by Ergenekon Terör Örgütü İddianamesi deliler vrtmaz nndaii Av R lan lnan- uvdrama davas I iususunda salnnmlhrl hazdamakisriyotuzmehillerilsh dedl srn. Ergenekon davas?n?n tutuklu san?klar?ndan Sevgi Erenerol’un avukat? .. belgelerle ilgili olarak kendimi en az?ndan iddianame göre bu görü?meleri askeri. “Ergenekon iddianamesi a?klan?yor ?ddianamede ne var, ne yok? . ” Tuncay G ney’in cip davas?n?n Ergenekon’la birle?tirilmesi.

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Forum Players, organisations, and events of deep politics Ergenekon. Results 1 to 6 of 6.

Ergenekon Ergenekon organization ” Ergenekon ” is the name given to an alleged clandestine, secular ultra-nationalist [1] organization in Turkey with ties to members of the country’s military and security forces. According to the indictment, the group’s claim to legitimacy is that it allegedly protects national interestswhich the defendants believe are incompatible with the rule of the Justice and Development Party and are harmed by Turkey’s alleged concessions to the West.

The proximate motive behind these false flag activities is said to be to discredit the incumbent Justice and Development Party and derail Turkey’s accession process to the European Union. It has been said that the people who constitute the “deep state” are members of, or make use of, this covert organization, which was established at the beginning of the Cold War to contain communism.

281 NOLU KLASÖR DİZİ PUSULASI Ergenekon Terör Örgütü Delil Klasörleri

Iddkanamesi a hundred people, including several generals, party officials, and a former secretary general of the National Security Council etgenekon, have been detained or questioned since July An organization named “Ergenekon” has been talked about since the Susurluk scandalwhich exposed a similar gang. However, it is said that Ergenekon has undergone serious changes since then. T and the Prime Minister. There are generals, heads of police departments, and businessmen in this organization.

What is a gang? It is the engagement of a number of people in illegal affairs.

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You can not define Ergenekon as a gang. It is part of a big organization. It is not easy to establish such an organization as Ergenekon. First of all, it requires a great staff. It needs businessmen, and perhaps drug traffickers. Claims of Ergenekon’s Eurasian affinity are supported by the statements of the movement’s chief advocate, Aleksandr Duginwho called Ergenekon a “pro-Russian group”.

He said that he knew almost all of the suspects, and praised them for rallying the right and the left i. A salient manifestation of these anti-AKP efforts are the Republic Protests ofunder the leadership of? He said that the left is not supportive of the Ergenekon investigation because of revelations that many crimes formerly thought to have been carried out by religious fundamentalists are now claimed to be false flag operations.

Theory, Propaganda, and Disinformation Department head: Ali YasakSami Ho? Research and information gathering head: Of those, the structure of only the “Theory” department has been revealed as of September T to the prosecutors, but will not be made public. It is said that the top position is held for a six month term by an active army officer. By selecting active officers, the group maintains connections with the establishment.


Born inErzurum as Necabettin Baltac? Some say the crime was a ploy to set the investigation in motion.

A police search of his house turned up the six sacks of evidence on which the indictment is based. One month later, a columnist on good terms with the government, Fehmi Koruwas the first to break the news, [60] under his usual pen name, Taha K? Analysis, Structuring, Management, and Development Project”.

T ‘s Counterterrorism Department. T has been a matter of confusion; his boss was once a M? T employee, while the M?

T considered him a suspicious person. He is still sentenced in absentia for this offense. Intelligence analysts set to work after his testimony. Other sources say that this occurred on 24 May, at the Tekirda? Site of the arms cache that started the Ergenekon investigation Coordinates: Site of the arms cache that started the Ergenekon investigation. According to the indictment, the caller was?

Ali then asked the owner of the house, his uncle Mehmet Demirta? During his trial, he referred to Demirta? He also stated that he had moved out of the building twenty days before they were found.

