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Ideall world, sending forth nothing of the essence of the Idea, but created of nothing that which he had from eternity by the Idea: Also Saxo Grammaticus tells of greater things then these of the Pallace of Geruthus, and of the cave of Ugarthilocus: From the Cherubins, is light of mind, power of wisdom, very high phantasies and figures, by the which we are able to contemplate even the divine things; From the Seraphins, that by the perfect flame of love we may at length inhere in them: I have not been able to identify any such passage in any of the many voluminous works of De Abano that I have searched.

Hence they cure diseases by their touch and word and sometimes command the times and the Heavens, as Virgil sang of AugustusIt rains all night, i’th’ morn the raies [rays] return; Caesar with Jove divided hath the throne.

And the Scripture testifieth of Joshuahwho fighting in Gibeoncommanded the Sun and Moonsaying, Sun stand still in Gibeon and thou Moon in the Valley of Ajalon ; and the Sun and the Moon stood still at his command, neither did the Sun set in the space of one day, untill he had revenged himself of his Enemies, and the Lord obeyed the voyce of man; Also Moses divided the red Sea, and Joshua Jordanand led the people over dry shod; The like did Alexander the Macedonian, leading forth his Army; Sometimes also they are endowed with a prophetick spirit, as we read of Chaiaphas in the holy Scripture, that he prophesied, for that he was High Priest that year: Moreover we beleeve that many by the singular favour of God are together with their bodies received to glory, and that many went down alive to hell.

Chanaan, Phut, Selath, Nebroth, Abirion, Elath, Desuat, and there were put upon them pretious [precious] stones, engraven, and consecrated, one of which had a vertue to restore sight to the blind; neither could any fire burn these stones; and the books were consecrated with stones, which in like manner could not be burnt with fire, nor cut with yron [iron], nor obliterated with water, until the angel of the Lord took them, and buried them in the bottome of the sea.

But after that Tyresia the prophetess advising of her, she had tasted of the sacrifice, and had drunk the blood, she presently knew her son, and crying spake to him. The Minde therefore the supream [supreme] portion is never damned; but when its companions are to be punished, goeth away unhurt into its Originall: The middle is the reasonable spirit knitting and tying together both extreams [extremes], viz.

The spirit of Saturn is called Sabathiel: Of these apparitions there are divers examples; such was that which Pliny the Junior makes mention of concerning the house of Athenodorus the Philosopher of Tharsis in which there appeared with a sudden horrible noise the ghost of an old man.

Enrique Cornelio Agrippa (Author of Filosofía oculta, magia natural)

But they which have lived being too much allured by musick, not being depraved in other things, are born again musical animals; and they which have raigned [reigned] without reason, become Eagles, afrippa they have been tainted with any wickedness.

Amongst the Hebrews I finde more fashions of Characters, whereof one is most ancient, viz. For it is not a quantitative number, but removed from all corporeall Laws, whence it is not divided nor multiplyed by parts. On the Art of the Kabbalah Tr.


Filosofia Oculta/hidden Philosophy (Spanish, Paperback)

Have not I chosen twelve, and one of you is a divel? Here lies a great secret, and not rashly to be revealed. They having not repented of their crimes, Must now he punish’d for their mispent times.

Kapol or Samuel Capoland Abindan, “who are the three that have written the most.

Therefore we being well disposed, the celestial influences cooperate all things for good; but being evill disposed, and having for our sins, that divine good, which was in us, departed from us, all things work for evill: Behold all these things doth God work three times through each, that he might reduce their souls from corruption, and illuminate them with the light of the living.

Superstition also very much prevaileth in these, by the translating of some Sacramental rites to that which we Intend to bind or hinder, as, of Excommunication, burial or exequies for the driving away of diseases, Serpents, Mice or Wormes, which thing we read to have bin thus done in divers places, and it is wont to be done even as yet.


Hence that of Proclus, As the Lion fears a cock, especially a white cock: We finde also in sacred writ that many names of evil Demons had their rise from most wicked men, or from the habitations of wicked men; as the name Astaroth which is the name of an evill Demon, was formerly the name of the City of Oculra King of Basanin which dwelt giants; in like manner Astaroth was formerly the City of the Amorrhei; Raphaim a valley, and Ieramiel the country of the Allophyli ; and also they were the names of Idols, and evill Demons; as Remma was the statue of the Idol of Damascus; Chamos the Idol of Moab; Melchim the Idol of the Amontae; Bel the Idol of Babylonians; Adramelech the Idol of the Assirians [Assyrians]; Dagon the Idol of the Allophyli.

