Ensocoat 2s has a surface smoothness and whiteness optimized to give excellent print and finishing results on both sides. •. Strong bleached chemical pulp in a. Ensocoat 2S is especially suitable to creative applications that have more to say and show; brochures, covers of brochures and annual reports, corporate. Ensocoat 2S is a luxurious coated solid bleached sulphate board with a symmetrical coated top and reverse side. Its surface smoothness, brightness, whiteness.

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Stora Enso processes personal information responsibly. For more information, please review our Privacy Notice. Privacy notice page link. Make your packaging unique from the inside out with high-quality Ensocoat 2S two-side coated paperboard. Ensocoat 2S by Stora Enso offers top quality for graphical products as ensocoar as luxury and cosmetics packaging.

Carton ENSOCOAT 2S GZ-1 – TOO “Dubl V Evraziya” |

A beautiful two-side coated SBS board, it features a double-pigment coating on both the top and the reverse sides. This lends a symmetrical appearance to the board and is ideal for adding a surprising special ensocost, like metalized foil, to the inside of a package.


In packaging, super-smooth Ensocoat 2S coated paperboard is typically used in cosmetics packaging, perfume vials and other elegance care products as well as premium confectionery and chocolate packaging. Ensocoat 2S also makes a popular choice for graphical products wnsocoat require symmetric print results on both sides, like brochures, menus, greeting cards, folders, tickets and tags.

Thanks to its multi-layer fibre ensocoaf, Ensocoat 2S possesses outstanding strength as well as creative folding, embossing and converting opportunities.

All in all, it delivers optimal surface smoothness, brightness, whiteness, UV-light resistance and print performance on both sides in the most demanding applications. With Ensocoat 2S, quality and sustainability go hand in hand. Ensocoat 2S coated paperboard is ensocoah from renewable and responsibly sourced raw materials from sustainably managed forests.

Two-sided coating provides symmetric graphics and enhances packaging that requires special finishing effects. Excellent whiteness and smoothness values, superior ink adhesion, consistently high-class print results. Strong, bleached chemical pulp in a multi-ply structure gives the board excellent creasing, folding and cutting properties.


When quality and service count

Specifications for the US. More options Visit contact page. Select a product group.

Country Select your country. I agree, that Stora Enso may collect and store my personal data to be used for providing me with an answer to my question or feed-back. Beautiful two-side coated paperboard for luxury packaging and graphical products Make your packaging unique from the inside out with high-quality Ensocoat 2S two-side coated paperboard. No compromise on quality — or the environment With Ensocoat 2S, quality and sustainability go hand in hand. Subscribe our newsletter Order samples Why Ensocoat 2S Luxury impression guaranteed Whiteness, brightness and smoothness on two sides Foldability, creasing and cutting.

Key benefits and end uses Key benefits 1. End use areas and applications 1. Technical specifications for the US pdf.