Progestágenos 03 .. Progestágenos 2 2 4). A partir Levonorgestrel: pertenece a la segunda generación d e gestágenos Implantes. con estrógenos y progestágenos humanos y veterinarios en perros Vaginitis . que han utilizado generaciones de veterinarios clínicos y de estudiantes de. Pertenece al grupo de los progestágenos (hormonas sexuales femeninas). Estas hormonas son responsables de preparar la pared del útero.

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Control system of liquid effluents generated in treatment with I – ; Sistema de control de efluentes liquidos generados en el tratamiento con I – In recent years, nuclear medicine has developed greatly in our country and around the world.

Techniques progeetagenos both medical diagnosis and therapy have increased the use of radiopharmaceuticals, notably the I – In Mexico there are around nuclear medicine establishments authorized by the Comision Nacional de Seguridad Nuclear y Salvaguardias.

Most of these establishments do not have an appropriate facility for the treatment of radioactive liquid effluents, to ensure compliance with the concentration limits established in the regulations. This system ensures an effective compliance with regulations and also better management and control of these radioactive effluents.

Progsetagenos and design of SACEL were made with respect to I -because is one of the most commonly used in radiotherapy and medical diagnostics, besides its half-life is greater in relation to other radionuclides.

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SACEL is comprised of four storage tanks and decay and a fifth tank for measuring the concentration of I – and later discharge to the drain; these tanks are connected to an automated system that controls the effluents passage. The calculation to determine the volume of the tanks was carried out according to the demand that has the hospital, to the maximum activity being poured in effluents and time required to decay.

In this paper the design and installation of SACEL system, in addition to functioning as a facility that enables the Hospital meet the required standards is presented.

Dose calculations performed with MCNPX and the methodology used in the calibration of the detection system is also presented. Evaluation of detectors for blood bioanalysis in Lu and I – therapies for bone marrow dosimetry; Avaliacao de detectores para bioanalise de sangue em terapias com Lu and I – para dosimetria de medula ossea. The measures traceability is mandatory for minimizing uncertainties in internal dosimetry for radiopharmaceuticals clinical studies and ensures the quality of the standard.

Equipment should have resolution and efficiency compatible with radionuclides energies and, additionally, be able to quantify variations in human bodies’ activities samples since the initial administration near the minimum residual activities. For testing three equipment ionization chamber Capintec 25R, sodium iodine scintillator LTI Genesys Gamma-1 and high hyperpure germanium detector Canberrathey were prepared Lu and I – radiation sources simulating patient’s blood samples activities by adopting the following hypothesis: The standard sources were measured in the secondary standard ionization chamber Centronics IG11 at the Laboratorio Nacional de Metrologia das Radiacoes Ionizantes.

The Capintec ionization chamber efficiencies ranged, respectively for I – and Lu, between For the NaI detector, when the Lu sources were positioned inside the detector the efficiencies ranged between For I – sources positioned inside the detector, the efficiencies ranged between Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

terapia con i Topics by

Full Text Available Fifteen euthyroid patients generacionnes women and 1man with solitary autonomously functioning non-toxic thyroid nodules AFTN were treated with high doses of I mean Diagnosis generacioens made by I thyroid scan and triiodothyronine suppression test. The size of the nodule was determined by thyroid ecography both before and after treatment. Evaluation of thyroid function was performed clinically and by T3 T4 and TSH determinations before therapy and during follow.


AII patients had complete suppression of the surrounding thyroid parenchyma. Two cases of hypothyroidism were found genreaciones the first two years of follow-up. We have no explanation for this fact since extranodular thyroid tissue was suppressed and gdneraciones patients were receiving oral triiodothyronine during radioidine treatment.

If complete disappearance of the nodule is considered desirable surgical removal must be performed. Tratamiento de la Enfermedad de Graves con I Full Text Available Objetivo: Se incluyeron 13 pacientes: Rev Med Hered ; Terapia regenerativa con plasma rico en plaquetas en pacientes con quemaduras.

La muestra fue dividida en 2 grupos de 30 integrantes cada uno: Internal dosimetry for the radiological protection of the patient in the therapy with I – ; Dosimetria interna para la proteccion radiologica del paciente en la terapia con I – In the patients with differentiated thyroid cancer CADIT subjected to therapy with radiopharmaceuticals should be considered the possible risk of sharp depression of the bone marrow like progestaggenos of the intolerance to the quantity of administered activity.

The manifestation of the myelotoxicity can limit in a substantial way the future treatments and to deteriorate the predict of resolution of the illness. In this work it shows the physical-mathematical mark of a methodology for the estimated absorbed dose in bone marrow based in the MIRD scheme whose objective is to protect the one patient of the noxious and undesirable effects of the internal radiotherapy in organs that are not target of the same one.

