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EN25FQCP 8 Mbit Serial Flash Memory with 4kbytes Uniform Sector. 8 Mbit Serial Flash Details, datasheet, quote on part number: EN25FQCP . EN25F80 Datasheet PDF Download – 8 Mbit Serial Flash Memory, EN25F80 data sheet. Eon EN25F80 datasheet, 8 Mbit Serial Flash Memory (1-page), EN25F80 datasheet, EN25F80 pdf, EN25F80 datasheet pdf, EN25F80 pinouts.

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SPI Flash chip not working as expected.

I salvaged a flash chip from a digital photo frame this morning. I found the datasheet and made a sketch that should write a binary to address on the chip, then read it and output it to the serial monitor.

However, It always returns 0. No matter what I read, address, status datashheet, anything, it always comes up with 0. I have verified my wiring. I have spi through voltage dividers to the chip, with vcc to 3.

SPI Flash chip not working as expected

The chip is decoupled. That only leaves my code. Is this what is causing my problem? I made code that reads the addresses and status register and prints them via serial. You can tell the results are gibberish because the status register byte should stay constant.


Here is the data in this format: En25f8 with Unlimited Eagle board sizes! I believe you need to declare D10, the SS pin associated with the internal SPI hardware, as an output also, otherwise I think the chip may think it is an SPI slave, vs being the master.

You can still use this for chip select. There is no 20 on an Uno. I think SS on dataaheet Mega is 50, but confirm that.

Here is the pin info http: Forgot to mention that output B0 the ss pin corresponds to pin 20 in arduino software. And a logic probe connected to the data out pin doesn’t return anything, but all other pins are pulsing as usual. Wait i have data. I connected the hold pin to 3. It was floating before.

I’ll check it to see if it is constant EDIT The data has been the same the last 3 runs, so I am going to erase it and try to write. Heres what I have so far: Write status register should work, not tested yet.


And forgot to mention, this all started to work after a power cycle on the chip. Aparrenty chips like this are datassheet.

EN25F80 Datasheet PDF

I found a pcb from a cd drive and it had a chip that was the exact same except it had twice the flash and supports quad spi. Can I utilize quad spi with arduino? Datasheet is here http: And the chip I mentioned above refuses to be een25f80 to. I can chip erase but not write. Don’t know whats wrong with it.