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I tried to convert a few djvu to pdf using djview4 and none of them worked. Instead, I always get the same error message at about 2%. Cannot. If I call LANG=C djview4, I will get correct PDF (the file differs in the great, pdf- export works indeed fine when i start it with LANG=C djview4. [Message part 1 (text/plain, inline)] Package: djview4 Version: I have a problem with exporting djvue document to PDF on my squeeze.

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Install djvulibre-bin libdjvulibre21 okular-extra-backends evince libevdocument1 libevview1 Step – 3: Goto terminal and write sudo apt-get install libtiff-tools Step – 4: Goto the directory where the djvu file is present.

Click the right mouse button. A terminal will open. Djvirw4 tried this, and I got the message: Aborted core dumped Using verbose mode, it seems it gives this error in the middle of the document Admittedly I have never used Djvu but would it not be possible to simply open the djvu file with djvu viewer and then print to a pdf printer ie cups-pdf.

It seems it worked But is there a way to convert using the command line only? Here how I did. This convert your file in.

Install DJview4 Step – 3: Menu – Export As: A simpler method I cannot think of: It worked swiftly and smoothly! I suspected Djview4 would keep text as text when generating a PDF file. This would have been a strong argument in favour of Djview4 vs cups-pdf.


Apparently, Djview4 exports everything as images, which means that it generates huge PDF files, even when the original Djvu files are small. However, evince does not render some Djvu files properly. To use your method printing the file as PDFyou may need to use a Djvu viewer other than evince. But yes, in principle, your method would work just fine, and it has the advantage of not requiring the installation of new software.

It remains to be seen if there’s an alternative solution in which the text in a Djvu file is exported as text in a PDF file. None of the methods here keep the underlying text in an OCR’d djvu when converting to a pdf.

Anyone know how to do that?

FEDORAc1e7ab — enhancement update for djview4 — Fedora Updates System

I agree a simple utility hopefully with a GUI is really needed for this conversion. This method resulted either in all pages portrait or all pages landscape However, the resulting PDF was more than 10 times as big I tried the other solutions but only this one worked for me thank you very much: That works great does anyone know of a similar tool to convert chm files to pdf hopefully a graphical tool.


I did it in other way. I just printed it to file twice by default Document Viewer.

Livres scientifiques pdf

For first time to. Thanks, the last post gave me the solution, it’s very efficiently and practical. My 5MB djvu file turned out as MB pdf I deleted it after conversion. I’d also like to know this!

There is sxport need for the wxport script. You can also convert a djvu file to pdf with the following terminal command: Maybe this is caused by a missing compression of internally used imagefiles. The “export to PDF” option in djview worked fine, except that it lost the searchable text.

The djvu file I am looking at consists of some scanned pages of text, with the “encoded” text behind it so that it is searchable.

In the PDF, there are just the scanned image, all the character info is lost. Does anyone know how to convert it to PDF and preserve the searchability? A simpler method I cannot think of Good luck! This worked great thanks.