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Kubera is known as the lord of wealth in Hinduism. As the treasurer of the riches of the world, Kubera is prescribed to be worshipped. Kubera. Kubera mudra for fulfillment of desires. Kubera mudra can be used for specific goal. If you want something badly,focus on it, visualize and do. Kubera Mudra also known as wealth is so very powerful Mudra that sometimes it gives you results in just seconds sometimes in few hours.

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Mudras are hand and finger postures that quickly move and redirect the flow of energy within our body, mind and spirit. You can shift your consciousness and revitalize your organ systems in a matter of minutes by practicing these sacred hand gestures. Unlike other yoga practices, this one does not require flexibility.

To top kubers all off, it can be done almost any time and anywhere. Kudra is an amazing practice that you can easily and joyfully integrate into your daily life.

Three Mudras for Everyday Magic

While many of you may be apprehensive about using them in public, know that doing so might actually inspire others to explore this ancient healing tool for themselves. The following are three of my favorite mudras. Use this mudra to bring your dreams into reality. I suggest using this mudra every morning to actively set your intention for the day. I also use this mudra whenever I feel worry.


It helps me to snap out of my fears and focus mhdra what I truly want. Join your thumb, index finger, and middle finger together pressing lightly on the tipsand placing the other two fingers in the middle of your palm.

Do this with both hands without any strain in the palms. Intensity of focus is more important than time for this mudra. You may find that deeper, iubera elaborate desires call for more time. Ksepana Mudra — Releasing Negativity Clear your energy field, cleanse your emotions. Try kibera mudra after musra in a large crowd, following an argument, or when you find yourself caught up in the throes of negativity.

Kubera Mudra – Ayurwiki

Mubera your hands with index fingers touching flat on each other point downward at sacral chakra below the navel. Pure healing energies flow into me now. With each exhale, release all the drama and baggage. With each inhale, take in the pure loving energies of the divine. Prana Mudra — Energizing Usher in vital life force energy.

Use this when you feel drained, fatigued or depressed. Join your thumb with both your little and ring finger, while keeping the middle and index kuberx extended.


Hold your hands in either a vertical or horizontal position. Take several deep breaths and place your focus on the pure revitalizing energy that is pouring into your body. Each cell is being fully revitalized now.

Practicing mudras engages both the body and the mind, creating a very focused and powerful healing practice.

I invite you to practice these mudras for a week and see what miracles unfold in your life. Please share them with me at energyworks gmail. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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