L’invention concerne un procédé et un dispositif de diagraphie en cours de forage permettant d’obtenir des informations concernant une formation. Le dispositif. Title, Cours de diagraphies instantanées: par R. Desbrandes Author, Robert Desbrandes. Editor, École nationale supérieure du pétrole et des moteurs a. L’invention concerne un procédé et un dispositif de diagraphie en cours de forage permettant d’obtenir des informations concernant une.

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Kind code of ref document: Country of ref document: Ref legal event code: US USB2 en CA CAC fr EP EPB1 fr DE DET2 de Apparatus and methods for measurement of density of materials using a neutron source and two spectrometers.

5 cours & 10 sujets de sismologie I des études supérieures de géophysique

Electromagnetic power and communication link particularly adapted for drill collar mounted sensor courss. Apparatus and method for minimizing wear and wear related measurement error in a logging-while-drilling tool. Method and apparatus for detecting torsional vibration with a downhole pressure sensor.

System, method and apparatus for petrophysical and geophysical measurements at the drilling bit.

System for measuring Earth formation resistivity through an electrically conductive wellbore casing. Time and depth correction of MWD and wireline measurements using correlation of surface and downhole measurements.


Dispositif et methodes de diagraphie d’un trou de forage de puits au moyen d’instruments rotatifs controlables. Outil de mise en image de boue a base d’huiles qui mesure la phase et l’amplitude de tension. System and method for reducing the borehole gap for downhole formation testing sensors. Reduced-length measure while drilling apparatus using electric field short range data transmission.

Cours de diagraphies instantanées: par R. Desbrandes – Robert Desbrandes – Google Books

Apparatus and methods to perform downhole measurements associated with subterranean formation evaluation. Apparatus and method for clock shift correction for measurement-while-drilling measurements.

Drill bit with a sensor for estimating rate of penetration and apparatus for using same. Bit based formation evaluation and drill bit and drill string analysis using an acoustic sensor.

System, method and apparatus for couds system having integrated measurement while operating components.

Apparatus and methods for estimating tool inclination using bit-based gamma ray sensors. Borehole image reconstruction using inversion and tool spatial sensitivity functions.

Inverse vertical seismic profiling using a measurement while drilling tool as a seismic source. Formation resistivity measurement sensor contained onboard a drill bit resistivity in bit. Method for executing an instruction where diagrapyie memory locations for data, operation to be performed and storing of the result are indicated by pointers.


Semblance processing for an acoustic measurement-while-drilling system for imaging of formation boundaries. Measurement-while-drilling assembly using real-time toolface oriented measurements. Methods of generating directional low frequency acoustic signals and reflected signal detection enhancements for seismic while drilling applications.

Directional resistivity diagraphir for azimuthal proximity detection of bed boundaries. Drilling system with an riagraphie measurement-while-driving system for determining parameters of interest and controlling the drilling direction. LWD resistivity device with inner transmitters and outer receivers, and azimuthal sensitivity.

Error correction and calibration of a deep reading propagation resistivity tool. Robust inversion systems and methods for azimuthally sensitive resistivity logging tools. Method and apparatus for generating acoustic signals for LWD shear velocity measurement. A2 Designated state s: A3 Designated state s: Request for preliminary examination filed prior to expiration of 19th month from priority date dixgraphie application filed before DE Ref legal event code: