PDF | A geodynamic map of Costa Rica has been compilated from different sources. The map includes Pilo-Pleistocene to Recen volcanic centers, magnitud Mb. is a place to share and follow research. : Geodinamica interna () by Fernando Aparicio Martinez and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books.

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Esta capa se divide en dos tipos: Las tensiones del magma de la astenosfera, tienen efectos muy visibles en los de las placas.

El aparato que se utiliza goedinamica detectar los terremotos se denomina. To remain compliant with EU laws we would like to inform that this site uses cookies. Read our privacy policy OK, got it. We have detected that Javascript is not enabled in your browser.

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Martínez Granado, Pablo

Question 1 of 21 1. Select one of the following: Question geosinamica of 21 1. Question 3 of 21 1. Coloca en cada punto, el nombre de la capa correcto. Drag an answer into the correct orange point. Question 4 of 21 1. Elige las cuatro afirmaciones que sean correctas sobre las capas de la tierra: Select one or more of the following: Question 5 of 21 1.

Question 6 of 21 1. Question 7 of 21 1. Select from the dropdown lists to complete the text.

Question 8 of 21 1. Drag and drop to complete the text. Question 9 of 21 1. Click on the orange point and select the correct answer. Question 10 of 21 1. Question 11 of 21 1.

Universidad de Burgos | Geodinamica Interna –

Question 12 of 21 1. Question 13 of 21 1. Question 14 of 21 1. Click on each orange point and select the correct answer. Question 15 of 21 1.


Geodinámica interna: magmatismo y metamorfismo by Cristina Sanz on Prezi

geodonamica Fill the blank space to complete the text. Question 16 of 21 1. Question 17 of 21 1. Question 18 of 21 1. Question 19 of 21 1.

Coloca los nombres de las partes de un terremoto. Question 20 of 21 1. Question 21 of 21 1. To go back and change any of your answers, use the progress bar above or jump back to the previous question.

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