Also Peter the Apostle saith to Clemens a king him of these things, thou dost constrain mee O Clemens to publish something conceming things unutterable: Therefore man only rejoyceth [rejoices] in this honor, that he hath similitude with all, operation with all, and conversation with all: There is also in the same country fiilosofia the Southern corner thereof a Promontory called Nadhegrin, where the Demons of the place are seen by all, in an aeriall body.

And Divine Plato in his third book de Republica appointed that princes both alive and dead should be filosofiaa with divine honors, which Institution hath ben received amongst all Nations, even from filosofix first age, viz. These without doubt Homer seemed to be sensible of, when in the eleventh book of his Odyssey he brings in the mother of Ulysses being dead, standing near to him offering sacrifice, but neither knowing him or speaking to him, whilst he with his sword drawn did keep off ghosts from the blood of the sacrifice.

Of the bonds of spirits, and of their adjurations, and castings out. And did show the figures of the images what they should be; and that he perceived these things concerning the Oracle of Proserpina. But if it hath done ill, the spirit judgeth it, and leaves it to the pleasure of the divel [Devil], and the sad soul wanders about Hell without a spirit, like an image, as Dido complaines in Virgil; And now the great image of mee shall go Under the earth Wherefore then this soul being voyde [void] of an intelligible essence, and being left to the power of a furious phantasy, is ever subjected by the torment of corporeall qualities, knowing that it is by the just judgement of God, for ever deprived of the divine vision to which it was created for its sins: Therefore all our speech, words, spirit and voice have no power in Magick, unless they be formed by the divine agripa Neither do I think it fit to pass by what many of our age think concerning the receptacles of souls, not much differing from these which we have now spoken of: Then Fiilosofia darteth down anguish, tediousnes, melancholy, madnes, sadnes, obstinacy, rigidnes, blasphemy, desperation, lying, Apparitions, affrightments, walkings of the dead, stirrings of Divels [devils]: Now man was created of the dust of the earth, whence also that Demon is called the Lord of flesh, and blood, whilest the body is not expiated and sanctified with due solemnities.


All which we conceive happens to them after death no otherwise then in this life to those who are taken with a phrensie, and some other melancholy distemper, or to those who are affighted with horrible things seen in dreams, and are thereby tormented, as if those things oculha really happen to them, which truely are not reall, but only species of them apprehended in imagination: Also Pliny, Solinus, Pythias, Clearchus, of the wonderfull prodigies of the Northern sea, of which Tacitus also in his history of Drusus shewes that in the German sea there wandred souldiers [wandered soldiers] by whom divers miraculous unheard of things were seen, viz.

The Platonists say, that the souls, especially of filpsofia that are slain, stir up enemies, mans indignation not so much doing of it, as the divine Nemesis and Demon foreseeing, and permitting of it.

La Filosofía oculta: tratado de magia y ocultismo

His companions did as he advised, and the Phantasme presently with a noise vanished away like a shadow: They therefore who have filoosfia out the vertues and divers dispositions of the soul, do judge, that they obtain diverse natures, by reason of the diversity of means, by the which they have a passage to us, and that these souls are not joyned with the bodies themselves unless they be proportioned by these Stars; So in a body brought to a temperament by Jupiter, they think that the soul infused is temperated by the power and intelligence of Jupiter, and so of the rest According to which disposition if the soul work well in this body, when its purged and expiated, it returneth to argippa divine power and Mansion from whence it descended.

The second bond is taken from the Celestial world, viz: Then frankincense, myrrh, storax mix’t with blood Of mice, then sing thou words secret and good; As thou seest shapes of mine, so on it lay, As many reall mice; then take the bay, And out of th’ trunk thereof a case prepare To put it in; then see thou have a care, That fi,osofia the Statue thou devoutly pray, Also thy debts, and vows take care thou pay; If that these things that here required be, Thou shalt perform, in dreams thou shalt me see.

It hath also some Command, especially upon the ocylta spirits, and those who are of the lowest orders. There are in him the vegetative agrppa of Plants, the senses of animals, of celestial spirits, the Angelical reason, and the Divine understanding, and the true conjunction, and divine possession of all these things flowing together into one. What Divine gifts man receiveth from above, from the oculat Orders of the Intelligences and the heavens.

Martin and Sarah Goodman.