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del psicoterrorista Gene Sharp) con movilizaciones y revueltas mas o menos sangrientas, como son las de Ucrania (golpe suave-parlamentario sangriento). Golpe Suave – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Técnica del Golpe Suave de Gene Sharp. Copyright: © All Rights . parte de un “golpe suave” que, asegura, se basa en el método de la “no violencia” promovido por Gene Sharp, desarrollado en cinco etapas.

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A man, his face yolpe covered, hits the police officers with a wooden stick. The people around him look horrified. No one encourages him. The government and the president himself have wanted to make others believe that this image represents the spirit of the Quito demonstrators.

It is a political blunder. Correa plays within a tragic circle: Does the president understand that his attitude is an open provocation?

Does he understand that it is his duty to deactivate processes that can lead to violence instead of encouraging them? It is the tragic point reached by Venezuela. Does the president want to set up the country in that dynamic? Unless that is the strategy, it is hard to understand how he intends to rule untilclaiming that even the Pope is happy with what his government does and that those who are dissatisfied are just a handful, manipulated by the followers of Gene Sharp.

Lasso, Nebot, Rodas… have also said he must complete his mandate. But does Correa expect the country to be saddled with the costs of his deafness? It is unbelievable that the president should consider himself so perfect and wise that he would rule out amending policies and attitudes. It is inconceivable that he should be ready to place the country in a situation of dangerous confrontation when it depends on him alone that it resorts to politics and not violence.

It is absurd that he should continue to repeat, as if common sense had disappeared entirely from his environment, that only those two laws he continues to evoke ad nauseam inspire the anger expressed on the streets.

It is that brazen cynicism that he confuses with moral superiority. It is that catechism that repeats that he and his government are perfect, know-all, pure… so honest. It is the same old story that has made us weary over eight years. That he should make amends no longer depends on proving to him that he is wrong or that he has wanted to transform reality into a fiction upheld by rigged numbers and secret contracts.

Making amends, a moment of political lucidity would show him, is his obligation. Ecuador is not a violent country and no deaf government will get the military to repress the civilian population in order to defend it. Is it a crime to oppose certain laws and how the president rules?

Does he believe, then, that he can do with the country whatever he pleases?

Rafael Correa: the theory of destabilization

Gwne asking for amendments, and even asking that he should leave office if he does not want to implement them, make one a conspirator?


Ecuador has returned, without ever bolpe been there before, to the worst monarchic absolutism. Now the soft coup theory has strongly emerged. And during his Saturday broadcast the president already cited the name of Gene Sharp. Another political blunder that can be verified simply by searching in YouTube for interviews and documents referring to this American citizen, born inone of the great contemporary minds behind civil disobedience.

But Sharp is the complete opposite: His non-violent methods used in mobilizations worldwide Syria, Egypt, China, Serbia … would have no effect in a democracy. In Ecuador he does not seem to be well known.

The soft coup is simply the organized, democratic, ethical, nonviolent demand for civil rights. The suabe coup is the dignified, mature, unswerving and public expression of forcing power to understand it has limits and must serve the people, not the other way round.

The soft coup is the return to normal life. Without fear or intelligence groups turned into Big Brother. It is the recognition of eventful life without spiritual directors or tribunals of sharrp Inquisition. It is administrative transparency so that pure and well-intentioned people cannot plunder the country with amazing impunity. The soft coup is simply the citizenship saying No to a power that believes it owns the country, its citizens, their property, their values, their beliefs, their destiny….

The soft coup about which the president speaks is nonviolence shharp takes into account that power can always be more aggressive, more extreme, a murderer. And to include a Yes in that No: This is why those masked men who brazenly and cowardly hide among peaceful protesters to hit and injure police officers must be taken out of the demonstrations. Instructions for a soft coup By Roberto Aguilar. The soft coup is a bag in which anything fits.

An opinion, a complaint, a meeting, an exchange of messages, a demonstration, any kind of protest, the demand suaev a right… All these actions that ggene to be seen as part of the legitimate exercise of politics and citizenship are now under suspicion.

What does this strategy consist of? At times one is tempted to think that its texts have emanated from that conceptual brick factory known as Forum of the Commons, so pretentious and unsubstantial are some of their lines. What the hell does that mean?

And yet, the Commons are not the perpetrators of this monstrosity. It is even worse: It should have kept just one: Because what the shrp shows as examples of a coup are just opinions. Shaarp which can be inferred that in order to avoid being called coup-mongers, those affiliated to the social security should not complain about anything or the media should not report their complaints. Opinions and protest, according to this shwrp, acquire the category of crimes against State security.

The same propaganda machine that resignified the word dictatorship, so that it sounds nice did the same with the words freedom and human rights, so that they sound ugly. At the end of this process of resignifying euave is easy to classify as conspirators and coup-mongers those who demand press freedom and human rights. Can one conceive a more conspiratorial attitude than that of this Twitter user? The fourth stage, destabilization, is the stage in which, confusedly, we are golps.


The focus of destabilization seems to consist on spreading rumors. The fact is that the government has failed to show how and through whom they are linked to the alleged plot to destabilize the country that he sharpp they are a part of. They have Web pages, social networks, media. With so many details, it seems clear that the president, although he does not say so, knows who they are.

He has, nobody can deny this, enough espionage networks to identify and infiltrate them. What is he waiting for to detain them?

Tranques y gatilleros intelectuales | Blog | teleSUR

For less, much less than that in fact, for nothing that could be provenall the gorillas that could be found were sent against the ten Luluncoto boys, who were imprisoned, accused of terrorism, publicly exposed, their lives ruined.

The conspirators behind a soft coup are much more dangerous.

Their actions configure a series of serious crimes against State security. There is only one possible answer: And the crudest part of all this production is the use of Gene Sharp as alleged theorist of the strategy. It is obvious they have not read his work.

And the key word in his approach is not coup, but resistance. It is accepting it is a government that offers no democratic solution to political and social conflicts, that does not recognize other forms of expression except for its own and that it persecutes all dissidence. It is for governments of this kind that Sharp designed his resistance strategies, not for democracies where conflicts are processed through institutional channels. Civil disobedience and pacifism. The network is full of testimonies about this.

It is one or the other. Finally, it is hard to imagine where those damned five stages that Secom explains so awkwardly and in detail came from: In short, Gene Sharp does not have a shoe on his head.

Jefe militar venezolano: No temo por las acusaciones de violaciones de DD.HH.

It is necessary to read From dictatorship syave democracya resistance guidebook that perhaps very few in this country had ever heard about, but that President Rafael Correa, who has not read it either, saw fit to introduce to us. It is a book that will sjarp us many things. The first thing we will learn genf it is to distinguish the delusional and obtuse farce of the nonexistent soft coup as just a coarse propaganda strategy.

In the face of all that, says Gene Sharp, there is only one possible way: Trending The criminal route of Ecuadorian gold Representatives of civil society present alternative reports on human rights in Ecuador Media massacre: By Ecuador Review on July 21, Analysis. Ecuador Protest Rafael Correa soft coup. Previous Article Fundamedios demands action from authorities in the face of attack against journalist.

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