: I duellanti () by Joseph Conrad and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great prices. “Cinema,” Joseph Conrad Society (Italy) Newsletter 6 (Pisa, Autumn-Winter ), [Lists Italian reviews of I duellanti with “News and Notes” on other films. I duellanti by Joseph Conrad at – ISBN – ISBN – Le Occasioni – – Softcover.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — El duelo by Joseph Conrad. Paperbackpages. Published November by Bruguera first published A Set of Six 5.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about El dueloplease sign up. Lists with This Book. This conrac is not yet featured on Listopia. Years ago, watching TV, flipping through the channels, one lame program after another, I came across a Napoleonic film midway through and stopped for a moment because I recognized Keith Carradine.

I duellanti – Joseph Conrad – Google Books

Then I saw Harvey Keitel. Intrigued, I continued to watch and was quickly enthralled.

At the time, I did not even know the title of the show that I enjoyed so much, but later learned and saw the film again. Recently I Years ago, watching TV, flipping through the channels, one lame program after another, I came across a Napoleonic film midway through and stopped for a moment because I recognized Keith Conrac.

Recently I learned that the film was based upon a short story by Joseph Conrad and I knew I had to read the novella. This one, also somewhat unusual for Conrad, moves fast and is filled with action. One point that Conrad makes, and it stands clear throughout the narrative, is that the duel actually benefitted the two.

The martial contest made each work and strive a little harder, made the will to survive and prevail in their personal contest as earnest as the will to live through the bloody Napoleonic war years.

Similarly, the two experienced an odd intimacy. They were not friends, but Conrad showed how, between two warriors, the adversary may be as close, or even closer, than family. View all conrae comments. Though I felt the beginning was rather long and seemed to drag on a bit, the story itself elicited more emotion out of me than I had expected.

File:Joseph Conrad 1916.jpg

There is a movie version of this story, directed by Ridley Scott so it has to be pretty good, right? As some might know, I fence, when I have the time very rare nowadaysso I take particular interest in works about swords and swordsmanship. Most works are rather cursory in their accounts of the combat itself, and The Point of Honor is no exception. In any case, what stands out is not the descriptions of the fighting, but what the men are feeling or not feeling before, during, and after the fight.

Of course, the duel itself is merely the reinforcement of cultural norms expressed through the use of arms. If I were smarter by half, I could go on about this, but suffice it to say that the duel, social expectations of French society at the time read Balzacif you want more on thisand the intensity of emotions felt by the characters throughout are all part of a self-perpetuating cycle.

But this sword, as they say, has two edges. By participating in the forbidden duel itself, the men kick against authority all discreetly, of course while, at the same time, reinforcing the social walls that forced them into this long, slow game of cat and mouse in the first place.


Though there are other books about dueling that are much more thorough, none of them delve so deeply into what it means to be a human duelist. View all 8 comments. Di mezzo, le tante campagne napoleoniche, dal trionfo di Austerlitz alla disastrosa ritirata dalla Russia. Un grande massacro che interrompe di tanto in tanto il massacro privato dei due Ussari.

View all 7 comments. Dec 12, J. Like most people, my familiarity with Conrad began and ended with ‘The Heart of Darkness’, a famously dark, brooding, visceral dredging up of human flaws. While I certainly enjoyed the moral explorations and stylistic form of the work, I didn’t feel the call I feel after reading some authors that leads me to seek out their other works.

Not only was the book complete, but it was a rather emotionally overwhelming experience, providing a lifetime of retrospect. What is gained by taking the plunge again, under a new title? Little enough, I thought. Other than his magnum opus, Duellanri is rarely shown the light of day, having been grouped with other ‘colonial’ writers like Haggard and Kipling.

Yet after watching Ridley Scott’s film adaptation of this story, my imagination was piqued. It is extremely true to the original story, and though there are some grim glimpses of war, it is by and large a humorous if somewhat sardonic story of the Napoleonic wars. His historical romp feels much like a simplified ‘Three Musketeers’, and shows off Conrad’s excellent pacing and sense of place.

