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The revlsed draft sOR (a) p.. dlrchart. which is used as a source of drinkin8 water.e wBt€r whlch m.. slnce the SOR5 () for AsP/Modlfled ASP has. GoMP had constituted a Committee to finalize SOR vide no. /13/ reviewthe SOR by Works/W&P Section of all three g of . subject work for KLTPS as per R & B / GWSSB S.O.R. or based on budgetary offer. Number: , Tender Number: KLTPS/, Tender Prod.

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List of census wards area and population as per censusand census for the SMC area Schemes for the Dindoli Drainage Zones Table Raw and Treated Sewage Characteristics Table Project Implementation Planning Table Cost Estimates Table Details of the Sources of the Fund Table Location of Surat City Layout Plan showing various units for the sewage treatment plant at Dindoli Figure 5: Gujarat Water Supply and Sewerage Board lpcd: No Objection Certificate NP3: Operation and Maintenance RCC: Sewage Pumping Station SS: At present, only sq.

The population covered under this DPR for the ultimate design year and intermediate year will be Lacs and Lacs respectively. However, considering the pumping station and rising main augmentation work going on at present, it is forecasted that more than MLD sewage will reach the STP.

Moreover, the revised and more stringent standards as per GPCB, require removal of nutrients, such as Nitrogen and Phosphorus, for compliance as well. Further, as per development within the project area and as per population forecast, the STP would be receiving more than MLD. Hence, considering design period of 15 years, the augmentation up to MLD is required. However, the available land at Dindoli is about 20 hectares and hence, considering the future sewage generation of MLD, the present land alone would be insufficient.

Hence, part of the Page VII. Construction of Sewage Treatment Plant with Disposal line will be carried out by the qualified contracting agencies by inviting the open tenders. This will result in the protection of the environment of the surrounding area.

So, SMC owe the land for the execution purposes. The supervision and third party inspection contract for quality assurance shall be awarded on sanctioning of the respective packages under this DPR. The SMC will be implementing agency. SMC has already appointed the consultant for design and detail engineering; who will also carry out survey and soil investigation. Project feasibility study II. Upto April Invitation spr Tender: April Fixing agency: June Execution of various packages covered under this DPR 2041-15 required Schedule for shifting utilities: Not required Project Infrastructure Component-wise implementation: The benefits from Social, economic and environmental point of view, due to implementation of this project are discussed in detail in the DPR.

The benefits in qualitative terms are presented below. More than and Lacs for the year and Service Quality The State of the Art is adopted for collection, conveyance, treatment and disposal system, will prevent the health hazards.

Environmental Improvement The project will prevent the ground and surface water pollution, including elimination of sewage disposal into Bhedwad Creek. Cost Saving State of the art technology for the treatment will reduce the pollution load in the river, will reduce the water treatment cost.

Improved Quality of Life Improvement of community health will reduce medical expenditure. It will save time.


It will increase income, and in turn, economic and social status of the family, as a 20114-15, it will improve quality of life A list of Negative externalities from social perspective All the projects have its merits and demerits. Similarly, there could be certain negative externalities adverse impacts due to implementation of this project; but their effect can be taken care off to the level achievable by adopting some countermeasures at proper time.


Negative Externalities Pollution, environmental distortion Reduced green cover Disruption in livelihood Displacement of inhabitant Possible haphazard development around project site Possible Countermeasures The efficient working of sewerage and sewage treatment system by vigilant operation and maintenance. It will prevent the untreated sewage flow in to the open ground or even in the river.

On the contrary, the treated effluent shall be used to improve the land fertility. The treated effluent shall be used to grow the green vegetation, lawns, gardens etc. ssor

The care shall have to be taken for the people living or working near by the project area shall have minimum disturbances, noise and dust trouble etc. As SMC has prepared the town planning dor, the onward developments shall be as per the development control regulations. It is also well connected by National Highway No.

The city is located on the Xor Tapi and the Arabian Sea is to its west at a distance of about 22 kilometres along the Tapi and about 16 kilometres by 2014-1. The location map of Surat city in Gujarat and India is shown in Figure 1.

