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[D&D ENG] Oriental Adventures. Uploaded by. Konrad Krupa. Secrets of the Crab. Uploaded by. Patrick Gerard Veilleux. Oriental Adventures – Creatures of. The Ronin в в в I в 1 т в н е г = a – т н в: The Ne:шіті The Maga а н н а н н н а и в: Character Classes in Rokugaп,,, . I loved Rokugan, and had no idea that the L5R world had been turned into D&D. I have little to no interest in learning a new system right on the.

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D&D Rokugan Oriental Adventures Campaign Setting HC Dungeons & Dragons L5R | eBay

Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I took a chance on Magic of Rokuganand it’s Now Rokigan interested in exploring some of the other books in the series–but most of them don’t have reviews to amount to much, and I can’t even find a complete list of titles.

So, can anyone tell me more about these books, and whether something like Fortunes and Winds would be worth d&v at? Last edited by Palanan; at Best Books for Rokugan? The “Secrets of the X” series has a lot of excellent fluff about the different clans and the shadowlands that detail the movers and shakers of the clans, giving you stats for them as well as their agendas. It also tells you about the different places in each of the clan’s holdings. The books also have a sprinkling of extra feats and PRCs.


Also scattered throughout the books new tatoos for the tatooed monk. Fortunes and Winds adds to the Rokugan scene different spirit realms that you can visit and different spirit beings you can play.

IIRC the spirit beings allow for some customization. I believe that there are also more monsters added and probably new spells. I haven’t looked at my copy in a while so I’m going by memory here.


Chairman emeritus for Zinc Saucier. Originally Posted by Palanan.

Creatures of Rokugan isn’t bad for a monster collection, and I think the way it fleshes out the shadowlands does more to flavor an OA campaign than all the other books’ pages and pages of clan minutia. Okay, thanks to everyone for the replies, and thanks especially to Skysaber for the detailed commentary.

I had no idea there was so much Rokugan material out there I’m still not completely clear on how Legend of Five Rings is related to Oriental Adventures from WotC, apart from sharing Rokugan as a setting–although I’m getting the sense that “not really” is the correct answer.

I’m also not sure if any of the Rokugan supplements were officially 3.


Just looking through Amazon, I’ve found about a dozen titles, half of them dealing with magic, creatures, etc. Originally Posted by Frosty. Thanks rkkugan the extensively annotated bibliography there. Extremely helpful and informative, plus downright hilarious in spots. It really sounds like I lucked out on my first choice of Rokugan books.

Rokugan – Wikipedia

It also sounds like they reeeeeeeeeaaaallly loved their setting. It’s roiugan little odd, since they went out of their way to make these books dual-system, that they didn’t include material that’s more broadly useful.

That said, Creatures of Rokugan sounds like the one other necessary item for “Rokugan core,” if we can call it that. And Bloodspeakers might be a useful supplement for villain support. Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! Scott The New World, Part 9: All times are GMT The time now is Usage of this site, including but not limited to making or editing a post or private message or the creation of an account, constitutes acceptance of the Forum Rules.

The New World, Part 9: