JasperFillManager is usually used for filling a report template with data. .. fillReportToFile(sourceFileName, parameters, beanColDataSource); } catch. Now, at the time of executing portToFile( templateFilePath, parameters, beanColDataSource) method I am getting GC. Using a full filename (like C:\temp\test), the method JasperFillManager. fillReportToFile() raises an error: Error saving file: C:\temp\C:\temp\test.

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The main purpose of any reporting tool is to produce high quality documents. Report filling process helps reporting tool to achieve this by manipulating sets of data. We will discuss them in Report Parameter chapter. This will be discussed in detail in Report Data Sources chapter.

portToFile works only with relative paths | Jaspersoft Community

The output generated filkreporttofile this process is a. The facade class net. JasperFillManager is usually used for filling a report template with data. This class has various fillReportXXX methods that fill report templates templates could be located on disk, picked from input streams, or are supplied directly as in-memory.


The first type, receive a java. Connection object as the third parameter.

[#2841] – JasperFillManager.fillReportToFile works only with relative paths

Most of the times, reports are filled with data from a relational database. The second type, receive a net.

JRDataSource object, when the data that need to be filled is available in other forms. Let’s write a report template.

Creating Your First Report – JasperReports for Java Developers – page 32

Next, let’s pass a collection of Java data objects Java beansto the JasperReport Engine, to fill this compiled report. This class defines two String objects i. Save it to the directory C: Write a class DataBeanList.

This is further passed to the JasperReports engine, to generate the report. Here we are adding 4 DataBean objects in the List.

Write a main class file JasperReportFill. We will now compile and execute these files using our regular ANT build process. The import file – baseBuild.

Next, let’s open command line window and go to the directory where build. JasperReports – Filling Reports Advertisements.