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Have you ever wondered how the mind works? In , Anthony F. Gregorc, Ph. D., founded a theory to explain the ways a human brain processes information. The Gregorc Style Delineator is a self-scoring written instrument that elicits responses. Retrieved from: Four Learning Style Types Based on Anthony Gregorc’s Model (Please note that this.

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Honey Mumford Learning Style. Kolb Learning Style Model.

This quality allows you to visualize, to conceive ideas, to understand or believe that which you cannot actually see. The table above is from http: Reio and Wiswell report on their own independent study leaening on those done earlier by O’Brien and Joniak and Isakson Perceptual and Motor Skills, 83 3 Being forced to work with those greyorc differing views Too little time to deal with a subject thoroughly Repeating the same tasks over and over Lots of specific rules and regulations “sentimental” thinking Expressing their emotions Being diplomatic when convincing others Not monopolizing a conversation.

The questions were gathered from graduate and advanced seminar students, workshop and presentation participants, clients, and from individuals who telephoned, wrote letters and sent e-mails. Once you have acquired the information, you then process it mentally. Gregorc provides insightful and realistic answers to selected questions on the FAQs on Style page of this learnibg.

Personality Test

Mind Styles – Anthony Gregorc. The quadrants are the four combinations of perceptual qualities and ordering abilities based on dominance. I have learinng force myself to give directions in a detailed, structured and sequential order.


When you are using your concrete ability, you are registering information through your five senses. No one is a “pure” style.

Anthony Gregorc Learning Styles

When we deviate from our true nature, mental and physical discomforts and crises occur as warning signs and opportunities for us to restore balance in our lives. Promote depth-awareness of people, places and things.

I would rather read about: This learning style is most compatible with the cognitive expository teaching style. With the exception of Joniak and Isakson and O’Brienthe only other psychometric analysis of the GSD has been limited to Gregorc’s initial assessments made during the instrument’s early development in which Gregorc interviewed several hundred participants.

What’s hard for them? The Gregorc Mind Styles Model depicts two continuums for how individuals prefer to perceive and order new information. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Mind Styles – Anthony Gregorc

When you are using your random ability, you may often be able to skip steps in a procedure and still produce the desired result. Each of us is endowed with Free Leqrning which continually prompts us to choose between harmony and disharmony in our lives. Our mental qualities cause us to be attracted to specific people, places, and things that are appropriate for us. When we live in harmony with our endowments and environments, we live an authentic life style with a sense of rightness and fulfillment.


When you are using your random ability, you may often be able to skip steps in a procedure and still produce the desired result. You are dealing with the obvious.

Construct validity concerns whether evidence can show that what the instrument is measuring is at all what the offered theory claims it is whether each construct in the model “adequately represents what stles intended by theoretical account of the construct being measured” [12]. When you are using your concrete ability, you are dealing with the obvious, the “here and now. Check your personal thinking style.

Although all people have both concrete and abstract perceptual abilities to some extent, each person is usually comfortable using one more than the other.

Personality Test

Search Topics Search for: Both sources offer information for increasing understanding of the breadth and depth of his work. Among the hundreds of schools, businesses and organizations we serve are: He was an associate professor of education administration at the University of Illinois at Lfarning and associate professor of curriculum and instruction at the University of Connecticut.

Left-brain and Right-brain Preferences. I learn best through a: Gregorc obtained a B. The person whose natural strength is the abstract may use more subtle ways gregotc get a point across.