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M+01, ABSTRACT The IBM System p5 and System p5 Q deskside and 4U rack- mount servers are powerful, scalable database or. The System p, formerly known as RS/, was IBM’s RISC/UNIX-based server product line. In April , IBM announced a rebranding of the System p and its. Find great deals for IBM E8A Server. Shop with confidence on eBay! 2 of 3; Picture 3 of 3. IBM E8A P 8-Core P6 GHz Server, call for custom.

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The Power Express features: FROM TO 4-core 2 x feature E8A 4-core 2 x feature 4-core 2 x feature E8A 4-core 2 x feature M50 4-core 2 x feature E8A 4-core 2 x feature The POWER6 processors available in the Power P55 server operate at a frequency of 3. A p50 8-core system can contain up to GB of memory.

The Power Express server contains EnergyScale TM technology that provides features such as power trending, power-saving, capping of power, and thermal measurement. These features, enabled via IBM Imb Director Active Energy Manager for Power software allow the customer to measure the energy of the system and direct policies toward the energy- efficient operation of the server, while the underlying hardware automatically adjusts to deliver the desired operating solution.

IBM System p – Wikipedia

Also available in this model is a choice of quad gigabit or dual 10 Gb integrated host Ethernet adapters. These native ports can be selected at the time of initial order. Virtualization of these integrated Ethernet adapters is supported. The Power Express contains either six 3. All DASD are direct dock and hot pluggable. Other p5500 features include: Clients must provide a valid serial number for an installed Model to be eligible for this offer.

Ordering will be available through the IBM configurator. The purchase of Power Solution editions are not eligible for this offer. Power Summary of standard features: Deskside im rack-mount 4U configurations 2- 4- 6- or 8-core design with one, two, three, or four 3. Choice of three integrated virtual Ethernet daughter cards: A maximum of five hot-swap slots: The defaults, if no choice is made, are: These Deployment-ready Services are designed to accelerate customer solution deployment and reduce related resources and cost.

Feature is 24 inches long and can weigh up to pounds. The has redundant power and cooling. The fans, power supplies, and PCI adapters, are top-accessible while the disk drives are front-accessible for easy service and maintenance. The drawer is 27 inches long and can weigh up obm lb. The rear also has slots for up to 12 disk drives organized in two additional SCSI groups of up to six drives plus slots for the four SCSI interface cards.

Feature is delivered with three cooling fans jbm two power supplies to provide ibj power and cooling.

Feature is 8. Feature requires the use of a or drawer mounting enclosure. The 4 EIA tall enclosure can hold up to 5p50 drawers mounted side by side in the enclosure. The drawer is 28 inches long and can weigh up to 37 lbs. The drawer kbm redundant hot-plug power and cooling. Feature requires the use of a drawer mounting enclosure. The drawer is The Client must select one of the two available interface adapters for use in the drawer.

Using GB drives, the provides up to 2. Selecting either one, two, or four groups of drive bays is done with a mode switch on the drawer. A maximum of two drawers can be placed on the same 12X loop. The PCIe adapter slots use Gen 3 blind swap cassettes and support hot plugging of adapter cards. The GX adapter is not supported with the drawer. The provides the higher capacity bandwidth DDRbut is available only with 4-core or larger servers.

It is 24 inches long and can weigh up to lb. The drawer includes redundant power and cooling. These are both built to the in EIA standard. When you order a new system, you can also order the appropriate rack model with the system hardware on the same initial order. The lbm that is delivered as feature is the same rack delivered when you order the T00 rack; the included features may be different. Some features that are delivered as part of the T00 must be ordered separately with the feature The rack that is delivered as feature is the same rack delivered when you order the T42 rack; the included features may be different.


Some features that are delivered as part of the T42 must be ordered separately with the feature Select the feature that provides the level bim virtualization required ibn your application.

Micro-partitioning for IBM i 5. This is a significant advancement in Power Systems virtualization technology and can assist you with performing the following common business needs while keeping the business up and running: Evacuating a system before performing scheduled maintenance Moving workloads across a pool of different physical resources as business needs shift Moving workloads off underutilized machines so that they can be powered off 5p50 save on energy and cooling costs Micro-Partitioning support for a single core being shared by up to 10 logical partitions.

No HMC required or supported. It enables you to temporarily transfer IBM i processor license entitlements and Enterprise Enablement entitlements purchased for a primary machine to a secondary CBU-designated system.

