Results from previous works indicated that geopolymer concrete exhibited better mechanical strength and durability properties than ordinary. Advantages and disadvantages of Geopolymer concrete VIIAdvantages Fristly, This is one of the primary advantages of geopolymers over traditional cements. to Portland cement, fly-ash based geopolymer concrete can reduce carbon . Advantages and Disadvantages of Geopolymer Concrete.

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Due to the high early strength, Geopolymer Disadvantagex shall be effectively used in the precast industries, so that huge production is possible in short duration of time. World Congress Geopolymer, Amiens, France, Strength characteristics of geopolymer concrete containing. The compressive strength of the geopolymer concrete specimens is tested at the age of 3, 7, 14, 21 and 28 days after cured in local laboratory ambient condition.

Compressive strength from to 21mpa according to filling agent and content of additive. This research led to the material being used as coatings geooolymer the fire protection of cruise ships and thermal protect results in a low flexural strength. The reactions of slag in alkali activating systems and in cement blends are dominated by the small particles.


Reinforced concrete structures are one of the most popular structural elements. The shrinkage strain measurements started on the third day after casting the concrete.

It is much more long lasting than standard concrete and requires little repair, thus saving huge amounts of money that would otherwise have to be spent on repairing and maintaining concrete based infrastructure.

Glass fibre of 0. Pozzolan-based geopolymer cements do not readily decompose geooolymer exposed to high temperatures and appear to be more structurally stable under such conditions than PCC.


The raw materials play a significant role in the geopolymer reaction and affect the mechanical properties and microstructure of the final geopolymeric products. Al ratio of 1 to 2. In OPC concrete creep is higher than that of geopolymer concrete and thus the geopolymer concrete specimens undergo low creep. It is a newer product that is making traditional concrete look not so spectacular. What is the advantage of using ggbs as replacement of cement.

Geopolymer concrete an alternative for ordinary concrete by ako si Lex pogi on Prezi

When speaking of creep in concrete terms it means the tendency of the concrete to become permanently deformed due to the constant forces being applied against it. Horizontal length comparator was used for length measurements. They have obtained most of their strength within 24 hours.

Construction and Building Materials, 24 3: This is accomplished by using minimally processed geopolymwr materials or industrial byproducts. There are currently four different geopolymer categories including: Geopolymer concrete is considered to be an innovative material that is a viable alternative to traditional Portland concrete or cement used in transportation infrastructures, certain constructions and offshore builds.

Advantages and disadvantages of geopolymer concrete pdf

disadvantagfs This clay is fully suitable for geopolymer syntheses. Concrete cubes of size mmxmmxmm were cast with Glass fibers.

The term Geopolymer was introduced to represent the mineral polymers resulting from geochemistry. It has a very strong chemical resistance. After 24 hours the specimen were demoulded and subjected to water curing. The first geopolymer developed was a slag based geopolymer in the s.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Geopolymer Concrete

Geopolymerization is a geosynthesis, a reaction that chemically integrates minerals. Gross, Effect of different supplementary cementitious materials on mechanical properties of high performance concrete.

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Construction and Building Materials,24 7: Acids, toxic waste and salt water will not have an effect on geopolymer concrete. AS, Methods of testing concrete; Method 9: The creep of geopolymer concrete is very low. Here are some of the top advantages of geopolymer concrete. Fiber reinforced concrete types, properties and advantages.

The constituents of Geopolymer Concrete shall be capable of being mixed with a relatively low alkali activating solution and must be curable in a reasonable time under ambient conditions. Advantages of gpc previous studies on geopolymer concrete have shown the following advantages. The fly ash particles are embedded into a geopolymer matrix with and Si: The major processes involved are dissolution of the alumino silicate species within a highly basic, alkaline environment, polymerization of the dissolved minerals into short-lived structural gel, precipitation of formed hydration products similar to natural zeolites and final hardening of the matrix by excess water exclusion and the growth of crystalline structures.

In order to maintain the concentration, the solution was replaced every month.

It is made by mixing a binding material as cement and various aggregates inert gfopolymer, such as sand, stone chips, brick chips, brick chips, pebbles, gravel, shale, etc with water and allowing the mixture to harden by hydration. Al atomic ratio Si: It is very much competitive with steel if economically designed and executed practically where labour for centering and formwork is cheap. Geopolymer concrete requires special handling needs and is extremely difficult to create.

Currently, portland cement pc is the most important material for industrial use, as it is the main.