Gocycle GS – Owner’s Manual (EN) – English. Tom. 4 months ago; Updated. Follow. Download the latest Gocycle GS Owner’s Manual. Gocycle GS Owners. Technical Bulletins, Owner’s Manuals and Documentation. GreenMiles is your Official Gocycle Partner for the Benelux. To meet the growing demand for mobility in and between urban areas, GreenMiles is convinced that.

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Gocycle G3 is a bicycle of a new generation, a clear example of how perfectly ergonomics, cutting-edge design manua all the most revolutionary in the world of the latest technologies can be combined.

Today, technologies do not yet provide an opportunity to achieve high results in the effective resolution of this issue.

There are companies that claim this function, but this leads to a gocylce in the price of goods, complicates the construction of the bicycle and increases its weight. But the company is working to ensure that this function is available to our customers in the near future.

The warranty for the battery is 12 months, but its service life also depends on the conditions of use of the bicycle, and on how it is operated and how it is maintained. Like all products with battery, Gocycle electric bicycles experience certain temporary functional changes when the temperature falls. Such changes are temporary. It is recommended to charge the Gocycle immediately after the trip.


As soon as the battery is fully charged – disconnect it from the mains.

Gocycle User Manual & FAQ – Service & Repair Manuals

Do not leave the Gocycle on charge for more than 24 hours. No, it’s not necessary.

Like all lithium-ion batteries, you can recharge it to full charge. However, it is not necessary to apply the whole charge every time. It is recommended that the battery is completely discharged accidentally.

The total battery, on the average, is sufficient for 64 km, but this distance depends on the weight of the bicyclist, the type of terrain, the air pressure in the tires and several other factors. It is considered normal to slightly heat the battery when traveling. Before charging the battery, allow it to cool completely. The battery level is displayed on the built-in bike dashboard display. What is the battery life?

Where can I buy a new battery? How does cold weather affect battery performance? How long and how often do I charge the battery? Do I need to fully recharge the battery before charging?


Gocycle G3 Owner’s Manual

How long does a fully charged battery last? Where is the battery located? The battery is hidden inside the frame. Do I need to remove the battery from the frame for charging. No, you do not need to do this.

Gocycle User Manual & FAQ

Will the battery warm up? How do I find out how much charge is left in the battery? This indicator is available on the built-in bicycle display. How do I know if the battery is fully charged?

How much does a full Gocycle charge?

The charge value corresponds to W equal to burning a light bulb 2.