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Hempadur Primer – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Hempadur Primer Find out all of the information about the Hempel product: pleasure boat primer / multi-use / two-component / epoxy Hempadur Contact a supplier or the. Penguard Primer. A two-pack epoxy primer certified not to spread surface flame. It should be used as a first coat on aluminium and galvanised steel to ensure.

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We utilize cookies in order to optimize the website. By navigating further in the site or closing this window, you accept our cookie policy. Hempadur Primer A two-component epoxy primer or mid-coat containing zinc phosphate as corrosion inhibiting pigment. It cures to a strong and rustpreventing coating. Hempadur is a two-component epoxy primer coating especially for use on surfaces exposed to severe abrasion. Hempadur Quattro is a two-component universal epoxy paint, which cures to a hard and tough coating with good resistance to abrasion, seawater and various oils.


Hempadur Quattro XO A PSPC qualified, two-component, pure epoxy universal primer with extended overcoat interval, excellent abrasion resistant and anticorrosive properties.

ImprimaciĆ³n epoxi Hempadur Primer 15300

Hempasil Nexus X-Tend is a high solid one component silicone based tiecoat for repair and touch-up areas of existing fouling release systems. Hempasil Nexus X-Seal is a flexible three component silicone based product.

Hempadur Multi-Strength is intended for use in warm climates. Hempadur Multi-Strength is intended for use in hem;adur climates.

Hempadur Anti-corrosive two-component, modified polyamide adduct cured epoxy used as a tie-coat between epoxy and physically drying coatings. Hempel’s Antifouling Basic A high solids selfpolishing antifouling based on acrylic binders.

Hempel’s Antifouling Globic A premium antifouling coating for up to 90 months in aggressive waters. Hempel’s Antifouling Globic S S is a premium high solids chemically hydrolysing antifouling based on Nano Acrylate Technology. Hempaguard X5 is a cost effective fouling defence coating for docking intervals of 36 months.

Hempadur Primer by Hempel is comparable to Penguard Primer – SML Protective Coatings

The combination of low friction and effective biocide makes it suitable for any trading pattern as well as extended idle time for the vertical sides and flat bottom of most ship types. Hempaguard X7 is a cost effective fouling defence coating for docking intervals of 90 months.

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