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The CCUA Wide-band Camera Control Unit provides command and control of the BVP dockable and BVP studio companion camera heads. Quality Sony BVP Camera, BVF, CA, CCUA, RCP & Canon J13ax9B4 IRS for sale – buy cheap Sony BVP Camera, BVF, CA SONY CCUA, CCUAP service manual (Camcorders) in PDF format will help to repair SONY CCUA, CCUAP, find errors and restore the.

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To reduce the risk of electric shock, fire or injury, do not perform any servicing other than that contained in the operating instructions unless you are qualified to do so. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Um die Gefahr eines elektrischen Schlages, Feuergefahr und Verletzungen zu vermeiden, sind bei Wartungsarbeiten strikt die Angaben in der Anleitung zu befolgen. Attention-when the product is installed in Rack: Prevention against overloading of branch circuit When this product is installed in a rack and is supplied power from an outlet on the rack, please make sure that the rack does not overload the supply circuit.

Providing protective earth When this product is installed in a rack and is supplied power from an outlet on the rack, please confirm that the outlet is provided with a suitable protective earth connection. Internal air ambient temperature of the rack When this product is installed in a rack, please make sure that the internal air ambient temperature of the rack is within the specified limit of this product.

Prevention against achieving hazardous condition due to uneven mechanical loading When this product is installed in a rack, please make sure that the rack does not achieve hazardous condition due to uneven mechanical loading. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. You can help preserve our environment by returning your unwanted batteries to your nearest point for collection, recycling or proper disposal.

In some areas the disposal of nickel cadmium batteries in household or business trash may be prohibited.

Sony BVP-950 Camera, BVF-55, CA-570, CCU-550A, RCP-720 & Canon J13ax9B4 IRS

Call toll free number: Do not handle damaged or leaking nickelcadmium batteries. Ersatz nur durch denselben oder einen vom Hersteller empfohlenen? Entsorgung gebrauchter Batterien nach Angaben des Herstellers.

Raadpleeg uw leverancier over de verwijdering van de batterij op het moment dat u het apparaat bij einde levensduur afdankt. Cuc de batterij niet weg. Lithiumbatteri-Eksplosionsfare ved fejlagtig h? Bij dit produkt zijn batterijen geleverd. Wanneer deze leeg zijn, moet cxu ze niet weggooien maar inleveren als KCA. Settings for the Intercom Systems Setting the Program Microphone Signal Setting for the Tally System Setting the Camera Numbers Resetting the Control Data Adjusting the Phases of the Signals Adjusting the Triax Signal Adjusting the Level of the Signals on a Waveform Monitor Adjusting the Level of the Signals on a Picture Monitor Adjusting the Signal of the Optional Boards When Adjustments are Finished Removal and Installation of Flexible Card Wire 550a Diagram Overall Block This manual is intended for use by trained system and service engineers, and provides the installation and maintenance information that is necessary at the time of primary service.


Maintenance Manual Part 2 Available on request This manual describes the information items on maintenance, and items that premise the service based on the components parts such as adjustments, parts list, semiconductor pin assignments, block diagrams, schematic diagrams and board layouts.

System Manual Available on request This manual is necessary for cuc and operation 5550a video camera and other peripheral equipment. Section 2 System Setup Describes setting and adjustment for connecting this unit to the camera system.

Section 3 Service Overview Describes information about board locations, circuit description and function of internal switches.

Section 4 Spare Parts Describes spare parts list such as plug-in board, fan and fuse used in this unit. Section 5 Overall Block Diagram Describes overall block diagram. Supplied Accessories Accessories Remote indicator! Adaptive Connectors and Cables Dcu panel [Input signals]. Max 30 mA 11 12 13 14 15 NC For more details, please consult your Sony service representative. Connection Connector Use the connectors below or the equivalent at its tip when cables are dcu to each connector on the connector panel during installation and servicing.

Operating Environment Operating temperature: Do not put the unit in a place subject to high temperature or in a location near heat sources. Do not put the unit in a place subject to excessive electric and magnetic fields. Put the unit in a dry and well-ventilated place. Do not put the unit in a place subject to excessive dust and mechanical shock. Do not put the unit in a place subject to direct sunlight and light. Mounting on Inch Rack Tighten the four rack mount screws. In this case, since no power is supplied to the camera head side, use a camera head that conforms to the stand-alone specification.

For the camera head side, convert the triax connector into a BNC connector. Instance of System Configuration Settings for the Intercom Systems This unit can use two intercom lines independently, a producer line and an engineer line.

Sony Ccua Wide-band Camera Control Unit | eBay

Since this unit conforms to the 4W and RTS intercom systems, set the internal switch in accordance with the system to be used.


Selecting the intercom system Select the intercom system, 4W or RTS, for each engineer or producer line. Also, select the number of intercom lines 1 channel or 2 channels.

For the producer line: For the engineer line: When one-channel intercom line is used.: When two-channel intercom line is used.: Otherwise oscillation may occur. When a carbon microphone is used: CM factory setting When a dynamic microphone is used: When a balanced type microphone is used: OPEN factory setting When an unbalanced type is used: To mix the signals: SEP Not to mix the signals: OFF factory setting 4.

To connect the producer line: To connect the engineer line: To connect only the camera: When the switch is set to PRIV, the external intercom line is deactivated, and only the intercom with the camera is activated. Switch settings on the AU board The switch settings and the signal flow of the AU board are as shown below. Refer to the below diagram. Select either step of the following. NORM 60 dBu 2.

Setting the microphone input level control Pin No. Setting for the Tally System This unit conforms to red-tally and green-tally systems and also to contact supply and 24 V power supply.

Set switches on the AT board according to the tally system to be used. Set the least significant decimal digit LSD with switches 1 through 4, and the most significant decimal digit MSD with switches 5 through 8 as shown below. Camera numbers set with these switches are from 1 through For more details, see system manual.

Before starting operation, check the levels of the units, and adjust them if necessary. For such items, perform basic adjustment with the switches and controls on the boards, and fine adjustment with the maintenance menu. Resetting the Control Data Before adjustment, reset the control data of the unit.

To output VBS signal: 550aa use as return video input: RET3 To use as prompter input: Set the S to ON. The control data are then reset. Adjusting the Phases of the Signals Adjust the signal phase of the unit. Before starting adjustment, input the following sync signals to the unit and all equipment connected. The Maintenance Menu appears.

The Maintenance adjusting item menu appears.