Function of Traffic Signs. Effectiveness of Traffic Signs. Application of Traffic Signs. Excessive Use of Traffic Signs. Standardization of Traffic. This manual supersedes and forms part of the revised version of JKR/J(Rb) / 80, Manual on Traffic Control Devices-Traffic Signs. The Manual is now divided. J. K. R. Malaysia, “Arahan Teknik (Jalan) 2A/85,” Manual On Traffic Control Devices, Public Work Deparment (JKR), Malaysia,

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Vehicle mounted in pattern which does not indicate a direc panels should be provided with remote con tion. Loose dirt, mud, broken concrete, or steep slopes may force pedestrians to walk oh the roadway rather than the sidewalk. Figure b Trqffic To Proceed. However, in high beams of a car, and should be installed some emergency situations, where the work 1.

Sand bags are recom mended too to be,placed on the. If work will be done conttol the side peak hours. Four general types of tapers used in traffic control zones are: Do not use flashing beacons for channelization.

Manual on Traffic Control Devices Road Marking & Delineation – Jabatan Kerja Raya – Google Books

For relatively short-term use, lane closing taper’. It should cpntrol recognized that these transitional, areas may remain in place for a period of time until.

A down stream taper may be placed in the termina tion area. Four general types of tapers used in a The two-way traffic taper is used in advance traffic control zones are: Use more vis workers should always face oncoming traf ible devices which are portable.


With a moving operation, the buffer space manul the space between the shadow vehicle, if one is used, and the work vehicle. Jk example and convenience at a cost commensurate with lightweight channelizing devices and sand the’ hazards and problems involved. It should be use ful to anyone involved with planning, 2.

Since the goal is to make rials let the messages be seen because head- the entire-operation safe, use warning lights, reflect the message through.

This applies also to traffic control devices that cease to be needed. If any of the traveled lanes are closed, tapers shall be used as required. A color chart for all the traffic signs indicates acceptable colors for each sign.

2A/85 (Manual On Traffic Control Devices: Standard Traffic Signs) – REAAA Wiki

Holiday and weekend inspections should be made as needed. Raised pavement markers may be used to Page 37 4. They offer a particular advantage, due to the narrow size, to form new lanes or separate two-way traffic for a ‘short-term activity. Careful analysis of roadway capacity should be made first. If restricted sight distance is a prob lem, the taper should begin well.

2A/85 (Manual On Traffic Control Devices: Standard Traffic Signs)

The type is determined by the number of rails facing traffic Types I and II are normally used om either channel izing or marking hazards, while Type III are used for road closures.


See Figure b for- one example of using shadow vehicles for moving opera tionse Actual conditions may change the signs and devices needed. Highway personnel and the contractors should maintain a careful record of job-related activities so they may document their efforts to provide good traffic control at the worksite.

Alternate one-way traffic control may be. Delineators or applied to provide an indication to the driver steady-burn warning lamps may be attached of the location of the lane or centerline. This column is appropriate for lane widths less than 3.

Or, Parking, Lane 5. The flashing rate of the lamps be used for tapered lane closures, diversions shall not be less than 25 times per minute. It should be recognized that these transitional, areas may remain in a Scaled drawings of the control zone place for a period of time until. Speed zone signing, either advisory or sight distance.

2E/87 (Manual On Traffic Control Devices: Guide Sign and Design Application)

If morning and evening peak hourly traffic volumes in 5. In addition to trafifc sign, flashing beacons and other form of delineations shall be used to supplement guidance through the work zones. Flaggers fic, so that they can get out of the way if may be used but caution must b e taken so necessary.