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Immigration Canada. This application is made available free by. Citizenship and Immigration Canada and is not to be sold to applicants. IMM E (). you Permanent Resident Travel Document (IMM ) so you can take it with you in your travel. You need this out the link. and additionally in the Applying for a travel document (permanent resident abroad) (IMM ) section,. This application is for permanent.

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We both live together overseas, and have no plans in the foreseeable future to move to Canada, though we do visit at least once every two years. I want her to maintain her status and ability to travel to Canada, and we’ve been brainstorming the best ways to go about ensuring that. Should we get her a travel document? On the Canadian Immigration website entitled ‘Applying for a travel document permanent resident abroad IMM ‘ it says we can even get a multiple-entry travel document if we so request in a cover letter, though I wonder what kinds of conditions would we have to meet to be eligible for that?

Or should we simply apply for a new PR card when the time comes? Also I do apologize for rambling onwe have nothing to hide, but we want to make sure we’re not saying anything at the port-of-entry every time we visit that will raise undue suspicions of any sort. During last year’s visit, the passport officer was especially inquisitive about what our plans about moving to Canada were.

Considering our case, can passport officers ever revoke her entry into Canada? Should we just be blatantly honest during next year’s trip and say we have no plans to move and that that is in line with the law her preserving PR status that is? I’m a Canadian and my non-Canadian wife has a PR card since If indeed you end up obtaining a PR TD noting, however, that if she obtained a new PR card inthe PR TD should not be needed or appropriate until which is good for multi-entries, that would be information worth sharing in this forum.

There are many, many couples in your situation, Canadian citizen and a PR living together abroad. In the past, many PRs in this situation fudged the PR application a bit, coming to Canada temporarily in order to obtain the new renewed PR card; it seems that CIC has been pursuing a more strict policy and making this more difficult, and more risky.

Generally, then, under current lawso long as you continue to be living abroad, there is not an option to “simply apply for a new PR card when the time comes” unless by “when the time comes” you mean when you have returned to actually live in Canada. In which case, if that is after the current PR card expires in ?

I emphasized ” under current law ” because various aspects of this are always subject to changes in the law, and whenever you are looking at the best course of action to take years from now such asand particularly whenever you are relying on an exception in the law such as relying on the exception for the PR residency obligation for a PR accompanying a Canadian citizen spouse abroadthe potential for changes in the law should not be overlooked.

I know of no plans to change the law governing the PR residency obligation, but if for example the Conservatives were to win another majority government next year electionin your situation I would be paying attention to any news about prospective immigration law changes. I say this in part because it appears that since at least when Jason Kenney became the CIC Minister, perhaps even going back to when Diane Finley was the Minister, and almost certainly continuing now with Chris Alexander, CIC is being significantly more strict in applying provisions regarding presence in Canada in many respects.


The trend seems to be toward making it more difficult for PRs living abroad. The approach in processing PR card renewal new card applications, for example, indicates as I said some cracking down on PRs who are not truly residing in Canada.

There have been a couple cases and other hints that CIC is more strictly interpreting what it means to be “employed abroad by a Canadian employer” in assessing that exception to the PR residency obligation one case overtly stating that a permanent job abroad, albeit for a Canadian employer, does not qualify for the exception, that the exception is for temporary assignments abroad.

While the approach taken in citizenship application processing is totally apart from how residency is assessed for purposes of the PR residency obligation, the trends there are strong indicators of this government’s attitude and approach generally, which is toward a more strict approach toward assessing residency and if Bill C is adopted as it almost certainly will be implementing a much more strict, longer residency requirement.

As the saying goes, the-writing-is-on-the-wall. POE questions about plans to move to Canada I cannot guess what that was really about. But, frankly, I do not know why a PR returning to Canada with a valid PR card in possession, one issued less than two years previous and particularly if this is the first PR cardand accompanying her Canadian citizen spouse, would even be referred to an interview with the CBSA immigration officer at the POE.

There are, of course, random checks, but even when the officers at a POE say it is “random” it often is not at all random. There is usually a reason.

And, again, for any particular PR in this situation, I cannot begin to guess why this happened, what it was really about.