The formalism incorporates specific information of the patient and also peculiar characteristics of the internal therapy in patient with CADIT. The considerations are the following ones: It is explained for that it was selected the formalism that is presented, the principles on which it is sustained which are their reaches and their limitations.

They are also presented future innovations that can be implemented to effects of improving the estimates.

The work is framed inside the thematic of the medical applications of open radioactive sources and it constitutes a contribution to the invigoration of the internal therapy with radiopharmaceuticals. This is due to that the methodology of dose estimation presented supplements with a theoretical biophysics base the protocols of empiric prescription broadly used in this practice.

For these reasons, the dosimetric information obtained, adjusted to each concrete case, it contributes to improve the radiological protection of the patient. Primero estudiaremos el ictus, junto con sus causas, los tipos existentes y sus distintas secuelas.

Radioactive Iodine I – Therapy for Hyperthyroidism. When a small dose of radioactive iodine I – an isotope of iodine that emits Reporte de un caso. Software for dosimetry hypothyroid patients treated with I pick up and using probe gamma camera; Software para la dosimetria de pacientes hipertiroideos tratados con I utilizando sonda de captacion y gammacamara.

In this communication the process recently implemented in our hospital for pre and post treatment of patients treated with I – in benign diseases of the thyroid gland internal dosimetry is described. We have prrogestagenos a proprietary software that facilitates the process of pfogestagenos. Through scans Planar or pictures Spect be determines the mass of the gland thyroid. In function of the mass, is calculated by Monte Carlo the media power absorbed by disintegration of the I – in said gland endocrine.

Los resultados, aunque alentadores, se deben interpretar con cuidado. Existen factores que influyen en la generqciones al tratamiento relacionados con los pacientes, profesionales e instituciones. Recurrent thyrotoxicosis after I – induced hypothyroidism. The first clinically and biochemically documented case of recurrent thyrotoxicosis after I – induced hypothyroidism in a patient with Graves’ disease is reported.

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Two months after the administration of 9. One month later, the patient became euthyroid. Then, nine months following ablation, the patient again developed thyrotoxicosis. A second dose of I – of This case illustrates the recurrence of hypothyroidism after what had seemed to have been adequate I – genersciones. Full Text Available Fundamento: Las medianas de los tiempos de demora: Terapias asistidas con animales: I – and thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy. Radioiodine I – used to obtain euthyroidism in thyrotoxic patients is suspected of having a worsening or provoking effect on thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy TAOan autoimmune disease progetagenos related to Graves’ disease.

This review summarises the existing literature and describes risk factors influencing the course of TAO including thyroid function, cigarette smoking and treatment of Graves’ hyperthyroidism especially I – therapy. It is recommended that patients who may be at a greater risk of worsening ophthalmopathy are considered when choosing the modality of therapy of hyperthyroidism and also in deciding whether prophylactic systemic glucocorticoid treatment is generacipnes.

Completaron el estudio pacientes, de los que el Mediante este proyecto se p Terapia Familiar y Adicciones.

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Predominio de temas relacionados con la muerte y muertes prematuras, inesperadas y repentinas dentro de la familia. Y disparidad cultural padres-hijos.

De la terapia cognitiva conductual intensiva y de los parches de nicotina combinados con terapia cognitiva conductual intensiva y menos intensiva.

Las entrevistas fueron grabadas y transcritas textualmente. Radiation exposure in I – iodine therapy. In the past five years, the applied I – radioactivity quantity has doubled with a constant number of beds. Init was GBq 25 Ci. Despite this development, no changes in the professional radiation exposure were made out. The evaluation shows a dose smaller than 0. This value is below the traceability limit of the film badges.

The incorporation load of the personnel 27 members was determined by monthly body counter measurements. Only in one measurement thyroid gland activity of 5 kBq nCi was detected. Most measurements did not show any incorporation; and the few positive results were below 0.

The environmental load due to unfiltered release from patients’ rooms was determined at the fence of the nuclear research plant. The maximum was 0. The waste water is decayed following chemical treatment in storage tanks. Radiopharmaceutical potential of I – labelled diazepam.

In this study, diazepam is a derivative of the 1.

Labeling of diazepam has been performed by iodogen method and optimum labeling conditions have been determined. Optimum reaction conditions are 1 mg for iodogen amount; mg for diazepam amount, minutes for reaction time and room temperature for reaction temperature.

In vivo experiments have been carried out to determine radiopharmaceutical potentials of labeled compound. Biodistribution studies on rats showed that IDZ have accumulated progestabenos kidneys, liver, lungs and brain tissues.

Scintigraphic results taken with gamma camera on rabbits agree with biodistribution results of rats. Full Text Available Cuidar a un familiar mayor con demencia se asocia con consecuencias emocionales negativas para los cuidadores.

El objetivo de la TTC es modificar creencias y pensamientos disfuncionales relacionados con el cuidado y entrenar a los cuidadores en el aumento de la frecuencia de genetaciones gratificantes. Full Text Available Objetivos: