igus® energy chains overview: shop with a wide selection of energy chains and energy tubes, The e-chain® catalogue can be downloaded directly online!. E-Chain® Catalogue pages with an overview of the igus® E-ChainSystems®: 5 . Separators for the adaptation of the interior separation in the cable layout. Dirt-proof. Drag chain with chip protection, single-sided swivelling, medium sizes; versatile, modular, interior separation. To the energy chains catalogue.

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To the E2 micro shop. Single and two-piece energy chains, 18 to 41mm inner heights. To the E2 mini shop. Openable from both sides, medium sizes, 26 to 48mm inner heights. More usable installation space, quieter, stronger and longer service life. Two-piece energy chains, medium sizes, 21 to 45mm inner heights.

catalogur Openable from both sides, extremely rapid installation. Inner heights of 21 to 80mm. Rapid assembly and cable-friendly. High strength and easy accessibility thanks to hinged crossbars. Inner heights from 38 to 48mm. Lower weight possible at higher dynamics.

Cable carriers for moving applications

Inner heights of 21 to mm. Energy chains and tubes openable from both sides. Inner heights of 56 to mm. Quickly fillable from along the inside or outside, cost-effective single part energy chains with shorter assembly time. To the E1 shop. To the zipper shop.

To iguus snapchain shop. Easily hinged open on one side along the inner or outer radius, medium sizes. Diverse, modular interior separation.

To the E2 R shop. To RX tube shop. Extremely quiet running up to 33 dB A. For highly dynamic applications; suitable for cleanrooms.


To the T3 shop. Inner heights of 10 to 15mm. Low vibration, wear resistant, for highly dynamic applications. To the E3 shop. Low vibration, high speeds, wear-resistant. Openable from both sides, also as e-tube. To the E6 shop. Three versions of energy chains: The first choice for multi-axis industrial xatalogue. Enclosed or easily fillable. Modular system for complex movement. Combination of single, two and catxlogue axis movements possible.

Additional strength and higher fill weights possible. To the twisterchain, new shop. Modular design – variable widths. To the twisterchain shop. To the twisterband HD shop. To the twisterband shop. The reinforcement for existing corrugated tube systems.

Online Catalogs

To the e-rib shop. To the PMA cable protection hose shop. To the e-cord micro shop. Abrasion-resistant, oval corrugated hose that collects and potential abrasion. IPA confirmed as suitable for cleanroom class 1. To the cleanroom shop. Low vibration and very lightweight. For highly dynamic applications; according to hygienic design principles. To the TH3 shop. As an chaij chain with crossbars every link or as an enclosed e-tube. Quiet, abrasion-resistant, maintenance-free energy chain.

For long travels of m and longer, very high fill weights and speeds. To P4 system shop. To the autoglide shop. Inner heights of 32 to 80mm. Especially suitable for “side-mounted” and travel distances of over m. To the guidelite plus shop. Compact, cost-saving energy chain.

Space-saving complete system for safe guidance of energy, data and air. To the guidelok horizontal shop. To the guidelok slimline shop. Simple assembly by chani of a small number of different components. To the guidefast shop. Openable energy chains with mounting brackets and interior separation in electrically conductive ESD material available from stock.

To the ESD shop. To the e-spool shop. To the magsnap shop.


To the liftband shop. Compensation of parallel errors in the case of long travels. Small, lightweight and cost-effective. To the FTA shop. To the PPDS shop. Heavy duty energy supply to the seabed. Vertical hanging applications of up to m in length. To the offshore energy chain shop. Rubber-tyred robot cranes are automatically coupled to an energy chain system. To the e-rover coupling shop. To the assembly tools shop.

Older energy chains are also available on a permanent basis. To the “classic” shop. From the lightweight and universally deployable “Super Alu” guide trough through to the simple and cost-effective snap-in trough.

To the guide trough shop. Integrated strain relief and cable guides within the guide trough. To the rotary modules shop. To the strain relief element shop. Special cables for energy chains: E2 micro — for confined installation spaces One-piece — smallest sizes, 5 to 15mm inner height, small pitch, lightweight, smooth running.

E2 mini — small and medium sizes Single and two-piece energy chains, 18 to 41mm inner heights. The standard construction kit for virtually all applications.

General overview of e-chain systems®

System E1 — energy chain on a band Modular, single piece band for simple applications. Cost-effective solution for large volumes. Cost-effective alternative to complex cable trays. E2 R — hinged lid Easily hinged open on one side along the inner or outer radius, medium sizes. E2 R — very smooth running Lid removable, medium sizes. RX tubes — extremely swarf-resistant New design: