Cheyenne McCray has enchanted readers with her sensual paranormal romances. Now comes her first novel of steamy romantic suspense–a. Lyra Collins has made a life for herself in a sleepy artists’ community in Arizona. Having escaped from a cult five years ago, she keeps a low. Cheyenne McCray – Suspense 01 – Chosen Prey Cheyenne McCray Wonderland 1 King of Hearts Cheyenne McCray – Wonderfuland 02 – King of Spades.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Lyra Collins has made a life for herself in a sleepy artists’ community in Arizona.

Cheyenne McCray – Suspense 01 – Chosen Prey | McCray Cheyenne | download

Having escaped from a cult five years ago, she keeps a low profile, making a living as an artist. But when a mysterious man with a dark, dangerous look appears on her doorstep, she knows it’s time to run again. Former cop Dare Lancaster didn’t mean to lead a bunch of fanatical cult members Lyra Collins has made a life for herself in a sleepy artists’ community in Arizona. Former cop Dare Lancaster didn’t mean to lead a bunch of fanatical cult members straight to Lyra’s door.

But now that he’s gotten her into this mess, he’s determined to get her out. According to his visions, he and Lyra are destined to produce the new Messiah, so he will stop at nothing to make her his own. But soon Dare will discover just how far he’ll go to protect Lyra–and never let her go. Mass Market Paperbackpages.

Lyra CollinsDare Lancaster. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Chosen Preyplease sign up. Lists with This Book. At about page I called it quits. I don’t like stories where the sex scenes feels more like an intermission from the story, it was just poor timing and didn’t feel romantic or sexy. And since the conversations these two were having wasn’t adding up to much, I just didn’t get it.

I do like thi DNF. I do like this author and have enjoyed other books by her, but this one didn’t work for me. Jul 07, ElaineY rated it did not like it Shelves: Chosen Prey was annoying and unbelievable.

Though the captured-by-evil-cult plot has been done to death, I didn’t mind trying one more. What made me roll my eyes, though, was that the protagonists are running for their lives, the evil cult members are a hair’s breath away, Dare, the hero, is all battered and the heroine is supposedly terrified yet they can stop to kiss in their getaway car?

Dare couldn’t even wait till he got her to his ranch? Lyra has been hiding for 5 years, terrified of being Chosen Prey was annoying and unbelievable. Lyra has been hiding for 5 years, terrified of being found by the cult. When her worst nightmare does happen, she could stop and enjoy a kiss when the baddies are at their backs? Where are your brains, people? At least get to the ranch! Then there’s Dare’s feelings for Lyra. Protective is one thing but this man hasn’t got much sense of proportion nor priorities.


While I don’t disagree with his feeling obligated to help Lyra since he led the bad guys to her unwittingly, Dare came across as a man who lives on his feelings and impulses. My heroes have to be cool and in control and hard to break. But when the heroine finally brings him down, it’s gotta be worth the wait. Dare is not this type of hero. As for Lyra, she’s been distrustful since she was fifteen, escaped before she could be married off to the cult leader read deflowered at eighteen then managed to stay undiscovered for 5 years by being careful.

You’d think someone like her would take awhile to give herself, lock stock and barrel to the man who brought the bad guys over but no Chosen Prey still reads like a short erotic romance ebook where the author needs to get the sex going fast and furious and never mind the character and plot development.

If Dare had stuck to protecting Lyra, if I’d been given better insight into Dare’s character so that I’d know where he was coming from and how he ended up feeling responsible for a girl he’d only just met, if Lyra had held on to her caution and been given time to trust Dare I hope I like Moving Target.

Oct 18, Ladiibbug rated it really liked it. Romantic Suspense Stand-Alone Very exciting! An evil cult leader sends his bad guys out to stalk and kidnap Lyra, a woman who has escaped from the cult, as her “wedding day” to the evil leader approaches.

Former cop turned PI Dare Lancaster pledges to help and protect Lyra after he inadvertently leads the bad guys to her front door. Jun 28, Ria Turk rated it it was amazing.

All I can say is I absolutely loved this book! It had a great storyline, wonderful characters, and I just didn’t want to put the book down.

I recommend this for anyone wanting to try out Cheyenne McCray! Sep 28, Jane Stewart rated it liked it Shelves: Lyra was successfully on the run and in hiding from the bad guys for five years. She impressed me by supporting herself making art pieces. Because a bad guy recognizes her style of art, she is found. She escapes them but they get her cell phone number. All of a sudden it becomes hopeless because they can leave messages on her cell phone that if she doesn’t come back they will kill cheyehne she loves.

First they kidnap Mrs. Then, they use Lyra’s mother as a hostage. I love suspense chehenne hunters and prey, great skills, great plans, one group outsmarting the other. This book had a good plot, but for some reason I cheyenhe feel the exhilaration I expected. I felt too much hopelessness and frustration because Lyra became the loser and was willing to do whatever they said, simply because of the hostage threats.


It kept me within the terrible question of what to do in hostage situations. Although I chosn much of the story, it was a little more frustrating than escaping for me, so I didn’t rate it higher.

Neal Barker cyosen the leader of a religious cult. He rapes and abuses women in his cult. He brings Lyra and her mother into his group when Lyra was His followers are prisoners in a compound surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards.

Neal plans to marry Lyra when she turns 18, with their child being the next Messiah.

Cheyenne McCray – Suspense 01 – Chosen Prey

Lyra escapes at age She is homeless but survives on the run for five years. A private detective Dare is hired to find her. Neal’s men follow Dare. They try to grab her, but Dare helps her get away. She and Dare are on the run together.

Number of sex scenes: To date, I’ve read one other story by Cheyenne McCray. I did not care for one scene that showed Dare and Lyra making a dumb decision. They had been smart up until this point. After Dare rescued Mrs. Yosko, Lyra insisted upon getting Mrs. Lyra calls her friend Becca, asking Becca to pick up the medicine and meet Lyra in a school parking lot.

The bad guys bribe Becca to set a trap for Lyra. Lyra and Dare walk into it. They should have been suspicious that the bad guys would at least have followed Becca. The bad guys then shot Lyra and Dare with tranquilizer darts. It was a stupid way to get caught. Jul 16, jenjn79 rated it it was ok Recommended to jenjn79 by: No series connections, that I know of, but the way some characters are written leads me to believe the author had planned to write books for them but wasn’t given the opportunity.

Lyra Collins escaped from a twisted cult several years ago and has been on the run since. The leader of the cult believes Lyra is to be his wife and they will produce a new Messiah.

Chosen Prey – Cheyenne McCray – Google Books

Lyra wants no part of it all and is determined to stay hidden. Dare Lancaster leads the cult right to her front door. When Dare realizes what he has unwittingly done, he’ll do anything to keep Choesn safe. Soon, the two are running for their lives and the more they get to know each other, the more the attraction grows. But the cult leader will stop at nothing to get to Lyra and it will be up to Dare to keep her safe.