Temporarily transferring these resources instead of purchasing them for your secondary system may result in significant savings. Processor activations cannot be transferred. The CBU specify feature is available only as part of a new server purchase or during a model upgrade to the E8A. Certain system prerequisites must be met and system registration and approval are required before the CBU specify feature can be applied on a new server.

Feature cannot be added to a Solution Edition feature of These entitlements remain with the machine they were ordered for. When you register the association between your primary and on-order CBU system, you must agree to certain terms and conditions regarding the temporary transfer. After a CBU system designation is approved and the system is installed, you can temporarily move your optional IBM i processor license entitlement and Enterprise Enablement entitlements from the primary system to the CBU system when ibk primary system is down or while the primary system processors are inactive.

The CBU system can then better support failover and role swapping for a full range of test, disaster recovery, and high availability scenarios. Temporary entitlement transfer means that the entitlement is a property transferred from the primary system to the CBU system and may remain in use on the P5550 system as long as the registered primary and CBU system are in deployment for the high availability or disaster recovery operation.

The primary system for a Power E8A server can be: The primary machine must be in the same enterprise as the CBU system. Before you can temporarily transfer IBM i processor license entitlements from the registered primary system, you must have more than one IBM i processor license on the primary machine and at least one IBM i processor license on the CBU server.

An activated processor must be available on the CBU server to use the transferred entitlement. You can then transfer any IBM i processor entitlements above the mimimum one, assuming the total IBM i workload on the primary system does not require the IBM i entitlement you would like to transfer during the time of the transfer. During this temporary transfer, the CBU system’s internal records of its total number igm IBM i processor license entitlements are not updated, bim you may see IBM i license noncompliance warning messages from the CBU p50.

These warning messages in this situation do not mean you are not in compliance. Before you can temporarily transfer entitlements, you must have more than one Enterprise Enablement entitlement on the primary server and at least one Enterprise Enablement entitlement on the CBU system.


You can then transfer the entitlements that are not required on the primary server during the time of transfer and that are above the minimum of one entitlement. For example, if you have a four-core Power as your primary system with two IBM i processor license entitlements one above the minimum and two Enterprise Enablement entitlements one above the minimumyou can temporarily transfer only one IBM i entitlement and one Enterprise Enablement entitlement.

If your primary or CBU machine is sold or discontinued from use, any ;550 entitlement transfers must be returned to the machine on which they were originally acquired. For CBU registration and further information, visit: Taking advantage of the edition is the only way you can use no-charge features for processor activations and IBM i user license entitlements. The Express editions are available only during the initial system order and cannot be ordered after your system is shipped.

Family 9133+01 IBM System p5 550

The IBM configurator offers these easy-to-order Express editions that include no-charge activations or no-charge IBM i user entitlements. You can modify the Express Edition configurations to match your exact requirements for p55 initial shipment — increasing or decreasing the configuration. If you create a configuration that falls below any of the defined minimums, the IBM configurator replaces the no-charge features with equivalent function regular charge features.

For details, visit the Solution Edition Web site at: To receive one no-charge processor activation feature for each 2-core processor card o550 feature for 3.

To receive no-charge features on your initial 4-core Solution Edition and order, your order must include a minimum of: Suggested starting configurations for the 4-core 2 IBM i processor li- cense and 4-core 4 IBM obm processor license Solution Editions are the same as the Express Edition configurations except for the number of IBM i processor licenses. Vouchers When you purchase a new Power system with an i Edition you may be entitled to receive one or two service vouchers at no inm charge depending upon IBM country-specific definitions.

Systems ordered without an edition feature are not eligible.

IBM E8A Server | eBay

Solution editions are not eligible. Service vouchers deliver the technical leadership and consulting resources that can help you more fully understand and use the latest features and capabilities of the IBM i operating system. Ibmm experts will join your team and help get you started on the road to success with your new operating environment. For more information about vouchers, visit: When you purchase an Express Product Offering, you will be entitled to a lower-priced AIX or Linux operating system license, or you may choose to purchase the system with no operating system.

You may choose either the lower-priced AIX or Linux subscription, but not both. If you choose AIX 5.

The converse is true if you choose a Linux subscription as your lower-priced operating system. In the case of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, only the first subscription purchased is lower priced so, for ib, additional licenses purchased for Red Hat to run in multiple partitions will be at full price.

You can make changes to the standard features as needed and still qualify for processor entitlements at no additional charge, and a discounted AIX or Linux operating system license. However, selection ibk total memory or DASD smaller than the totals defined as the minimums disqualifies the order as an Express Product Offering. Two processors are activated.