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in formato zip kb; documento PDF Verbali e relazione finale kb; documento PDF DR / Approvazione atti (pubbl. ) kb. MICHAEL SILANGGA CARIAN, SIAHA MARIE DECRETO CARIASO, ANNA MAE JOSE CARLO EDUARDO LACSON JOSEPH TENORIO JOY CELLE SALTA. San Luis Santiago – Mendoza San Juan Rioja Catamarca Tucuman Salta. 10, 6, 8, 4, , 68, 56, 37, 14, 7, la provincia de Santa Fe en Departamentos y Distritos segun decreto de 12 de.

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Argentina has been a member of the G, an informal forum that promotes discussion between developed and emerging-market countries on key issues related to the global xecreto, since it was established in Durable equipment for production.

The nominal amount of a CER-based financial instrument is converted to a CER-adjusted amount and interest on the financial instrument is calculated on decreho CER-adjusted balance.

Gross Domestic Product and Structure of the Economy. The terms of the New Bonds are identical to the terms of the Bonds, decfeto for the transfer restrictions and registration rights relating to the Bonds.

The information contained in this section supplements the information about Argentina corresponding to the headings below that are contained in this prospectus.

The Republic has agreed that, for a period of days after the expiration date of the offers, broker-dealers shall be authorized to deliver or, to the extent permitted by law, make available this prospectus defreto use in connection with any resale of that sort. Public administration, education, health, social and personal services. Consequences of Failure to Participate in the Offers If you do not tender your Bonds, they will, following the salya of the offers, continue to be subject to the existing restrictions upon their transfer.


Strengthening of Regional Economies. Resale of the New Bonds. CVSs are units of account whose value in pesos is determined based on changes in an index of public and private sector wages.

Domestic demand in helped to offset weak demand from the rest of the world.

Selezione tipo B Рin corso РUniversità degli Studi di Milano

Capital flows increased from a surplus of U. References to Untendered Debt in this prospectus do not constitute, and shall not be read or construed to constitute a waiver of any defenses available to the Republic with respect to the enforcement of any claim thereunder. Investments by non-residents in public bonds increased from U.

Decret on certain economic sectors. The overall fiscal deficit represented an estimated 2. As ofapproximately The construction cost is estimated at U. Foreign Affairs and International Organizations. Funds obtained from the issuance of these bonds will be used to finance public investment projects in strategic sectors like infrastructure and hydrocarbons. Crop production consists primarily of soy, corn and wheat.

These measures included discretionary subsidies, export restrictions and price controls. The contraction of economic activity in primarily resulted from a 6. A special tax is applicable on the value of the disclosed currency and assets, unless adherent taxpayers subscribe certain investment securities. Inthe services sector decreased by 1.

Table of Contents 8. By the third quarter ofthe Argentine economy began to experience a downturn that was ddcreto by the escalation of the global financial crisis. Other community, social and personal services. The Bonds surrendered in exchange for the New Bonds will be retired and cancelled and cannot be reissued. Argentina experienced episodes of bank deposit withdrawals and capital outflows in The terms set forth below have the following meanings for purposes of this prospectus:.


Piden derogar el decreto de Macri que recorta las asignaciones familiares

Expansionary monetary policy and foreign exchange controls. Exports of goods and services. Interest on the New Bonds will accrue at a rate of 7. Rule A GU8. Real estate, business and rental services. The following is a brief summary of some of the terms of these Offers.

The Republic believes that the exchange of your Bonds will not be a taxable exchange for U. These members of this faction are included in the Partido Justicialista total.

This bid process is governed by Law No. Since assuming office, the Macri administration has announced and executed secreto significant economic and policy reforms, including:. Trade, hotels and restaurants. Budget Comparison in millions of pesos.

Inthe services sector grew by 6. The budget projects a fiscal deficit representing 4. The Constitution was last amended in The president appoints all Supreme Court justices subject to Senate approval.