Hi all, I have a customer with the above boiler, I believe it’s approx 30 years old. They’ve asked if I can service it for them, but I’m a little. Concord Wrs Boiler Spare Parts. Ideal Concord Wrs Boiler Spare Parts Read more. Concord Wrs Ideal Concord Wrs Read more.

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User Manuals/instructions for IDEAL Concord WRS 255A needed

Wed Sep 19, 7: Help needed with boiler upgrade Forum: All you can hear is a very quiet sound like a pump maybe. It wasn’t even that dirty internally, gave the heat exchanger a good brushing and replaced the case seal with new.

Ideal Concord WRS boiler not firing. The top cylinder pipe is the flow gets hotter before the bottom of the coil.

Ideal Concord WRS boiler not firing | DIY Forums

Everything is working fine heating is fine, but the gas bill is rather high to my taste – which is the reason for starting all of this I assume the gate valve on the right is the cold feed, in which case do you know where the heating return joins the common return.


The pump is on the return? Just a thought, but would it be more simple to go for Y plan and put the 3 port valve replacing the 22mm “T” just to the right of the left gate valve in the airing cupboard? Start of add to list layer. Please return from wence you came, register fully with us then start a new thread under your new account on which we’ll advice you mightily.

Parts for a Concord WRS boiler? Concord WRS a boiler flow issue Forum: More chances to get what you want Feedback on our suggestions – More chances to get what you want. The picture was just to illustrate the type of control that is in there.

Ideal Concord WRS | Plumbing Advice | Gas Engineers Forum | Plumbing Jobs – DIY and Professional

They’ve asked if Convord can service it for them, but I’m a little worried as I don’t think any parts are made for it anymore. Visit eBay’s page on international selling. Back to home page Return to top.

All worked first time Just got to read the manual and set up the program now for the heating. You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here. Geo, Oct 21, CindyDollarmytrMar 2, iseal Similar Threads iceal Ideal Concord Forum Date ideal standard concord wrs 40, buzzing when heating the water. The cold feed comes in to the right hand side of the T in the top of the hot water cylinder coil.


Add to Watch list.

Ideal Concord WRS boiler not firing

Millsy 82Mar 2, I have only just skimmed though this topic and can’t see that any contributors have commented wrx the above. Wed Aug 29, User manuals for above ground pool.

Thu Aug 30, Sadly I will have to say goodbye to this dear little darling if I want a new kitchen. I’ll pop into parts centre tomorrow and get the case seal ordered.

I don’t know, I can confirm tonight the model number of the programmer All done, all went fine. OK, thanks for conford reply David. Previous topic Next topic. Pipework in the airing cupboard: The easiest solution is to set the TRV in the room to Max.