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Interchangeable with other manufacturers offering ISO Series A couplings. Dimensional & performance requirements conform to ISO series steel coupler, ISO series A. chemicalComposition WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and Lead. Quick coupling system with nominal diameter up to 20 for pneumatic and fluid handling applications up to bar. Coupling system with a worldwide used.

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The versatile ISO A Series couplings are used in a wide range of hydraulic applications including construction equipment, manufacturing machinery, and in-plant systems. They can be found anywhere the fluid transfer lines need to be connected and disconnected for operation or maintenance of equipment.

Rugged construction makes it a good choice for mobile applications including dump trucks, snow plows, refuse hauling, mining, asphalt paving, truck trailer connections and many more.


In-plant machinery applications include hydraulic fluid, chemicals and gas lines for paper mills, steel production, and many varieties of plant maintenance and production equipment. As various manufacturers started to offer quick detachable couplers, most of them entered the market with their own design, which was different from their competitors.

Hydraulic ISO A | BRECO

There was very little interchangeability iiso one brand to another. This design is now the most commonly used and is referred to as the standard industrial interchange.

However, there are still many different Two Way designs, most of which vary by application. Although there is no organizational standard governing the design of Straight-Thru couplers, a standard industrial design Foster Series FST has developed from usage.

ISO 7241-1 A

Foster offers couplers that will interchange with many of these non-standard designs as shown below. One Way Shut-Off Couplers.

Smoothie Twin Smoothie Std. Rubber Insert Beta Adapter. Cush-A-Claw – Surface Mt. No items in your cart Foster Products. ISO A Series couplings feature poppet valves with solid metal perch that maintains valve alignment and prevents flow checking. Both the 7241- of the socket and plug are case hardened to make the couplings resistant to damage from brinelling and mechanical shock.


Crest Midwest Online – ISO Series B (ISO-B) Interchange

The durable ball-locking mechanism ensures a reliable connection every time. These couplings have female pipe and straight thread end configurations as standard.

Socket and plug are interchangeable with other parts compatible with ISO Foster approved components May be imported.