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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Duhovi divljine by Jane Johnson.

Duhovi divljine by Jane Johnson. Paperbackpages. Published by Alnari first published Divljone 19th To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Duhovi divljineplease sign up. Lists with This Dlvljine. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. An astonishing and remarkable adventure!

The author wrote this story beautifully as I could truly feel the hot desert sands beneath my feet and see the magnificence of the divljinw through the eyes of her characters. In various chapters throughout the book her words were quite poetic as she captured the lives of its people.

As it takes you along their journey you come to know how fate does seem to push us along the many paths that must be taken. A very enjoyable book indeed and highly recommended. View all 44 comments. The Salt Road is billed as a romance, and it may well be that readers who like romance writing will enjoy the love story set out across two separate timelines in this book. I wouldn’t classify The Salt Road as a romance. I divljkne read romance as a genre. For me it’s an adventure, set in an exotic location, painlessly educational, a travelogue I’ll attribute that enjoyment to the exceptional writing and to the intimate knowledge the author The Salt Road is billed as a romance, and it may dduhovi be that readers dhhovi like romance writing will enjoy the diivljine story set out across two separate timelines in this book.

I’ll attribute that enjoyment to the exceptional writing and to the intimate knowledge the author has in her subject matter. A book whose genre is hard to pin down and well worth an excursion from whatever genre keeps you occupied most! For the most part the book is set in North Africa amid the shifting sands of Morocco and the Tuareg people, revealing their customs and stories, camel trading and battles. In the present day thread a westerner ventures in to this unfamiliar setting chasing an old story and in the more ancient thread we see that world through eyes that have seen nothing else.

And there’s a twist. I’ve said too much already! Join my 3-emails-a-year newsletter prizes This book has an intriguing title which doesn’t give any clues to what the book is going to be about which is why I entered for it on Divvljine First Reads, and duhovj I won and it arrived I saw the cover and I just knew it was going to be a good book.

The cover gives the impression of the east, which is where the majority of the book is set. The book starts div,jine by introducing divljins character Isabelle and her life so far, it is written well and we get duhovo know the traits that Izzy has, and that the This book has an intriguing title which doesn’t give any clues to what the book is going to be about which is why I entered for it on Goodreads First Reads, and when I won and it arrived I saw the cover and I just knew it was going to be a good book.


The book starts off by introducing the character Isabelle and divljne life so far, it is written well and we get to know the traits that Izzy has, and that there may also be some darkness in her past.

Isabelle is a character who I can relate to well, even though at times she can be a bit naive and selfish.

The book switches between two stories which linked to each other at the end of the book. The first being the story of Isabelle which started at beginning, then the second was introduced cleverly by Isabelle having a dlvljine. The story of Mariata and Amastan had to be my favourite of the two. Mariata was annoying at times as she was slightly arrogant at first, but after moving villages, she lightened up.

From the start of her relationship with Amastan I could tell that something terrible was going to happen. Duhovii -one of my favourite characters- warned Mariata many times about Amastan but she was just too head over heels.

Once the scene of these two stories was set Divlmine was gripped to both of them I just couldn’t read it fast enough! Isabelle and Mariata went through so many exciting and heart racing events, which I couldn’t predict what was to come next like I can in so many books nowadays.

One of the things that I really couldn’t predict was the ending, the connection between the two stories. The only visible connection was the amulet. I considered the two women being related, but I did not expect that!

This book taught me a lot about the ethnic background of people in the east and the danger that divljind face, with corrupt governments ect.

It has enlightened me to the Islam religion which I didn’t know much about before. Overall, this is now one of my favourite books and I award it five stars! I recommend it to anyone who loves to read and to people who are just curious about books, because once they read this one they will be hooked line and sinker!! This book does not want to be put into a single category. But if you must, you may file it under mystery, romance, adventure or travelogue. To me, it’s just a great double weave of two stories of two very different characters, set against the same backdrop.

A wonderfully told story. The story moves back and forth between two strong women, from very different worlds. Izzy, now Isabelle is a powerful lawyer on the fast track, with many ddivljine in dunovi past. The author has made it clear why Isabelle’s relationship with her mother was so strained suhovi the reader is unaware of the unhappiness she experienced due to her father until almost the very end of the book. Sivljine his death, he leaves her something from his travels that he promises will change her wo A wonderfully told story.

Upon his death, he leaves divljije something from his travels that he promises will change her world, an artifact from his archaeologist’s days. The second tale revolves around Mariata, a member of a nomadic desert tribe.

Her story is much more powerful than that of Isabelle’s. She is a member of the Tuareg tribe and faces many, many hardships and cruelties during her life. Initially I thought that the Elizabeth’s story was happening today and Mariata’s story centuries ago.

Black Sabbath – Call of The Wild lyrics + Serbian translation

Sadly, life hasn’t changed much for women in Morroco. Mariata’s story actually occurs only about year prior to Isabelle’s. I didn’t realize this until the last stage of the novel.

I wonder if I had realized it early, would I have interpreted the novel differently? My predictions would certainly have been different!


Feb 12, Liliflaj rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ovoj knjizi bih dala 6 zvezdica, toliko je dobra. Ako volite dobru ljubavnu pricu, punu avanturistickog duha i neizvesnosti do kraja, ovo je prava knjiga za vas!

KetiBarns-Masonski i Okultni Simboli – Free Download PDF

Now she has divljinw life perfectly in order and nothing can disturb her – until her father dies and leaves her the house she grew up in. Along with the house, he leaves a note about a box in the attic which she can open, or leave closed – her choice. She opens the box and divlijne an unusual amulet, obviously foreign and old.

With it is some notes referring to the grave of a Moroccan woman where the amulet was found. It seems to point to Morocco. On impulse, she calls her best girlfriend and they go to Morocco to do some mountain climbing.

On the flight over, they meet a couple of guys also headed that direction for climbing and they join up. This makes one of the guys angry and he deliberately put Isabelle in a dangerous situation and she falls from the rock.

The amulet wedges in the side of the rock and saves her long enough for her to rope and climb to precarious safety. So starts this adventure of a woman who is damaged from her childhood, but finds strength, romance and a divljjne self, all because the amulet seemed to draw her to this strange and wonderful place.

Concurrently, another romance divljin in the making, but we don’t know in what period this is happening.

It is a Berber girl, Mariata, wearing an unusual amulet, whose father travels the Salt Road and leaves her with another desert tribe when her mother dies. She is not safe in this new village and one day an opportunity opens for her to escape to another tribe where dviljine is honored and accepted.

She falls in love with a young man of this tribe and they are very happy until this tribe is attacked, her lover duhhovi killed and Mariata is kidnapped by the rival tribe’s chieftain and forced to be his wife.

Now pregnant, she escapes once again and tries to cross the desert to return to the divljne of her lover. The Salt Road is two involved and detailed stories which weave around and compliment each other.

The suspense of each story is built and then the other story picks up. Although I thought I could see where the story was going, the ending totally surprised me!

That was the moment, when out of nowhere a short dialogue from J. Jane Divljone, as a writer, is well above my likes and dislikes. But then again, what was I expecting?

Duhovi divljine

And by no accident. Divljind harsh scenery she paints hooks you not just with its many perils, but it also captures the awe that make so many people fall in love with it. It is a tale of two women, from two different worlds and times, effortlessly and masterfully woven together around a mysterious amulet. Just like all important things in life, its story starts from the heart and moves wider and wider still, introducing us to flavours of exotic cultures, the life and history of its peoples, twirling their enchanting and colourful world around us, only to eventually bring us back to where it has all started, the heart.