This page is informative only. Hikitsuchi Sensei has passed and what follows is a mere reflection of his legacy left behind. Hikitsuchi Michio Aikido master 10th. We turn the spotlight on the life of Aikido Master Michio Hikitsuchi, and how he promoted the art of Aikido. Aikido Success Blueprint offers key action steps for fast. Page française sur Hikitsuchi Michio Sensei 10e Dan. K likes. Michio HIKITSUCHI éleve du fondateur de l’AIKIDO Morihei Ueshiba.

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Let’s chat, one on one.

Interview with Michio Hikitsuchi Sensei, Aikido 10th Dan by Laurin Herr and Tim Detmer

Views Read Edit View history. Here we will michoi only basic information about the biography of MichioHikitsuchi, and we invite you to join us for a free lecture where you can hear more valuable information. Inhe followed Saotome Sensei to Sarasota, Florida.

Just wondering if these rough and tumble ways were the cause of friction?

Michio Hikitsuchi – Wikipedia

Watch this video on YouTube If you want to hear more about Sensei Hikitsuchi from other Aikido experts and maybe buy a michi about his life, come and join us in our dojo for an interesting lecture.

His teachings of the heart have had a deep impact on students in hikitshchi United States. If you are serious about reconciling it doesn’t come with insults, aspersions, preconditions or admonitions. This page was last edited on 19 Aprilat I had an instructor who sold a MLM product I joined up where not only was there no evidence of the claims of it’s distributor’s, the product wasn’t even what it claimed to be.

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Michio Hikitsuchi – Aikido Master

Himeji, Japan Join Date: I was under the impression that it was. Not a student of either of these masters – just curious. He died aged 80, in his homeland of Japan. Courtesy of the Aiki News encyclopedia: The dojo was founded by Ueshiba in Find More Posts by erikmenzel.

User Name Remember Me? Terry continued to teach Aikido as a visiting sensei until his death on August 2, Some of us, are particularly challenging, but perhaps there are reasons for that as well.

He began as an hikitschi to O’Sensei in and continued for 15 years until the founder’s death in April of He is the Founder of the Bridge Seminars in which he unites teachers and students of diverse martial backgrounds to share exploration and study. He had to wait until the age of fourteen to see the path life will throw at him.

Michio Hikitsuchi

He was one of the greatest names in the world of Aikido, one of the most important experts in this noble martial art. It may be of benefit to other people too! As his abilities and expertise grew, so did his fame around the world. He began Aikido training in and was promoted to 8th Dan in During a visit to Tokyo, Dobson witnessed a demonstration of what was then a little-known martial art on an American military hijitsuchi in Yokohama.


After years of separation during the war, they came upon each other again mihcio the city of Tanabe and renewed their acquaintance. When he was fourteen years old, he met Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei for the first time.

Including Aikido Success Blueprint offers key action steps for great results!

At nine years old he began kendo and later kenjutsu, jujutsu, bojutsu and karate. I understood this was verbal and private.

InDobson Sensei came to Seattle michlo teach a series of workshops. Sigh, apparently you didn’t get what I was trying to get across to you in my post.

Originally posted by ca Yes, what Kenn said, most definately. His talent quickly showed, and he soon transitioned to other martial arts, including bojutsu, karate, and jujutsu. What’s more, one of his students is Gerard Blaize, 7th dan Aikikai, the first non japanese to receive that grade.

It’s usually the non-scientific processes that don’t operate under this criteria. Sensei is a generous and kind teacher. Thanks for the information. An internationally known and respected teacher, Doran Sensei is a frequent guest instructor at training seminars throughout the United States and abroad.