That said, I can, however, identify a range of situations in which such questions might be relevant. But I have no idea whatsoever if they are in the least relevant to your situation.

Those are too many scenarios, including some more or less quite complicated, to enumerate. Probably not relevant scenario, offered more for illustrative purposes: There is one scenario, however, which imk to be somewhat common.

PR status retention – Canada Immigration and Visa Discussion Forum

But that has to do with fraud committed in the original PR application itself, not to do with retaining PR status. You make no hint that this is relevant to immm situation, and thus is probably totally NOT relevant to your situation. But since it is common, and in the past probably not much at all scrutinized once PR approval was given and the PR landed, but which may be something this government is scrutinizing more lmm, I will explain: A Canadian citizen living abroad marries a Foreign National FNand in order to facilitate 55529 to Canada together, even though there is no real intent to move to Canada, the Canadian citizen sponsors the FN for PR, which requires the Canadian citizen to submit the i,m plan to return to live in Canada.

The Canadian citizen sponsor does not really ever return to live in Canada. The spouse lands and becomes a PR but the couple essentially continue to live abroad some who do this are more careful than others, the couple at least coming to Canada to stay for months following the landing. Of course this is fraud. The status of the PR is forever at risk see above.

This government, in contrast, has elevated scrutiny in many respects and this may indeed be one of those areas in which more than a few discover a more harsh, strict enforcement than anyone had anticipated in the past.

There have only been isolated cases in which removal proceedings have been predicated on distinguishing the PR as not accompanying the Canadian citizen abroad despite their being abroad together, and generally so long as the couple are living together abroad, that has been sufficient to show that the PR is ” accompanying ” the Canadian citizen abroad.

But, the distinction has been made on occasion, and one can easily see this particular government focusing on a PR who has never really lived in Canada as thus not really being a PR who ” accompanied ” a Canadian going abroad.


Thus, I anticipate that living together abroad almost always suffices and will continue to do so. And of course this is something which could be flagged in FOSS and a subject pursued in a POE encounter but again, there are also many, many, many other reasons which could result in a POE encounter involving an interview with the CBSA immigration officer.

Bureaucracy is what bureaucracy does, or When in doubt, follow the instructions.

Application for a Permanent Resident Travel Document

Otherwise, follow the instructions. Not an expert, not a Can. You can apply for a multiple entry Travel Document. Here is the information from OP 10 which would be easiest way to go. If application is approved, issue the travel document In most cases, the travel document is to be issued for imj single entry with a validity of six months.

Applying for a Permanent Resident Travel Document (IMM ) –

Occasionally, there may be cases where a permanent resident of Canada is unable to apply for a permanent resident card due to their long-term residency abroad. In these rare cases, where a permanent resident is unable to apply for the card from within Canada because of the shortness of their occasional stays in Canada, a multiple-entry travel document may be issued for a period of validity not exceeding five years.

The category to be printed on the travel document counterfoil is R A separate counterfoil will be printed for each person included in the application that meets the criteria for issuance. I’m a PR on my 3rd card renewal. Applied for citizenship with 4 years to go on current card, and am running up against its expiration while stuck in an OB D now obsolete A-5 triage resulting in RQ and long haul residency case on that basis coupled with loss of Vancouver Island office to budget cuts.

Have been told 6 months now that I’m just waiting for an oath to be scheduled. Naturally, I would prefer to apply for a Canadian passport instead of renewing a PR card which I might have to and hopefully would be entitled to surrender immediately. My question is, can I use my Nexus card and possibly avoid the lines and hassle? Or risk losing the card?

I can’t remember whether my Nexus application required proof of PR in one country as long as I have citizenship in the other, or whether Nexus card is tied to expiration date inm a PR card as it is to expiration date of a passport. Since you don’t have to have legal status in both iimm to obtain Nexus, it seems that having one passport would suffice. Obviously, I would like to avoid this but also am still scarred from RQ preparation process, and the thought of going through that again with yet another PR renewal application and possible associated RQ caused by the government’s bureaucratic bungling and inefficiencies rankles.

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