1. Remove the drum and toner unit 1 by The fuser unit 3 gets hot. Do not holding the two tabs. Clean the document separation roller 1 with a cloth moistened with isopropyl rubbing alcohol, and let all parts dry thoroughly.