Controlling amount of debug output; Running Windows under DOSEMU. If you have never used DOSEMU before, and FreeDOS is present, then. OK so a customer of mine needs to run a database app, which is located on a NFS server. After setting everything up with dosemu and some. For some time DOSEMU me this a challenge to print through the parallel port to a printer in raw mode, the output error is lpr: Error: the.

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Printing problem with FreeDOS and dosemu. Somehow, every time I close dosemu, garbage is sent to the printer, but only if one of this apps were ran. I have been searching the web to no avail.

I actually added a 0 to the end of rpint default values, wich may be too much, perhaps. The same behaviour can be obtained either redirecting dosemu’s printer output to a file. So, if you have any idea that I could try to fix this, I will really be happy to test them.


Understand prinf threats, the impact they can have on your business, and how you can protect your company and customers by using code signing. SYS may differ from yours sysctl needed, still beeps but at least runs, uHexen2 ftw!

printing from dosemu to cups-pdf I get blank pages – CentOS

Try redirecting to NUL. On Jue 13 Ene Well, I am printing plain text: In reply to this post by Rugxulo. Good point, will fix that: The operation completed priny. On Thursday 13 January You could probably just switch off printing in dosemu if you dont need to print anything?

Printing problem with FreeDOS and dosemu

Just print into a file and then print that later, manually then. Now that I look at it, my printcap no longer has “file”: The layout ho then done by some default text handler of CUPS, e. If you want to print with graphics, try to tell your DOS apps that you have a laser printer.


CUPS will then, hopefully, automatically recognize that you sent postscript to it. You can also use PPM tools or other general purpose image converters to “digest” dosemi data.

Eric Protect Your Site and Customers from Malware Attacks Learn about various malware tactics and how to avoid them. In reply to this post by Rugxulo On Jue 13 Ene Just for the sake of completeness: I tried with both options changing the timeout of the spooler and changing the printerbut it keeps dosemh Free forum by Nabble.