The city lies at a bend of the River Tapi, where its course swerves suddenly from the north-east to south-west. With the walled city at its centre, the city forms an arc of a circle, the bends enclosed by its walls stretching for about a mile and a quarter along the bank. From the right bank of the river, the ground rises slightly towards the north, but the height above 20114-15 sea level is only 13 meter.

Gwsxb topography is controlled by the river and the general slope is from north-east to south-west. The summers are quite hot with temperatures ranging from C to C. The climate is pleasant during the monsoon while autumn is temperate. The winters are not very cold but the temperatures in January range from 10 C to The average annual rainfall of the city has been mm, which is spread of 3 to 4 months.

The city of Surat has glorious history that dates back to BC.

Gujarat Water Supply and Sewerage Board

The origin of the city can be traced to the old Hindu town of Suryapur, during A. InThe British wgssb took its control from the Mughals till the beginning of the 20th century.

Surat became the most important trade link between India and many other countries and was at the height of prosperity till the rise of Bombay port in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Surat was also a flourishing centre for ship building activities. The whole coast of Tapi from Athwalines to Dumas was specially meant for ship builders who were usually Rassis. After the rise of the port at Bombay, Surat faced a severe blow and its ship building industry also declined.

SOR | Subjects | Gujarat Water Supply and Sewerage Board

During the post-independence period, Page 1. Concentration of these activities combined with residential developments has resulted in considerable expansion of the city limits. Another important addition since the ‘s is the diamond cutting and polishing industry. In the last two decades, especially during the eighties largescale soe have come up in Surat and its peripheries. Ggwssb increased the importance of Surat in the regional context, along with Vadodara and Ahmedabad, specifically due to its location at the core of what is called the “Golden Corridor” of industrial development.


The southern part of the city houses the industrial complexes of Gujarat Industrial Osr Corporation at Sachin and Diamond Nagar. Besides industrial potential, the city has fertile agricultural land irrigated by an intensive canal network.

The combined effect of all these on the economic activities in the city and its outskirts have Page 2. The first election was held in the year At present, there are 34 election wards in the city area.

The City has about km of road network and is administratively divided into 7 zones. In order to regulate the growth of the City and achieve planned development, the state government has constituted an Urban Development Authority SUDA as per the provisions laid down in Gujarat Town Planning and Gwsdb Development Act SUDA has published its revised development plan in year SMC implements the proposals of the development plan and also makes micro level planning.

The present study conceives to have proposals for the areas recently merged in the Corporation limits. The present population of the City as per census is around 45 Lac. Review of the existing sewage treatment plant, Biogas Based Power Plant and disposal line. Review of current and future sewage generation and requirement of sewage treatment phase wise.

Soil Investigations, as required. Land requirement assessment and justification report of the requirements. Inlet sewage flow assessment Basic process design and drawing Preliminary report for various process evaluation. Preparation of detail design including hydraulic, civil and electro-mechanical design as required and Block Estimates for the project. Preparation of line diagrams for the various components of the projects. Preparation of detail project report DPR Preparation of 0214-15 Tender Papers Proof checking of all drawings as submitted by the contractor Occasional site visits with a view to guide and interpretation of drawings.

For convenience in reading and understanding, the report is sot in following main chapters. It comprises of total wards, as shown in Table The city area of SMC is divided into 12 different sewerage zones, according to its topographical features; vide its natural boundaries such as rivers, creeks, railway tracks.

The populations in the city as per censusand are provided in Table The different sewerage zones are as shown in Error! Reference source not found.

List of census wards area and population as per censusand census for the SMC area No.

Key Values

Name of Ward Area in Sq. The census population of entire Surat city, for the total area of sq. The proposed area under this report, being the fringe areas of SMC limits, the same have been developed in unplanned manner so far. As a part of SMC limits, town planning schemes are being prepared and under implementation. However, till date, these areas were not so developed and the population was restricted to certain limits only, in absence of basic infrastructure facilities in the area.

As the development as well as population in these areas of SMC was limited to certain extent only, in comparison of other part of Surat city.