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User guide for the Iridium A series satellite phone. A phone case. □ The user guide. Iridium A. With the Iridium A portable handheld satellite phone, you can stay in touch across seas and time zones. View and Download Iridium a instruction manual online. a Marine GPS System pdf manual download.

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Read this information before using your satellite phone. Exposure to Radio Frequency Signals Your satellite telephone is a low power radio transmitter and receiver. When it is ON, it receives and also sends out radio frequency RF signals. Your satellite phone is a radio transmitter and receiver.

It is designed and manufactured not to exceed limits for exposure to radio frequency RF energy. Do not wear the phone on your body while making calls with the headset accessory.

However, certain equipment may not be shielded against the RF signals from your wireless phone. Pacemakers The Health Industry Manufacturers Association recommends that a minimum separation of six inches 6″ be maintained between a handheld wireless phone and a pacemaker to avoid potential interference with the pacemaker. Aircraft Airline regulations prohibit using your phone while in the air. Check and comply with the policy of your airline regarding the use of your phone while the aircraft is on the ground.

Export Compliance Information This product is controlled by the export laws and regulations of the United States of America. A sequence of key presses may be shown as follows: M O C This means you should press followed by and thenin sequence, not simultaneously.

The LCD on your phone may respond slowly to key presses in extremely cold temperatures. A call is incoming. You can make and receive calls. You are temporarily unable to make Flashing yellow or receive calls.

Iridium 9505A Manuals

Try again in a few minutes. SIM card is full. Satellite Mode Indicator appears when your phone is in satellite mode. Home System Indicator appears when the phone uset successfully registered with the Iridium satellite system.

In Use Indicator appears when a call is in progress.

Iridium A Manuals

Scroll Bar appears on the right of the display when you are in a menu. Headset The convenient headset provides both an earphone and microphone in one small piece for simple hands-free and private telephone conversations.

Antenna Adapter This adapter provides the required external antenna connection to use your A ifidium phone with the portable auxiliary antenna.

Carry Case This high-quality leather case helps protect your phone. It includes a belt clip and a lanyard wrist strap. This chapter shows you how. Attach the antenna in the down position. Press and hold the lock release button at the top of the phone. Push the antenna until it clicks into place and release the lock release button. Your SIM Subscriber Identity Module card is a small smart card that contains your service details and memory for storing Phone Book entries and messages.


Your phone has limited functionality without the SIM card. It is normally covered by the battery when you use your phone. Make sure your phone is powered off before inserting or removing the SIM card.

Insert the SIM card into the tray with the notch up and the gold plate facing out.

Remove the SIM uesr from the tray. Push down the SIM card tray and slide the tray to the right to lock it in place. Remove or rotate the satellite antenna before installing the battery. Press and battery hold the compartment is release latch Ensure the phone is switched off. Remove or rotate the satellite antenna before removing the battery.

The battery hold the Pull the manuall upward and out of the phone. Insert the bottom end of the battery compartment cover into the slots at the end of the compartment.

Iridium a User Guide

Snap the cover down into place. Using the Internal Charger A battery charger is built right into your phone. Using either the travel charger or auto accessory adapter, you can plug the handset directly into a power source to charge the installed battery. You can still place and answer calls while using the internal charger. If you mwnual to place or answer a call: Press to exit charge-only mode and return to normal operation. Remember that talking on the phone uses power, so charging 9505x more time.

To ensure maximum battery life and use your battery to its fullest capacity, observe the following guidelines.

Insert your SIM card if necessary. Press and hold to turn the phone on and off. Message Description The phone is attempting to iiridium communications with the satellite Searching Your phone is registering with the network. Extend the antenna irjdium pulling out on the end of it. The antenna should be vertical to the ground when you talk on the uder as shown in the following illustration from the wakeup screen animated sequence.

You will see followed by the number you dialed. You must rotate and extend the antenna as quickly as possible to receive the call. Do not attempt to answer until the phone rings or vibrates. Message Description You need to fully extend the Orient Antenna antenna upwards with a clear unobstructed view of the sky. The antenna is not properly Call Failed adjusted or the network signal is not All keys with the exception of the key are disabled.


Manul and then the up or down volume Tip: The control key volume control keys are The phone sounds the new volume level as you located on the adjust it. The In-Call menu is displayed when you press during a call. You hear the party on the other end, but iridimu other party does not hear you. While in a call: Turn Mute on or off Tip: There are three menus: You can not access this menu during a call.

Navigate the Options Menu Learning how to use just a few keys enables you to move freely through the entire menu system. If your phone Then Each digit key, 5905a, is matched to a Quick Access feature. See the table on page 57 for the default setup. Read Messages displays the newest message received. Register Now initiates a search for the Iridium satellite network. You must wait three minutes between registration attempts.

You can use the dedicated keys or the Phone Book menu to add iidium retrieve numbers from the phone book. The satellite phone has two types of memory—phone memory and SIM card memory. Group the numbers on the list according to when you use them.

Most people call a different set of numbers during the day than they do in the evening and on weekends. Phone Book Press until you seeand then press Personal Numbers Press to scroll toand then press Press mnual scroll to one of the features described below. If you have 1. Enter the phone number you want to store. Press to begin storing. For example, press to enter the letters A, B, or C, as shown: Press to place the call.

Find an Entry by Location Find an entry by its location number. Call a Selected Entry 1. Find an entry, and then press. You can choose to prevent access to the phone memory, SIM memory, or both.

Phone Book Press until you seeand then press Fixed Dialing Press to scroll toand then press Press to scroll to one of the features described below. Restricting Phone Use You can restrict calling on your phone to a list of numbers that you create.

Erase an Manuao To erase an entry in the fixed dial list: View Your Fixed Dialing List This feature enables you to review, but not change, your fixed dial list. Phone Book Press until you seeand then press Press to scroll to one of the features described below.