Like Melville, he also gives us a rather unique and precise historical view, replete with details and mood. It still retains much of the realism and grit of ‘Heart of Darkness’, but while that presents a failed adventure that soon spirals out of control, ‘The Duel’ takes a more romantic tack. It’s surprising to see such a delicate and varied hand from Conrad, especially as he rarely gets credit for it in literary discussion.

He is so often the touchpoint of post-colonial, post-feminist, multicultural debates that he becomes merely a symbol. It is unfortunate dduellanti he is not looked on more often as simply a writer, and not a bad one, at that. Lieutenant Feraud nearly kills a civilian in a duel so Lieutenant D’Hubert is sent to confine him to house arrest. The two duel and, from then on, at each promotion they fight a duel.

This novella was nice and it does give you a portrait of military life during and after Napoleon Bonaparte, but I just didn’t care for either character. I very much enjoyed the film and was delighted to see that the film adaptation was very faithful to Conrad’s written version about a duel between two Napoleonic soldiers over a number of years.

The focus on honor between the two men calls to mind the idea of bushido, “the way of the warrior”in samurai culture. I think this would make a great Japanese period film as I recently saw director Ridley Scott’s film debut, The Duelists, which was an adaptation of a Congad Conrad story, The Duel I think this would make a great Japanese period film as an adaptation since many of the ideas of dueling and honor duellantk consistent with historic fonrad culture as well.

File:Joseph Conrad jpg – Wikimedia Commons

It was an entertaining tale based, supposedly, on a true life story recounted to Conrad. Lo que nos cuenta. The Point of Honor. Conrad sets his story in France during the Napoleonic Wars. As years pass, Fernaud is unwilling to let the affair languish, and the duel is repeated many times, sometimes to the advantage of one protagonist, sometimes to the advantage of the other, the relationship between the two officers becoming a mysterious legend within the army. Each is gradually advanced through the ranks to General, and only during times of transient inequality of rank are they prohibited from dueling.


The story raises several issues and questions. On a deeper level, it provides thoughtful insights into personality types and how irrationality motivates actions and attitudes, often trumping rationality. I loved this book a lot. My only regret is having seen a film based on it before reading it since this always alters the way I perceive stories apart from the fact that the expectations are already disclosed.

However, as I say, the story is very dramatic and it takes your breath till the end. It is again settled in a world where the lives of the duellajti can be transfered to the rest of the individuals. The style, the narrative, the setting, the way you are taken through the events, everything I loved this book a lot. The style, the narrative, the setting, the duellannti you are taken through the events, everything seems perfectly designed.

What I admire about Joseph Conrad is the strength he gives to the stories and characters, the element of transcentalism, how every feeling is transmitted even to the point of taking your breath away withing a world beautifully described, where nature and beings melt away. To crown it all, once you have read it, watch the film “The duellists” starred dyellanti Keith Carradine and Harvey Keitel.

It is really good. Jan 21, Tiffany Reisz rated it really liked it. I adored this Joseph Conrad novella. Read it in one sitting. The Duel is a satiric tale about a hot-headed Hussar who refuses dudllanti forgive another officer for a non-existent insult to his honor.

The two duel again and again over a fourteen year span. The duels give the men an air of mystery to their fellow officers because neither of them can or will admit to the cause of their ongoing feud. The story takes a comedic turn when the final duel ends up aiding a romance.

This is the second of five cla I adored this Joseph Conrad novella. This is the second of five classic novellas entitled “The Duel” that I’m reading this year. Joseph Conrad is my husband. Today is our wedding. Most of the time I read books that interest me and then other times I read to be challenged.

This was one of those books that challenged me. I had no idea what the books was about but it was freebe for my Kindle. After reading a congad synopsis of the book I found myself having to find some information on the main theme and a little history of the time the book was written. The author Joseph Conrad, writes a tale of two officers in the French Army who fought a series of of duels in the midst of N Most of the time I read books that interest me and then other times I read to be challenged.

The author Joseph Conrad, writes a tale of two officers in the French Army who fought a series of of duels in the midst of Napoleonic wars on some futile pretext.

This pretext was never disclosed and I think Conrad invented one. The book starts in duellantl last until