After learning about the grenades, he left his job at the grocery, and became a taxi driver. He was allegedly driving by the house when the police came, and told them that the place was his so that they would not break down the door.

However, his uncle Demirta? They fetched the keys, searched the house, had Yi? After being detained, Yi? An investigation of the network of acquaintances of the suspects turned up more information and snowballed into the present situation. Some say this was deliberate, as he provided detailed information to the police about Ergenekon while in detention for an unrelated felony. The Istanbul police force closed the iddianakesi by citing a lack of incriminating evidence.

Another significant development was the abortive coups of When the intelligence agencies got wind of an assassination threat towards Chief of Staff Ya? Around the same time, the dissolution of the incumbent Justice and Development Party was proposed.

Trial hearings began on 20 October One of its leading columnists,? According to the investigation, Ergenekon had a role in the murder of Hrant Dinka prominent journalist of Armenian descent [13] [] [] Italian priest Father Andrea Santoro in February and the brutal murders of three Christiansone a German national, killed in the province of Malatya in April TEM related the assassination of former J?

TEM is the military wing of Ergenekon. It is also alleged that those detained were involved in provocation and agitation during the Gazi incidents ofwhen tens of people died in clashes with the police in demonstrations after an attack at an Alevi coffeehouse in the neighborhood.

The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it. Ergenekon continued coup plan One of the most persistent allegations is that the organization has been planning to execute a coup in The alleged masterminds behind this coup plot are generals Kemal Yavuz and Tuncer K? Both generals were detained in January The co-ordination is allegedly done through grass roots headquarters Turkish: List of suspects in the Ergenekon investigation 86 people were indicted in July48 of whom were detained.


According to his wife, Sabriye Okk? She claims that the authorities have done nothing to save her husband’s life and filed a complaint to the Ministry of Justice. Tolon disavows any drgenekon to the organization and says that he was scapegoated. Immediately before the arrests, well-connected journalist? Tayyar is coincidentally promoting his new book on Ergenekon, K? According to Zamanthe Sivas raid is connected to numerous plots mentioned in the indictment. Excavations are underway; numerous savas have been found.

There is a concern that the move was politically iddixnamesi, and will affect the icdianamesi of the investigation. The suspected ringleaders, Do? This section aims to clarify what is known about the organization’s munitions. This is also of relevance to linking acts carried out by the organization, as it has been alleged that weapons of the same type and serial number were found in several locations. Debate has focused in particular on the grenades, which can ergenelon uniquely identified by the fuse type Turkish: The grenades did not go off in his first two attempts; he succeeded on his third.

For example, the batch number of the first entry means ‘batch 91, Davws ‘. The army bought such grenades from the MKE in This is sufficient to flatten a twelve-floor reinforced concrete structure, with each floor over m2. In nearby Yomra, the police seized a gun and eight 7. In the city, eight grenades were found; seven hidden inside a washing machine, and another in an oven.

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Trabzon governor Nuri Okutan said that none of the suspects were public officials or members of the military. However, the former tip-off was to the gendarmerie rather than the police. The drawings led to the excavation of bullets mostly Uzi2 light-weight anti-tank weapons, 1 kg of plastic explosives, 10 hand grenades whose serial numbers had been removed and 10 smoke bombs.

The recovered weapons were determined to be buried in July the month generals Eruygur and Tolon were detained. They are reported to be different from the ones that were entrusted to? T had presented a diagram of the network to prime minister Erdogan and the chief of staff in —well before the investigation.

Ambassador to Turkey, Mark Parris, said that dabas of the most important actors in the current crisis in Turkey are the unknown third forces behind the Ergenekon probe that may be acting on behalf of the prime minister, or that the prime minister may or may not know about.

The alleged unknown forces, organized in the Police Intelligence department and has prosecutors, seem to be united against the front that want to topple Erdogan and are determined to stop them.

Emek said that the weapons were with his mother for iddianamessi years, and no longer functional. The TNT was allegedly fromand the grenades from and Eurasia Daily Monitor Jamestown Foundation 5