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Judas Iscariot uma noticia que pode cair que nem 1 bomba. Judas Iscariot Dois links: O antigo documento alega que Judas, afinal ao contrario do que todos pensam, foi na realidade evxngelho melhor amigo de Jesus. Now to the theological debate that’s been sparked by claims in an ancient religious text. In years of Christian teaching, the name Judas has become synonymous with betrayal.

But the newly translated document from around AD says the man who kissed Jesus to identify him mavalena his Roman tormentors was not betraying him, but was acting on Jesus’ own orders.

If the claims in the decaying text are true, they raise some divisive questions, as Paula Kruger reports. According to the bible, it all happened after the last supper.

Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus that night with a kiss, a kiss that helped authorities identify who he was. But was Judas the traitor really acting on the orders of Jesus?

It’s a question that isn’t new. This is how they dramatised an exchange between Jesus and Judas the night of the Last Supper. One of my twelve children will leave to betray tell me.

Cut the dramatics, you know very well who. Why don’t you go do it? Do you want me to do it?

Well that’s a theatrical interpretation, but could the real plot surrounding the death of Jesus involve just as much drama? Maybe, according to a new translation of ageing, flaking papyrus pages found along the Nile River in Mzria fragile document had been kept in a bank vault in New York and was deteriorating.

Esposa de Pôncio Pilatos – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

But with the help of National Geographic, the Gospel according to Judas was saved and studied by a team of scientists just before turning to dust. Carbon dating and analysis has found it to be the real thing; a forgotten gospel of the bible that tells Judas’ side of the story.


This gospel talks about Jesus’ last days and it’s principally about the revelations that Jesus gave to his disciples, but especially to Judas Iscariot. It turns out that for this gospel, the way to have salvation isn’t by believing in Jesus’ death and his resurrection, it’s by understanding the secret teachings that he delivered.

Sete sermões aos mortos – GnosisOnline

But what of the role Jesus played in ensuring his own death? There have been people over the centuries who have wondered whether in fact Jesus wanted to be betrayed because he, in the Christian tradition of course, Jesus has to die for the sins of the world and for that to happen, Judas has to do his handiwork. And so, that’s explicit in this gospel where Judas in fact is the hero because he knows what Jesus wants and he does it.

It has already sparked debate over what this means for Christianity. Herb Crosney has written a book based on the ancient manuscript, and is talking up Jesus’ alleged plot to bring about his own death. Judas is actually in a totally revised relationship to Jesus. He is Jesus’ favourite disciple. He is the person who enables Jesus to reach the heavens and he himself is a star in the sky according to, you know, the words of Jesus.

But there are voices within the Church and in academia that have played down the significance on the Judas Gospel. This looks like the writing of some follower of Jesus who was a dissident in a way and who thought most of the leaders are on the wrong track.

So it sounds like a minority report to me, do you see what I mean? It sounds like someone who has a quarrel with the main church or the disciples who claimed to be the representatives of Jesus. The World Today – Friday, 7 April Maugh II Los Angeles Times Judas Iscariot, long reviled as history’s quintessential betrayer, was actually the best friend of Jesus and turned him over to authorities only because Jesus asked him to, according to the Gospel of Judas, a long-lost document presented Thursday by the National Geographic Society.

The document, considered by some to be the most important archaeological find of the past 60 years, purports to record conversations between Jesus and Judas in the last week of their lives — conversations in which Jesus shared religious secrets not known by the other disciples.


It was ruled heretical by early church leaders because of its disagreement with the gospels evangeho Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Most copies were destroyed. The amdalena known copy lay hidden in the Egyptian desert for apcrito 1, years before it was discovered by looters in the s. The current manuscript is rvangelho copy of the original text translated into the Coptic language by a professional scribe evangelhl a group known as the Gnostics.

Extensive analysis of the paper, ink, writing style and text all indicate that the copy was made about ADaccording to Terry Garcia of the National Geographic Society. They considered the world a creation of lesser, inferior gods who imprisoned the inner self in a material body, a prison from which they hoped to escape, Wurst said. The Gospel of Judas reflects this belief, which is in stark contrast to the version of Judas presented in the Bible.

For you will sacrifice the man that clothes me. Several times, Jesus indicates the special status of Judas: It is possible for you to reach it, but you will grieve a great deal. The new text comes at a time when scholars have been re-evaluating the role of the supposed betrayer. The vilification of Judas may, in fact, have been part of a well-known campaign by St.

Esposa de Pôncio Pilatos

Augustine and other early Christians to vilify the Jews because Judas often is seen as their representative. On Topic – So falta descobrir que Jesus era casado com a Maria e teve uma porrada de filhos,assim como nao morreu na cruz, ou morreu e o corpo roubado da sepultura. Agora quem conta um conto acrescenta um ponto E quanto aos evangelhos, ja li varios textos sobre os ditos, onde se lia por exemplo q: Alias a Biblia devia ser lida como uma metafora, ou por estas alturas,seria sinonimo de Roma sera o indicativo!

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