Political rivalry: Ezhavas for 30% Kerala population and Nairs, about 10–15%! Nairs have fared better than . A brief history on rise of Ezhava assertiveness. Ezhava (or Elava in Tamil rich old Malayalam) literally means people from Elam or Elanka or just Lanka, todays Sri Lanka. Ezhavas were. The group shares a common history from the pre-social reform era, [citation needed] Most theories of origin for the Ezhavas suggest a Sri.

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Some were also involved in texile manufacturing, liquor business and toddy tapping. The word Ilavar is derived from Villavar ezava means archers who were a warrior caste among the Dravidians who ruled most of India. According to historian C. However, he also says that it is very unlikely that the Ezhavas came from Sri Lanka and spread all over Kerala; instead they were the mainstream of Munda-Dravidian immigrants who left Tamil Nadu in the fifth, sixth, and seventh centuries to avoid persecution at the hands of their political enemies.


Origin of Ezhavas and their Dravidian link | Sulekha Creative

This Buddhist tradition, and the refusal to give it up, pushed the Ezhavas to an outcaste role within the greater Brahminic society.

Nevertheless, this tradition is still evident as Ezhavas show greater interest in the moral, non-ritualistic, and non-dogmatic aspects of the religion rather than the theological. Genetic studies which show that the allelic distribution of Ezhavas in a bi-dimensional plot correspondence analysis based on HLA-A, -B, and -C frequencies has a rather strong East Eurasian element due to its proximity to the Mongol population in the same plot.

The most widely accepted theory is that the customs and beliefs of Ezhavas and Thiyas are very primitive and their origin go back to the dim past to those ancient pre-Tamil Sangam days.

Kerala – Gateway To Paradise ( Kerala History, Kerala Society, Kerala Culture,

Eezha kaasu and Eezhakkarung kaasu are references to coinages found in the medieval inscriptions of Travancore, Mathurai, Malabar etc. Better go to dna and find the trace of blood.


It is supporting which support genetic studies as well. But lots of opposition to its contents also appeared in media.

We lost one aspect of Chokon. Without this connection of Pridhvy Raj Chouhan the story will not be completed. Your email address will not be published. History of Ezhava by Gurudevan.

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History of Ezhava

Is there an organisation in Goa. I need a priest to Please update all branches, its secretary and contact number. Praise the work done histpry Gurudeva. His birth in Kerala