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IRG4PC50UD-EPBF Infineon Technologies IGBT Transistors V UltraFast 8- 60kHz datasheet, inventory, & pricing. IRG4PC50UD Transistor Datasheet, IRG4PC50UD Equivalent, PDF Data Sheets. IGBT. Parameters and Characteristics. Electronic Component Catalog. IRG4PC50UD datasheet, IRG4PC50UD circuit, IRG4PC50UD data sheet: IRF – INSULATED GATE BIPOLAR TRANSISTOR WITH ULTRAFAST SOFT.

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Optimized for high operating. V CE on typ. Generation 4 IGBT design provides tighter. Industry standard TOAC package. Generation 4 IGBT’s offer highest efficiencies. IGBT’s optimized for specific application conditions.

Minimized recovery characteristics require. Designed to be a “drop-in” replacement for equivalent. Pulsed Collector Current Q.

IRG4PC50UD International Rectifier, IRG4PC50UD Datasheet

Clamped Inductive Load Current R. Diode Continuous Forward Current. Diode Maximum Forward Current. Soldering Temperature, for 10 sec. Mounting Torque, or M3 Screw. Case-to-Sink, flat, greased surface. Junction-to-Ambient, typical socket mount. C unless otherwise specified.


Zero Gate Voltage Collector Current. Diode Forward Voltage Drop. Total Gate Charge turn-on.

Gate – Emitter Charge turn-on. Gate – Collector Charge turn-on. Energy losses include “tail” and. Measured 5mm from package.

Datasheet «IRG4PC50UD»

Diode Reverse Recovery Time. Diode Peak Reverse Recovery Current. Diode Reverse Recovery Charge.

Diode Peak Rate of Fall of Recovery. Du ty c ycle: Ga te d rive a s spe cified. Tu rn -on lo sses inclu de. Q gTotal Gate Charge nC. T JJunction Temperature? Macro Waveforms for Figure 18a’s Test Circuit. Clamped Inductive Load Test. T Pulse width 5.

IRG4PC50UD datasheet, IRG4PC50UD datasheets, manuals for IRG4PC50UD electornic semiconductor part

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Data and specifications subject to change without notice.