Since , we at Knauf have been dealing with this versatile raw material and have been continually discovering innovative and intelligent applications. On this . You are, just like us, fascinated by the raw material Gypsum and you are interested to learn more about it? Then this is the right place! Just click through and. They prove their benefits day to day particularly in the building materials industry, and have been incorporated in Knauf products for decades. Even customers.

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Anrufer, die nicht mit Telefonnummer in der Knauf Adressdatenbank angelegt sind, z. Are you looking for a suitable binder or the right filler?

We manufacture alpha hemihydrate in various qualities with clearly defined property profiles. They differentiate primarily due to the alpha gypsum costume and the fineness of the particulate grading. They are suitable for the most diverse applications in the building materials industry: For building chemical products, filling and jointing compounds, flowing screeds, raised access floor panels, plasters and dry-mix shotcrete. Download product data sheet.

Very white, finely ground alpha hemihydrate for use in the construction chemicals industry and as a base plaster for the dental industry. Finely ground alpha hemihydrate for use in the construction chemicals industry and as a base plaster for the dental industry.

Our ultra-white alpha hemihydrate is the cost-effective basis for premium dental gypsum plasters. Technical values, areas of application, testing and application procedures. It differentiates between 5 types:. Impression plaster Impression plaster is manufactured from Plaster of Paris mixed with setting accelerators, colourings, fillers and flavourings. Its short setting time makes it the optimum material for use as a quick repair material and for articulation.

Plaster of Paris Plaster of Paris is used in pre-casts and for models for the manufacture of function spoons. Furthermore, it is used for plaster castings in the articulator. It is easy to use and is characterized by its smooth surface, a relatively high expansion and a low compressive strength.

Dental stone Dental stone is also easy to work and is abrasion resistant. Its expansion is moderate in comparison to Plaster of Paris. Its areas of application: Capping, bulb embeddings and the manufacture of counter-maxillary models counterbite models and situation models. Furthermore, it is used in plastic prosthodontics and for preparing repair model castings.


Knauf K-Sentials

Die stone Type 4 gypsum is used for high quality prosthodontics. Its low setting expansion, the smooth pore-free surface and its high compressive and flexural strengths make it an ideal base material for the manufacture of precision models: For saw-cut models, models for model casting, in the fields of implantology, master models for the crown and bridge, inlay and onlay techniques.

Die stone In contrast to type 4 die stone, type 5 die stone has a high expansion capability. It makes it the preferred material for the manufacture of prostheses- and model castings. As the polymer shrinks when drying, the enlarged die stone model will compensate for this polymer contraction. Today, gypsum is used for building kmauf in large quantities — just as it was in antiquity.

Flowing Screed Binders

It is a material that is readily used to manufacture models and forms thanks to its simple processing, high strength and contour retention in craftwork, in industrial applications as well as by artists and sculptors.

Moulding gypsums are products made of calcium sulphate hemihydrate with optional factory additives, where very pure brilliant raw gypsum is used asetzgips their manufacture.

Physically different hemihydrates are produced depending on the calcination process used: Alpha hemihydrate in the autoclave, or beta hemihydrate in the boiler plant or in the revolving kiln. Knauf special gypsums are matched to absetzgips your requirements. We offer you different grades and qualities of moulding gypsums. You define your specifications — we develop the ideal recipe. Our modelling gypsum is the ideal material for manufacturing castings and mouldings thanks to its very high degrees of whiteness and purity and its extremely fine graining.

This ensures that you will always achieve a consistent surface quality. It is also suitable for repair work. Our special gypsums — moulding gypsums, jiggering gypsum and medium pressure casting gypsum are used in anzetzgips fine ceramics ansetzvips as a modelling and casting material in the manufacture of sanitary porcelain, pottery, stoneware and ceramic tableware.


They impress our customers with their high levels of mechanical strength. In the heavy ceramics industry, as in the manufacture of high-quality clay roof tiles, gypsum moulds maybe a more expensive option, but they guarantee a particularly high product quality.

Our food and foodstuff gypsums are characterized by their high solubility and fine particle size. The can be used as a release and anti-caking agent, as a grinding additive and extender in the manufacture of flour, a booster to increase the sugar yield from sugar beet, as a water hardness regulator and food additive E They are also suitable for the manufacture of feedstuffs, as an extender and as a source of calcium ions.

For the pharmaceuticals industry we produce special gypsums for plaster casts as well as fillers for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Hier erfahren Sie mehr. Mein Merkzettel Gesamten Ansetzgipz ansehen.

Knauf – K-Sentials

Fragen zu Trockenbau- und Boden-Systemen Tel.: Alpha Gypsum Always in use. Alpha hemihydrate – our allrounder We manufacture alpha hemihydrate in various qualities with clearly defined property profiles.

Finely ground alpha hemihydrate for use in the construction chemicals industry Delivery availability: Bulk and Big Bag Download product data sheet. Medium-fine ground alpha hemihydrate for use kauf the construction chemicals industry Delivery availability: Bulk, Big Bag and 25 kg bag Graining: It differentiates between 5 types: Your requirements — our recipe Knauf special gypsums are matched to suit your requirements.

Always in use K Sentials Binders for perfect results.

Always close at hand – continually available. Find out more about K-Sentials. Additional Gypsums Production, use, product information – all about thermal and natural anhydrite. Find out more about additional gypsums. Flowing screed binders Certified quality. Choose the compounds that deliver the best results for you.

Material Science Get to know gypsum the building material. Technical advice Our experts from Knauf answer your questions.