Learn to master languages like the famous Hungarian polyglot Kató Lomb. Discover her self-learning formula!. some 16 languages. See Wikipedia: %C3% B3_Lomb. Kato Lomb’s 10 Suggestions for Successful Langugage Learning. Polyglot has ratings and 97 reviews. Erica said: It was very refreshing to read Lomb’s language-learning tactics. Just about everything else I’ve rea.

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Lomb, who by her own account was sufficiently proficient in 16 languages to earn money with them, attempted to explain teacher-driven language-learning with an old Hungarian joke. The joke states that coffee in Budapest has no coffee substitute but no coffee bean, either. lesrn

It therefore also has a mystery: What makes it black? The teaching of languages, according to Lomb, is a field worthy of respect lato also very much its own thing. It offers something unequaled, and yet is a creation of humankind with a unique history and mystery. Language learning is a different field altogether. In any case, you have little to lose by checking it out.

Her sense of humor, laid-back writing style, and decidedly non-perfectionist ideals are the exact opposite of what many of us have come to expect from language-learning expertise. Lomb provides an overview of her own experience with languages, both as a means of survival and personal pleasure.


-Totally Free Read- Kató Lomb’s “Polyglot: How I Learn Languages”

She recalls teaching herself Russian in the bomb shelters of wartime Hungary, and her first attempts to communicate with Soviet soldiers. She took advantage of the political situation to offer her skills as a Russian interpreter, and the rest is actualfactual history.

Her suggested methods of language acquisition — including familiarizing oneself with a language by actually reading a dictionary rather than using it for reference, reading books extensively for both pleasure and learning, and listening to radio — should come as a breath of fresh air to those for whom learning a language has proved a dull, plodding task with no end in sight.

One thing that I thought was well executed in the translation was the handling of multiple languages within the text. Lomb provides many examples from a variety of languages as well as her native Hungarian. The translators have howw added footnotes explaining languagex of the Hungarian terms in English where appropriate, but providing English terms where more convenient for the example with their Hungarian counterparts below. You can read an interview with translator Kornelia DeKorne herein which she mentions Polyglot: How I Learn Languages.


Polyglot: How I Learn Languages: Kato Lomb: : Books

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Hungarian polyglot’s secret formula to language self-learning

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