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IMM E (09 – ). • Initial PR Card Application. • Replacement of a PR Card . • Renewal of a PR Card. Forms: Application for a Permanent Resident Card. Just about to fill the renewal application (IMM ) but somewhat unclear on these questions; # 2. Date you became a PR of Canada My. IMM E (). Contact Information Web site. For more information on the programs offered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, visit our Web site at.

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Application to get, renew or replace a Permanent Resident Card (PR Card)

Your personal information is: If there is no name indicated on the receipt, we will send the refund to the applicant. Our quality assurance program randomly chooses applications for a special review.

We will return your application if you send any other type of payment. The Request form must be signed by:. Question 21 Your Travel History: Canadian Income Tax Notice of Assessment NOA for the past two 2 years school or employment records; association or club memberships; any other documents you want us to consider.

Question 3 If you have already submitted your application, write: If you are applying to renew your present card, you should keep it until you get your new card and include a photocopy of it with your application. A clear and legible photocopy of one 1 of these: Question 7 Write your date of birth in numerical format. To change your sex designation on your PR Card, you must submit supporting documents. On your application forms, identify the sex you would like displayed M or F until the X can be issued.


Expired PR Card – Permanent Resident Card – Discussion Forum

Question 19 Your Address History: We will notify you if this additional assessment is needed. You may also count days outside of Canada as days that you meet the residency obligation in these situations: Fill in this section if you wish to cancel the appointment of a representative.

Translations may be done by a person who is fluent in both languages English or French and the unofficial language. Complete sections A, B and D.

Expired PR Card

At the endclick on the button to print the IRCC official receipt with barcode. Use another page if you need more space to list this information. You must provide the English or French translation for any documents that are not English or French.

If you have dependent children aged 18 years or older, they are required to complete their own copy of this form if a representative is also conducting business on their behalf. Keep the second copy of the receipt for your records.


IRCC does not require proof of sex reassignment ijm to amend the sex designation on documents. To have a photocopy of a document certified, an authorized person must as described below compare the original document to the photocopy and must print the following on the photocopy:. Section B — Appointment of Representative. Question 11 Write your height in centimetres or in feet and inches.

You may be able to use some of umm time spent in Canada as a temporary resident or protected person towards your physical presence calculation.

You may be eligible for Canadian 55445. If you do not provide your residential address, processing will be delayed until you provide it. You are not obliged to hire a representative.

Check with your local authorities. If you are a permanent resident and changed your name outside of Canadasubmit: Skip to main content Skip to “About this site”.