Check the expiration date on your passport before you go because Japan has certain entry Present your passport and embarkation card to the officer. From April 1, , changes were made to the format of the Disembarkation Card for Foreign Nationals, Embarkation and Disembarkation Card. Hey guys. I was just wondering whether I still need to fill out an embarkation card before leaving Japan at the airport. I heard that when you are.

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Click here for modes of transportation from the airport to city center. Check the appropriate box if you more than 1 million yen in cash or securities d.

I would like to clarify that the post provides basic guidance on the flow of arrival procedures when arriving in Japan. I have already been to Japan on two tourist visas this year, first japam April-July and got approved for an extension from July — October. In the meantime, here are a few more sources of information to look at concerning Arrival and Departure procedures in Japan. My arriving day will be Sunday. The officer will take a photo of you, and scan your index fingers from both hands.

So You’ve Landed in Japan – Customs and Immigration – Jose’s Japan Tips

So the customs officers should have no need to interview us. July 15, at Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Intended length of stay in Japan m. Would appreciate your opinion! You must have a passport to obtain a visa.


Japan Disembarkation Card for Foreigner 日本 外国人用

Check the website of your country’s immigration department. This card is issued when you go through immigration at HanedaNaritaChubu, and Kansai airport. You should check in here if you think you feel ill or sick upon arrival — you can be checked out by a doctor here. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here For more details, visit the website of Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From your experience, please be kind and help me with some answers to following: I know that in the cities everything is written in Japanese language, so how easy is to manage yourself I am thanking you in advance for your tip and trick advises.

Embarktion where to catch the first sunrise in the Land of the Rising Sun! Today I wanted to offer a brief overview of what you can expect when you land in Japan, mostly in the form of customs and immigration procedures. Notify me of new comments via email. I was just wondering if anyone or if you knew anyone who has been through this and if they had been able to enter or gotten denied.

This is part of recently-introduced anti-terrorism laws, and a growing number of countries — including the United States — are instituting these procedures for embarkatioh. A visa is a form of permission to enter the country. Pay close attention to the duty-free allowances.

November 1, at 2: January 25, at 2: However, if you receive payment for something or if you stay longer than these 90 days, you need a visa. Email required Address never made public.

Customs Procedures and Regulations.

Partly due to anti-terror measures, it is obligatory for international travelers to provide personal identification information such as their fingerprints and facial photo upon entering Japan. There are several places you can visit in the city, like Narita-san temple, and jspan the AEON mall and outlets as well.


My question is, if I try to come there around mid-December would I be allowed back in? January 14, at 9: If you are arriving from a region with an infectious disease outbreak, you will be asked to report any symptoms and submit a health questionnaire.

Next, you go through immigration. Please also be advised that an inspection of your carry-on item may be required.

New Japan Disembarkation Card for Foreign Nationals

November 1, at 1: A passport is required to enter Japan. If you have any duties to pay, you have mebarkation pay them to the cashier next to customs before leaving.

Immigration focuses on whether or not people are allowed into the country, while customs ensures that items that are prohibited or restricted do not enter the country. So, if you were on United Flight 79, for example, you would write in Newark in this section.

Immigration and customs are two separate agencies and they carry out different functions. I will have a stop over about max 10 hours in Narita airport, Japan. Prior to landing, the flight attendants on your flight will hand out two possibly three forms to fill out.