: On Basilisk Station (Honor Harrington) (): David Weber: Books. Editorial Reviews. Review. On Basilisk Station (or “HH1” as it’s known to the faithful) is the first installment in David Weber’s cult hit Honor. On Basilisk Station, and indeed the entire Honor Harrington series by David Weber, never fails to make me thrill with wonder and delight as I.

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On Basilisk Station

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Return to Book Page. Honor Harrington in trouble: Having made him look the fool, she’s been exiled to Basilisk Station in disgrace and set up for davis by a superior who hates her.

Her demoralized crew blames her for their ship’s humiliating posting to an out-of-the-way picket station. The aborigines weebr the system’s only habitable planet are smoking homicide-inducing hallucinogens. Parliament i Honor Harrington in trouble: Parliament isn’t sure it wants to keep the place; the major local industry is smuggling, the merchant cartels want her head; the star-conquering, so-called “Republic” of Haven is Up to Something; and Honor Harrington has a single, over-age light cruiser with an armament that doesn’t work to police the entire star system.

But the people out to get her have made one mistake. They’ve made her mad! Mass Market Paperbackpages. Published July 26th by Baen Books first published April To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about On Basilisk Stationplease sign up. How old is Honor Harrington?

This is stated to be P. Starting around Mission of Honor, dates started showing up in chapter headings so sfation easy to find. Mission of Honor takes place from late to earlyso she would be between 61 and 63 then.

I webeg this HARD science space opera. And I enjoyed the hard space opera by CJ Cherryh. The first Honor Harrington books were terrific! But I am having great trouble finding any more that is this good.

See nasilisk questions about On Basilisk Station…. Lists with This Book. Aug 25, carol. View all 32 comments. Dec 28, Lightreads rated it it was ok Shelves: First three Honor Harrington books, in which aforesaid officer of the Royal Manticoran Navy the space kind and davld — I kid you not — empathically bonded feline animal companion have military adventures. In the first, Honor is sent to a backwater outpost where she stumbles on corruption and thwarts an invasion. In the second, Honor is sent to a backwater system where she battles sexism and thwarts an invasion.


To be fair, this is acceptably competent military SF in the military sense. Weber has clearly put some of the time he never spent thinking about adding a third dimension to his characters or making his heroine interesting in considering the physics and strategy sfation space battles.

His editor has let him put a giddily burbling pseudo-scientific essay at the end of each book to talk about ship construction and weapons evolution and strategy. Though I wonder what it says about me that I stopped reading to double-check some figures for fun — if ship A is accelerating at g and ship B follows at g from xxx million Km, how long will intercept take and where will they be?

Weber also has an excellent grasp of the sheer grinding time involved in space battles, and a surprisingly light touch in showing the nature of war from every level of military experience. Two-thirds of The Short Victorious War no, in fact, you don’t get to leave the comma out just because it’s a title, copyediting fuckwitis all about statkon ships all over the map, and there’s some nicely considered detail about how maneuvers work in vast, three-dimensional spaces.

View all 10 comments. I feel it necessary to admit absilisk few things before starting this review proper. Okay, I really liked LT.

I also saw the Peck movie. I have only read one Hornblower novel. I did I feel it necessary to admit a few things before starting this review proper. I didn’t really like it. Then I read a plot synopsis in Masterplotsdon’t get me started. I have only read two Patrick O’Brian books. I felt one was okay, and other was: This has made me frightened to read the Sharpe novels.

I want to like them beause I like the movies. Why am I telling you this? Because On Basilisk Station is Hornblower in space. And it doesn’t suck! Can I use that word here? Weber is up-front about his inspiration material. Look at the dedication to the book.

I love up-front advertising. It is also extremely honest because some of the themes are from Hornblower at least from the movies. You have the really intelligent officer trying to work with a somewhat resentful crew who come around in the end. Some of the references to the names are blatantly obvious Honor as a first name. Of course, Horatio was rather obvious as well.

But Weber makes it more. Instead of making Honor a Hornblower with boobs, Weber makes her a believable woman. And she is a woman, not a girl.

On Basilisk Station by David Weber – WebScription Ebook

What I liked was that Weber didn’t make her command style touchy feely like Janeway in Voyagerbut allowed us to see her statoin as well as her actions. We could see her thinking her way though the decisions she made.


This made her more human than Hornblower, more sympathetic, and more real. Weber also gives us a more plausible reason for her intelligence. Though she is young looking, she is really around what stattion would call her 40s. Weber explains this by that vague anti-aging drugs or process that works it’s way into every other SF novel.

Strangely, it didn’t bug me here. What I really liked about this book was Honor’s interactions with other women. Too often in books with a chosen woman, the other women are made to look bad for example, Anita Blake or Blood and Chocolate.

On Basilisk Station by David Weber

Here, Weber does for women exactly what he did for the male characters. You have good and bad ones. Though the bad guys are really guys. There is a female doctor that Honor can’t get along with, but there is also Dame Estelle who Honor does get along with.

You also have Young, a male officer who is worthless. No one sex is made to look bad.

I loved the interactions between Honor and Estelle or any of the female crew for that matter. Staion girl talk, all business. I love Weber for this. There were some things that didn’t quite work for me.

I felt the inclusion of a treecat, while a cool sounding animal, made Honor too special, or meaning of the animal was too obvious. A bit heavy handed. I felt that making Honor stronger than some of the other characters too, was something that wasn’t totally needed. I must give Weber credit. Honor is stronger because of her home planet, so her strength and treecat are not unusual for where she comes from. I did think that Weber did a wonderful job with supporting characters, in particular with McKeon.

The last few chapters, the major space battle, were thrilling. I’m kicking myself for not picking up this series sooner. View all 17 comments. Nov 26, Phrynne rated it really liked it Shelves: I found this one thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable, although maybe a little on the long side. It starts slowly but gathers speed and by the end it is unputdownable!

I liked Honor Harrington and found it made for comfortable reading to have a reliable main character for once.