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Delta VFDM43B. Delta no longer considers this series to be core product. Please Call for replacement assistance Sensorless Vector Micro. Thank you for choosing DELTA’s high-performance VFD-M Series. The VFD-M Series is manufactured with .. VFDM43B. A/A. (). Find great deals for Delta VFDM43B 3 Phase v 1 HP Inverter Drive. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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When I checked the manual, it says that PHL means phase loss error. I have search on the internet on ways to trouble shoot and solve this but to no avail: Phase loss still occurs.

I disconnected all connection except from the 3-phase supply and the motor. Is there anyone that has experience with this? How can I disable the phase loss detection on the VFD? I’m really am stuck and have no more option. I deltx contacted Delta but they did not reply me.

Delta VFDM43B at Rs /piece | Delta Vfd | ID:

Really appreciate any help. Thank you in advance.

Just replace it and move on. I see no mention of you having checked to make sure of Did you check or did you assume that you have all 3 phases?


Delta VFD007M43B 3 Phase 480v 1 HP Inverter Drive

Checking control wiring and disconnecting loads vf007m43b changing programming was completely pointless if you ASSUMED that there was not a blown fuse or bad connection somewhere ahead of the drive.

If there was good three phase power at the terminals of the drive, then as peterson said, it’s not worth spending time over, there is nothing to repair in that drive.

Originally Posted by Jraef. Originally Posted by leejersoon.

I guess I should insist on measuring the mains, because when I vfd007m443b to do so, the building electrician brush me off saying there is no problem with his mains or the other machines would not work. I saw that it supports single phase, but that will not drive my 3-phase motor.

Delta VFD-M Series – Delta VFDM21A Distributor / Channel Partner from Bengaluru

But that single phase input must deliver a much higher current to supply the same power. One way that the unit could work off single phase without an explicit setting to disable the phase loss alarm: If three phases are present at power on, it will expect three to continue.


If only one phase is present at startup, there can be no phase “loss”. I have a few lift stations that are designed to run on single phase but they have three phase motors and run fine, but the key is the drives are all double the required size because they will have to handle the 1.

Another point is a mistake a few electricians make when checking for voltage, never check between a phase and neutral or ground, if there are any loads on the supply even with an open phase fuse you can still read a voltage between each phase and ground through these loads, always check phase to phase such as A to B, A to C, then B to C, this is the only way to be sure you do have all three phases.

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